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Daily Dose - Eclipse Believes There is Hope for Java 8

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Last month, Eclipse Executive Director Mike Milinkovich stated his reservations about the Jigsaw brand of modularity in Java 8.  It is now a surprise that Eclipse is supporting the new JSR for Java 8.  It was originally thought that the Jigsaw modularity would preclude OSGi, a standard that Eclipse is strongly invested in.  Those fears have have been addressed in Section 3 of the Java 8 JSR:  "The extent to which the Java Platform Module System should adopt, interoperate with, or otherwise accommodate OSGi will be a topic for that JSR’s Expert Group and the Java SE 8 Expert Group to discuss and decide."  Still, Milinkovich knows there's a battle ahead:

I am not so naive as to think that this is going to be easy. Mark Reinhold and others at Oracle have made it pretty clear that OSGi in its current form is not the solution that matches their vision for platform modularity. To change this is going to require persuasion on both the technical and ecosystem/business benefits of OSGi. I use the word “persuasion” very consciously because I believe that the name calling and negative emotion which have been part of the modularity debates (on both sides) over the past couple of years have not, in my view, been helpful. We (the OSGi) community have one last kick at this can. This is it.

GlassFish v. JBoss Comment Fiasco
A comment by S. Ali Tokmen caused an unnecessary stir by asking whether GlassFish development would split between an OSS version with few releases and patches, and a commercial version which would have frequent critical fixes, "just like JBoss," Tokmen said.  The GlassFish team said that the commercial and public releases will happen at the same time.  The commercial version will have additional packages and the fixes will be integrated back to the next public release, but the timing will depend on various factors.  Rick Sharples of JBoss was not pleased with Oracle's reply and he posted on his own blog clarifying the JBoss model.

FreeNAS 8.0 Goes Beta
The FreeBSD-based OS specifically made for Network-attached storage (NAS) had a beta release this week of version 8.0.  This version improves the upgrade, backup, and restore processes.  The free and open source software is great for running a NAS box simply at a low cost.  FreeNAS 8.0 has a new full web configuration GUI, better hardware support, faster I/O, and stronger modularity.

OpenSocial 1.1 Spec Published
The OpenSocial Foundation has approved the publication of the new 1.1 version of the OpenSocial specification.  The spec defines the APIs that facilitate gadget communication through pub/sub.  OpenSocial providers can also leverage metadata in tools and containers.

Goodbye Google App Engine (GAE)
Hear one developer's story about why he will never use Google App Engine again.  Commenters say that he just doesn't understand how App Engine works.
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David Plass replied on Wed, 2010/11/24 - 10:08am

"THERE is hope" not "THEIR is hope".

Jonathan Fisher replied on Wed, 2010/11/24 - 11:52am in response to: David Plass

I hope their hope over there stays strong while they're considering all the possibilities.

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