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Daily Dose - More International Politics for Google

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More International Politics for Google   
It's been about a month since the Chinese hacking fiasco that resulted in some big changes for Google.  The company now says that it is seeing a sharp drop in Gmail traffic in Iran, where a major antigovernment protest recently took place.  Reports say that Iran plans to offer a national email service, which is presumably a move by the government to get subversive communications under control.  Google confirmed that there are users in Iran having difficulty accessing Gmail.  They also confirmed it wasn't a problem on their end.

JBoss the Most Lucrative Support Package from OpenLogic

OpenLogic, a company that provides support packages for open source products, released its 2009 statistics.  It posted the top five packages that it sold in 2009 and JBoss was the winner of the #1 spot.  Next was Tomcat, then the Apache HTTP server, Hibernate, and finally MySQL.  Global 200 companies comprise 60% of OpenLogic's customer base.

Firefox 3.7 is a Temporary Name
Mozilla just announced the release of Firefox 3.7 alpha 1.  It's a developer preview of the latest Gecko platform and it notably is the first browser to drop support for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.  If you've been keeping up with Firefox, you're probably confused to hear about the release of a 3.7 version after Mozilla's director revealed last month that Firefox would start doing regular feature updates instead of incremental version releases.  Mozilla says 3.7 is only a temporary name and they will go into "feature update mode" pretty soon.

Bing Gets Feisty in Search Engine Battle

You'd think it was the Chrome of the search engine market because Microsoft's Bing claimed 11.3% of the U.S. search market for the month of January; up 0.6%.  It took that share from big-kid-on-the-block Google, who lost 0.3%, and Yahoo.  It seems that the combination of unique features (Wolfram API, Bing Recipes, Bing Maps, possible iPhone search deal) have given Bing some attention.  Bing could also get a nice boost from Yahoo if their search deal is approved by regulators.  In the meantime, Yahoo's search market share (now at 17%) continues to slide.

How To Fight Procrastination As A Designer

If you need some advice on how to focus and work smarter, this post has some simple tips.
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Walter Bogaardt replied on Fri, 2010/02/12 - 4:56pm

Iran is not going to make a lot of friends on the cyber front, especially as they block out media transmission in their country on the latest protests, and the jamming signals bled over into neighboring countries. The neighbors  and international broadcasters are irked by this. Problem is technology is growing faster than any of those governments can control and with it comes information. Their best solution is to cut all phone lines and destroy every electronic device, but then where will they be?

China on the other hand is an interesting animal, as it has to grow and learn how to play in the international market and so when their government pulls a fiasco like that it makes them look like the paper dragon they are. There will be back peddling in due time, and they will beg Google to come back.

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