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Awesome Web Tools to Simplify Front-End Development

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As a developer, I really like tools that can help me save time, or just make the whole development process easier. In this article, I have compiled my favorite web tools to simplify front-end web development.

Form builder

Forms are a very important part of any website, but they can also be quite long and complicated to built. This very handy tool will assist and help you to create efficient web forms. A real time saver!

→ visit form builder


Need help with color associations? Here is a useful tool for you. Colllor makes it easier to generate color palettes and variations with just a few clicks.

→ visit colllor


Need to debug your JavaScript code? JSconsole allow easy online debugging of any JS code.

→ visit JSconsole


CleanCSS is a tool that allow you to make your css stylesheet smaller, cleaner and easier to read. Simply set the settings, paste your valid CSS code, and let CleanCSS do the hard work.

→ visit CleanCSS

Mystic Paste

As you probably know if you often read my blog, I really like to collect and share code snippets. Mystic Paste is a very useful pastebin-like website to paste, share and keep your favorite code snippets.

→ visit Mystic Paste


Do you need to test some HTML? Do you want to see what some CSS code can do? Dabblet is one of my favorite web tools for front-end web development. It allows you to see your CSS and HTML code in action. Very useful for testing purposes.

→ visit Dabblet

In 2012, it is very important that your website is responsive and display correctly in either big screens and portable devices. To test how your website looks in various screen resolutions, I use, and you should too!

→ visit


Moqups is an awesome HTML5 App used to create wireframes online. Super useful when you need to create a quick mockup of a website.

→ visit Moqups


Images are indeed a very important media on the web. I often need to be able to stock some image, and also to execute basic tasks as such as resizing or cropping. Minus is definitely my favorite website for all those purposes.

→ visit Minus

Font Face Generator

Do you like to use custom fonts on your website? Font Squirrel font-face generator generate all font formats as well as the CSS code needed for using cross-browser compatible custom fonts on your website. A must have in your bookmarks!

→ visit Font Face Generator

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Kehong Liu replied on Sat, 2012/12/15 - 10:41pm

Pretty good resources and very useful, thanks a lot.

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