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Quick tip: How to get started quickly with OOP-like coding style in JavaScript?

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Writing JavaScript code in OOP style is something which is actively promoted in the last few years...

How to get started quickly with simple and straight forward example? Look at this one:

var Hobbit = function(name){
   this.Name = name;
   var steps = 0;  
   this.Run = function(speed, distance){
      //hobbit running algorithm goes here
      while(steps < distance){ 
        console.log(steps); //for debugging purpose only

//all members containing this keyword are public members. Therefore we have one property Name which is public, and function/method Run accepting two parameters speed and distance, which is also public. See the usage bellow. 


var frodo = new Hobbit("Frodo");
console.log(frodo.Name); //prints "Frodo"

//you can call the Run function/method too

frodo.Run(10, 2000); //prints all the iterations inside 'while' with the current 'steps' value

...and yes, you can create new closed 'things' representations, instantiate one inside other and do entire way of OOP-like development. 

I'm sure this was pretty straight forward, simple and easy to understand.

Happy Coding!

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