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Sun Tech Days jMaki Presentation slides and Sample code

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Java technology evangelist Carol McDonald is one of the presenters you can see at this years Sun Tech Days series in Manilla. One of the topics she will be covering is jMaki, a very popular Ajax framework that can be used by anyone that is developing a JavScript centric Ajax enabled application in either Java, Ruby, PHP and Phobos.

Today Carol announced on her blog that she has updated the slides for her presentation with explanatory notes as well as updating the Dynamic Ajax table example using jMaki and Java Persistence APIs on Glassfish on her blog. The really nice thing is, even if you cannot be at Sun Tech Days, whether it is in Manilla or any of the other stops along the road, you can now immediately download all the slides and source code for her talk on jMaki.

So, stop by Carol's blog, learn how to deploy the sample application and learn more about jMaki. 

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