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Monocle Open Sourced - Install it on Heroku!

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For those who are not aware of, it's a beautiful, mobile-first link sharing webpage design, and now it's open source!  Bring up on your mobile phone or tablet.  I'll wait....

Doesn't it look great!  I'm planning to try deploying it myself in a little while, and I'm sure some of you out there could use it for your own websites, or as an internal tool.  Here's the GitHub page.

It's definitely worth it to do the Heroku install if you don't want to mess with Redis, Memcached, and PostgreSQL.  And I just found the perfect tutorial  for this task.


Giuseppe Piscopo replied on Fri, 2013/12/13 - 1:08pm

I think there's a mistype at the beginning: should be (a -> o)

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Fri, 2013/12/13 - 2:35pm in response to: Giuseppe Piscopo

You're right.  Whoops!

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