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Simple, Beautiful CSS3 Text Effects

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Among many other things, CSS3 has lots of nice effects to enhance the typography of your website. In this article, I have compiled 8 extremely promising typography techniques done using CSS3.

How to Create Inset Typography with CSS3

Just two years ago, we all used Photoshop to create beautiful inset typography. Now, you can do it using only CSS3. This great tutorial will help you getting started.
View tutorial:

Create Beautiful CSS3 Typography

Technically speaking, styling text is very simple. The hard part is the artistic part: How to make text easy to read and look good? This is the focus of the tutorial, which is a must read for all web developers and designers.
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Create a Letterpress Effect with CSS Text-Shadow

The “letterpress” effect is very popular in web design. Many people do it using Photoshop, but you can do it extremely easily using CSS3 only. How? Chris Spooner shows you how in this interesting article.
View tutorial:

How to Create a Cool Anaglyphic Text Effect with CSS

Chris Spooner again! This time, the talented British web designer comes back with a tutorial showing you how you can create a anaglyphic effect with CSS. Not sure I’ll use it on a live site, but it’s always interesting to know how to do it.
View tutorial:

Text Rotation with CSS

Why should text always be displayed horizontally? CSS3 has the transform: rotate property, which allow you to rotate any elements, including text. The following tutorial, written by Jonathan Snook, will show how in details how to achieve an awesome rotated text effect.
View tutorial:

Text Embossing Technique With CSS

One more technique I’ve done exclusively in photoshop in the past. Thanks to CSS3, I’m now able to do it entirely in CSS.
View tutorial:

Adding an outline to your text using the CSS3 text-stroke property

Although this technique only works in webkit for now, I must admit that I really love it. You can add an outline to text, and even better, use transparent text with a solid outline.
View tutorial:

CSS textured text

Ok, this isn’t new, and this isn’t CSS3, but this example is so great that I can’t not feature it on this post. Nick La from WebDesignerWall explains how you can make gradients or textured texts using CSS.
View tutorial:



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I think that it is really nice and HTML5 seems to be really easy for me to use it.

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