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IE10 Fully Deprecates VML and DX

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By all accounts, IE10 will be a very good thing. Speed and standards both, and conquest of zombie browsers through the power of Windows Update. Fewer headaches for developers worrying about (old) IE's worldwide massive marketshare.

Recently Ted Johnson of the IE Graphics team wrote about some more good news for standards-lovers awaiting IE10's wide release.

Despite (understandable) pride in Microsoft-specific graphics technologies of the past, IE10 will drop support for two proprietary graphics technologies:

  • VML (replace with SVG)
  • DX (replace with CSS3)

More precisely, from Ted's announcement post:

This post expands the list of removed legacy features to include two more: Vector Markup Language (VML) and DirectX-based Filters and Transitions. Both of these features were marked deprecated in MSDN documentation as of IE9 (e.g., the first sentence of Filters and Transitions: “This topic documents a feature of Visual Filters and Transitions, which is deprecated as of Windows Internet Explorer 9”) and are now gone from IE10’s Standards and Quirks modes.

Dropping VML and DX is of course more symbolic than anything, since the world had deprecated those technologies some time ago. Accordingly, discussion in the comments clusters into roughly two groups: those that congratulate Microsoft on its commitment to emerging standards in IE10; and those that critique IE10 for not supporting WebGL (response: persistent security issues).

So no massive technological leaps here, but perhaps another encouraging sign that HTML5's strength is waxing.


Ash Mughal replied on Wed, 2012/01/25 - 8:17pm

When this IE 10 will be released? Also there is always some java script or other compatiability issues of web applications with IE newer versions.

What about that. Is there any good news to thos fixes as well.

new java

John Esposito replied on Thu, 2011/12/22 - 2:36pm

You can get the latest IE10 developer preview here, although you'll also need the Windows 8 Developer Preview for that.

MSFT's full IE10 guide for developers is here.

For specific feature support, Try's IE9 vs. IE10 comparison here -- then play with what features and browsers you want to compare.

For a more discursive analysis: Sencha wrote a nice Win8/IE10 first look article here (emphasis on HTML5).

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