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Subversion Installation Process

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Introduction: It’s very difficult to manage software application when multiple developers are working on it. Subversion provides ability to manage these software applications. Below is the procedure of installation and manipulation of VisualSVN server.

VisualSVN is used as a version control for the development projects. It a free license copy available in the market. This source control requires 3 different installations.

1.  VisualSVN-Server-2.5.7 – It is installed on the server where subversion will be located. TortoiseSVN- It is installed on a client machine.

2.  AnkhSvn-2.4.11610: it is installed on client machine and integrated with Visual Studio.

Install TortoiseSVN:

1.  Install TortoiseSVN on user’s machine. You will see it on right click.

2.  To download source code from sub version click on SVN CheckOut.

3.  Enter username and password. Click OK.

4.  It will download source code from the subversion.

5.  Green flag should be seen on downloaded files/folders. Changed files flag will change to red. You can commit those files into subversion.

6.  Right click on changed files/folders.

7.  Click on SVN Commit. Add log message and click ok.

8.  SVN update is used to get latest data from subversion.

Backup procedure of sub version:

1.  Subversion backups are taken using scripts and Visual SVN command prompt.

2.  Login to server and click on VisualSVN Server Manager.

3.  Open visual SVN command prompt.

4.  Execute following command and it will create a backup of related repository.

svnadmin hotcopy C:\folder\Repositories\WebApplication C:\Backup\ WebApplication.bak

Conclusion: Source control helps to manage applications easily and updated from all developers.

This article was written by the Imaginovation team.  They are a Raleigh web design and software development company who uses .NET, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, and jQuery technologies.

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