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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/2)

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No to NoUI
You may have heard someone say “the best UI is no UI,” or noticed the NoUI hashtag flying around recently. Timo Arnall critiques this sort of advocacy for invisible interfaces in an elegant essay:

Interfaces are the dominant cultural form of our time. So much of contemporary culture takes place through interfaces and inside UI. Interfaces are part of cultural expression and participation, skeuomorphism is evidence that interfaces are more than chrome around content, and more than tools to solve problems. To declare interfaces ‘invisible’ is to deny them a cultural form or medium. Could we say ‘the best TV is no TV’, the ‘best typography is no typography’ or ‘the best buildings are no architecture’?

Benchmarking Popular NoSQL Solutions

This study benchmarks throughput for a variety of NoSQL databases, including Aerospike, Couchbase, MongoDB and Cassandra.


Rackspace Assimilating NoSQL Hosters Into Its Cloud Collective

Only a month after acquiring ObjectRocket, a MongoDB-as-a-service company, Rackspace has also just acquired the company “Exceptional Cloud Services” which has a Redis-as-a-service offering.  Yes, that is actually the name of the company.  It’s weirdly general isn’t it?

Bitcoin Exchange Rates Hit $100 USD
Just for reference, on Friday before it hit that number, it was already more valuable than 20 world currencies.


A JavaScript Library to Make Stuff Draggable
Tiny, multi-touch-supporting, does what it says on the tin. Snazzy!

Amazing Demo: 10K Concurrent Real-Time Connections to Django
If you thought the power of Django and its magical ponies was weak, now is the time when you are proven wrong.


The link in that title will take you to the best ones on video, but here are some others:

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