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JavaServer Faces Refcard Available - Download Now

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DZone has released it's latest Refcardz, the essential JSF cheat sheet.  Get it now! 

JavaServer Faces (JSF) includes a set of predefined UI components, an event-driven programming model, and the ability to add third-party components. JSF is designed to be extensible, easy to use, and toolable. This refcard describes the JSF development process, standard JSF tags, the JSF expression language, and the faces-config.xml configuration file.

Features include Development Process, Lifecycle, Faces-config.xml, The JSF Expression Language, JSF Core Tags, JSF HTML Tags and more.

JSFDownload Now

Published at DZone with permission of its author, Jill Tomich.

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Jason Sparks replied on Thu, 2014/04/03 - 12:06am

I assume it make my system a little more faster. Nothing better than an upgrade. Thanks to this!


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