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Changes to Google App Engine Deprecation Policies

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Google recently announced a few changes to its deprecation policies for APIs.  Specifically, these policy changes will impact Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google Maps/Earth APIs and YouTube API.  For those of you who use some of the more popular Google APIs, pay attention to the pending changes that will occur over the next several years.  Deprecation policies are essentially the period of time that a company will have to warn users of upcoming changes in a service (or product, API, etc.).

In order to keep up with the rapid change of emerging technologie, the time required for informing users of upcoming changes to services will become shorter. Google has announced that App Engine, CLoud Storage, Maps/Earth APIs and Youtube API will now be on a one-year deprecation policy.  The Google Developer's Blog lists a collection of other services that will be losing the deprecation policy altogether.  

Adam Feldman, Product Manager at Google, writes that the changes are

. . . designed to make it easier for us to bring you the technology you’ve come to expect from Google: technology that excels at ease-of-use and scalability, and enables you to focus on building your unique application. --Adam Feldman

 This sounds quite positive, although it's hard to believe that this change is entirely for the users.  Google App Engine can hardly claim to be competing with Azure and AWS, and this change will certainly make it easier to let go of less popular Google services, as well as enabling the search giant to keep up with competitors.  

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