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Chaining Functions in JavaScript

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Most of us are aware of the all-famous Jquery dem:


It is a gem of an example of chaining functions.

There are many resources out there that demonstrate various ways of chaining javascript functions, but, I always like to explore my own ways of doing things. Let people call it re-inventing the wheel, but I'd like to make my own wheel! [ Enough of Nehilisim!]

Below is a simple code that I managed to pull, which is closest to the Jquery demo and, as always, might be done in better ways. (You are welcome to let me know of any better way in the comments section or via e-mail.)

$ = (function (document) {
    var self = '';
    return {
        get: function (selector) {
            self = document.querySelector(selector);
            return this;
        addClass: function (new_class) {
            return this;
        show: function () {
   == 'none' ? = 'block' : 
            return this;
        hide: function () {
   !== 'none' ? = 'none' : 
            return this;
        toggle: function () {
   == 'block' ? = 'none' : 
   = 'block';
            return this;

With this one can do something like: 

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First Last replied on Tue, 2012/09/04 - 9:40am

So what's the point here? Returning "this" to achieve chaining?

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