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MyEclipse 6.5 Released, 5 Licenses for DZone Members!

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Genuitec has announced two major product releases: MyEclipse 6.5 and MyEclipse 6.5 Blue Edition. DZone has 5 FREE licenses to give away! Both are available for immediate download and free 30-day trial on the MyEclipse site.

As a special to DZone readers, Genuitec is offering five free subscriptions to random readers who offer their honest opinions on how MyEclipse is affecting their development. So start adding your comments, this competition ends 29 June 2008!

Integral to both releases is the addition of Maven support in the form of Maven4MyEclipse, a "1-Click," ready-to-run implementation of the Maven2 project management and build services for MyEclipse. Maven4MyEclipse streamlines enterprise Maven adoption by eliminating the hassle developers have come to associate with traditional Maven setups.

Also included in the MyEclipse 6.5 and MyEcilpse 6.5 Blue Edition releases are features and/or upgrades over prior versions, including:

  • MyEclipse Portlet tools
  • Spring IDE 2.0 for MyEclipse upgrade
  • Hibernate Tools 3.2 for MyEclipse upgrade
  • Java Server Faces (JSF) and Facelets enhancements
  • ICEfaces 1.7 JSF Ajax UI Component Update
  • MyEclipse Web and UML tool updates

MyEclipse Blue now offers users other technologies that are not currently supported by RAD such as migration of WSAD/RAD projects to MyEclipse Blue, the ability to run on multiple Websphere instances and enjoy Websphere 6.0 portal support.

Both products are available for their same low prices, including support packages: MyEclipse Professional Edition: $60 and MyEclipse Blue Edition: $150. As always, current subscribers will receive updates at no extra charge.

The MyEclipse products, now touting over 10 million downloads since inception according to the Genuitec site, have grown in popularity and scope substantially over the past few years. While everyone has their favorite tools, what is it in MyEclipse that is important to you? Has MyEclipse been of help to you? Someone you know?

Published at DZone with permission of its author, Schalk Neethling.

(Note: Opinions expressed in this article and its replies are the opinions of their respective authors and not those of DZone, Inc.)


Mauricio Garavaglia replied on Tue, 2008/06/24 - 3:15pm

Such a great tool for j2ee development. It makes Eclipse IDE a killer app!

Harris Goldstone replied on Tue, 2008/06/24 - 5:47pm

I'd rather use netBeans, thanks. All the above features are there for free. IceFaces support is provided by a plugin, although I personally use the new RichFaces plugin. Does the job, under active development, and free...

Shuai Che replied on Tue, 2008/06/24 - 8:50pm

My Top 5 MyEclipse  Features :

  1. Good Jee Server(over 30 server connectors ) Application Server Connectors surpport,easy setting than  Smart Application Server Deployment
  2. Good open Web frameWork (Spring ,hibernate,toplink,jsf)support;
  3. better Web Services tools;
  4. Matisse4MyEclipse
  5. UML support (when  it support the Eclipse uml2 format? )




Sébastien Dubois replied on Wed, 2008/06/25 - 12:41am

One of my colleagues once told me about MyEclipse. At first I didn't realize it was so good. It was my first job and I was only used to "vanilla" eclipse. Moreover, at our company, JBuilder 2007 was being used and I didn't understand how MyEclipse could be better even if it was 10 times (at least :o) cheaper.

 Now I've come to understand that price isn't even remotely relevant. MyEclipse offers an excellent product that I have come to love. It offers very good support for Spring, Hibernate, JSF and I love the fact that they made a port of Netbeans's Matisse, it's truly awesome! And now I read that they added Maven 2 support, what can we ask more? :p

 Cheers to the developers and please, keep the releases coming, we all love what you guys are doing (at least here in Belgium!).

Manrico Corazzi replied on Wed, 2008/06/25 - 6:30am

Are you kidding me? Is there anybody out there trying to develop anything J2EE without MyEclipse?

Except their soooooooo Web 1.0 personal home page with a photo of their cat as repeated background, that is... 



Jokes apart: MyEclipse is damn good, "THE" box of sharp (though sometimes heavy) tools every professional requires to accomplish her/his tasks.

Amr Lafi replied on Wed, 2008/06/25 - 9:12am

MyEclipse will make me a happy man ,one license please !

Pedro Rozo replied on Wed, 2008/06/25 - 5:21pm

My eclipse was one of the best decision for productivity in my last Job, we simplofy a lot of solow processes, and got a good integration with Weblogic.


It woudl be great to have a integration with GCJ ...


Edward Hiscoke replied on Thu, 2008/06/26 - 2:49am

An excellent package at a great price!

Having previously only worked using vanilla Eclipse the switch to MyEclipse was a pleasant suprise. Lots of nice stuff that makes development easier.


Bill Fly replied on Thu, 2008/06/26 - 11:42am

I would rather use MyEclipse 6.5 Enterprise Workbench to develop Struts applications than to use RAD v6.  After I get the Struts app to running, I copy it to RAD6, change the controlle server, and now I have a WebSphere Portal application to deploy.  I have not tried the Blue edition yet.  It is supposed to be even closer to RAD v6, and much easier to use than RAD.

Netguy replied on Fri, 2008/06/27 - 4:04am


Using it for managing EJB development over JBoss App Server.

Excellent package with affordable price, leaves fewer wrinkles on my face :-)



Claudio Heinzmann replied on Wed, 2008/07/02 - 1:49pm

In my Team, we are using MyEclipse for 2 year and the results are very good, our team are developing WEB and SWING applications and MyEclipse have the best tools for both kinds of applications.

I think that MyEclipse is a very good product with and Excellent price.



Srinivas Madireddi replied on Wed, 2009/04/01 - 2:33am

I am new to Dzone

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