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Challenge WordPress, Challenge Me!

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2013 01 29 0919 Challenge WordPress Challenge Me! Go on, I dare you…

I’m fed up with people telling me that WordPress is a platform for amateurs, or that it is not flexible or powerful enough for professionals or that it is just a blog not a website.

Therefore, I am setting up this challenge.

Challenge me!   Name one thing that WordPress can’t do?

Challenge WordPress

Challenge Me

Challenge The Status Quo

Here’s how it works:

Challenge me to get this WordPress Website  to do anything you want it to do. 

I  (or someone in my team) will make it happen either by adding a plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory or writing some script.

The thing is, WordPress is a mongrel.  It is made up of the same ingredients as any other website, but because it is a bit of this and a bit of that, the pedigree types don’t like it.

1296 m Challenge WordPress Challenge Me! Move over Crufts!

There is no room for snobbery in today’s economic climate. If you can make something that is good quality, beautifully presented, does what you want it to do and is accessible to anyone, then guess what?

Someone, somewhere will pick it up and run with it and give the big boys a run for their money.  The thing with WordPress is that you can add any ingredient that you want into the mix.

What exactly goes in the WordPress Soup?

2013 01 28 2224 Challenge WordPress Challenge Me! It is made up of CSS, HTML and PHP

CSS = Style: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) determines how your website looks.  It is all about the font size, colors, fonts, image styling, layout, and mouse effects. In WordPress, CSS can be edited, and some WordPress themes even let you do that without having to know the coding! 

HTML = Content: HyperText Markup Language  (HTML) is the foundation of the website, like the building blocks.

HTML lets you create modules of content and put it all together into one webpage.

You can add anything you want to read or look at using HTML.

PHP = Functionality  Originally PHP  stood for Personal Home Page, but basically, it is the coding that makes your website do certain things. 

Most of the WordPress plugins and widgets are written in PHP.   It is also a big part of search engine technology.

Bring it On

I will actually open up the comments on this post and I will post the link all around the internet. 

Challenge me and WordPress.

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