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DevOps Roundup: June 4 - 12

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With the Reload Button, Everyone is a Network Admin
Thanks to the reload button, partial network failures are easily mitigated when browsing on a desktop. However, with regards to mobile applications, the network fails all of the time and there is no ‘reload’ button. Accounting for these what-if failures is hard, but possible by tricking the application to retry at various levels and sacrificing battery life/performance. HTML5 does not allow you to program automatic retries, which is another reason HTML5 will have a hard time gaining momentum in the mobile sphere.

Predicting the Next Step to Speed Up the Web
Article covers how Chrome optimizes DNS resolution and TCP connections based on user behavior and predicting resources required in the near future.

AT&T Has Enabled IPv6 on Nearly One Million Homes
AT&T highlights recent advances in their IPv6 technology and traffic, including a 650-fold increase of IPv6 traffic across their backbones. It plans to have enabled IPv6 on 5 million homes by end of 2012.

Microsoft Warns Of Future Exploits Based on Flame
The technology behind Flame could open the door for even bigger security risks if others adapt Flame for their own exploits. Flame is able to act as a Microsoft trusted application by manipulating Microsoft certificate approval system.

Twitter Not For Customer Service, Yet
A study released by STELLAService shows that only 40% of customer complaints tweeted to 25 of the Internet Retailer top sites were answered after 24 hrs. They found and LL Bean to be the most reliable in giving responses.

Microsoft Azure Update Includes Linux Support
Microsoft introduced several new features in the latest Azure including support for custom configured Virtual Machines, which can run Linux. The new features were driven by a push for a “hybrid cloud” solution, one which can connect to many datacenters.

IE10 Might Violate Future DNT Specification?
The default setting of Do Not Track on IE10 might be violating the new proposed specification update. The spec update proposes that the by default the browser should not enable Do Not Track – and that the user must specifically enable the feature. Neither the spec, nor IE10 have yet been finalized – so one or both might change position again.

The IT Operations Evolution
Mike Loukides takes a look at the “Devops” movement and the evolution of “Operations” since the microcomputers were first introduced in the 1970′s.

Is anyone safe from hackers?
A recent security breach at CloudFlare, an internet security and performance optimization company, is leaving everyone shaking in their shoes a little. However, CloudFlare decided to be public about the hack and share the details with their customers (in a cute little timeline). They attributed the hacker’s success to flaws in AT&T, Google, and CloudFlare’s security protocols.

Updates to Cloud Pricing
The top 3 IaaS providers, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace are still battling head to head, slashing prices one after another. Azure is focusing on targeting entry level and small developers, AWS has eyes on larger clients, and Rackspace holds firm with the lowest entry level pricing of the three.

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