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PhoneGap/Cordova 3.0 Gets Leaner, Does More From the CLI

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Code gods be praised!  Today PhoneGap users who upgrade to the newly released version 3.0 will no longer have to download a stupid zip file when they want to update!  You can just install it from the Node Package Manager (NPM) using the PhoneGap CLI.

This is just one of many awesome new features that you'd expect from a major release, which 3.0 certainly is.  Here are the parts of this release that stood out to me:

  • Bring only what you need - PhoneGap/Cordova just became a lot more modular because you can now choose to only import the APIs you need.
  • Smarter CLI - The command line for PhoneGap has some of the biggest added conveniences, as I mentioned in the introduction.  You'll find it's going to be a lot easier switching between native mobile platforms (e.g. Android to iOS).
  • Globalization API - They've also added a new API for in-app browsing, but the Globalization API is clearly a big deal, since it's such a key feature for mobile apps.

Adobe and the Cordova project are still working on support for iOS7, Firefox OS, and Mobile Ubuntu.  Seems like they're pretty committed to being truly cross-platform, even though iOS and Android are all you really need to focus on right now if you're a mobile dev.

If you want a few more details, check out the PhoneGap blog and keep an eye on our Mobile Zone and HTML5 Zone for more content about this release.