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ItsNat v0.5, Opera Mobile 8.65 and 9.5 beta, Fennec, SkyFire, BlackBerry Bold and Storm support

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 ItsNat, Natural AJAX, is an open source Java AJAX Component based Web Application Framework.

ItsNat approach "The Browser Is The Server" (TBITS) simulates a Universal W3C Java Browser in the server, client events are sent to the server via AJAX and converted to W3C Java DOM Events, changes in DOM server are automatically sent to the client as JavaScript updating the client DOM. In ItsNat templates are defined using pure X/HTML or SVG files with no logic. View logic is coded in pure Java using Java W3C DOM APIs promoting reusing and the goodness of Object Oriented Programming.

Release Notes:

  • New mobile browsers with AJAX officially supported:

          - Opera Mobile 9.5 beta
          - Opera Mobile 8.65
          - Fennec (a.k.a FireFox Mobile) 1.0a1 (tested Windows desktop version)
          - SkyFire 0.8
          - BlackBerry Bold (JDE 4.6) and Storm (JDE 4.7)

          These new browsers are added to the current list of supported mobile browsers with AJAX:

             Opera Mini 4, Opera Mobile 8.6, NetFront 3.5, Minimo 0.2, Internet Explorer Mobile 6 (WM 6),
             iPhone/iPod Touch/iPhone SDK, Android, S60WebKit (S60 3rd), Iris Browser 1.0.8,
             QtWebKit of Qt Embedded Linux and Windows CE (Qt 4.4)

  • Improved referrers support and back/forward buttons (avoiding page caching) on Opera Mobile 8.6x. Only IE Mobile, Opera Mini and BlackBerry have problems with referrers and back/forward buttons (no automatic reload, page caching cannot be avoided).
  • SkyFire 0.8 has some critical bugs like "change" event is not fired on text boxes (text, password, file) and textarea elements. ItsNat adds a workaround to this bug, a change event is fired and dispatched when the blur event is fired simulating the missing event, this solution makes this browser workable. There are other important bugs: multiple selection does not work on select elements with "multiple" attribute and input elements with type=file do not work, there is no workaround for these bugs.
  • BlackBerry (JDE 4.6) has a critical bug on HTML select elements with "multiple" or "size" attributes, when an option is added or removed (after loading the page) the select fools visually (DOM is correct). ItsNat provides a transparent workaround for this bug.
  • Recognized Opera Mobile 8.x on some Motorola devices, virtually any deployment of Opera Mobile 8.x is recognized.
  • Packages and interfaces of components (org.itsnat.comp.*) have been reorganized per component family (label, list, table, tree etc), this new structure is more appropriated to add future new components.
  • AJAX requests now use the servlet mapping used by the client (servlet default mapping may be different to the servlet name).
  • Improved performance and stability on IE Mobile when using onXXX inline handlers.
  • Modal layers preview (to build modal panels/windows), this feature will be final on the next release but current state is workable.
  • Base path of framework JavaScript files can be set on load time of the page. 
  • Fixed bugs
  • Feature Showcase: new supported browsers are detected as mobile browsers.

  See Release Notes for a complete list.

  Project Home

  Download page and Release Notes

  Online Demo/Tutorials

 What is the feature or component you are waiting for? Does your browser (with AJAX) work with ItsNat?

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