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Daily Dose - Facebook Open Sources PHP Innovations

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Facebook Open Sources PHP Innovations   
The early reports about Facebook's PHP rewrite project were vindicated when "HipHop" was introduced on the Facebook developers page.  After two years of clandestine development, Facebook has finally revealed their PHP source code transformer and released it under the open source PHP license.  This project, named "HipHop for PHP" was aimed at scaling PHP to support Facebook's massive amount of pageviews and unique user experiences.  The HipHop team was successful in creating a system for transforming PHP source code into highly optimized C++ which is then compiled using g++, resulting in an average of 50% CPU savings.  In total, the HipHop team has written over 300,000 lines of code and more than 5,000 unit tests.

Adobe Mad at Apple; Attacks HTML5   
In a blog post that might have been in response to something Steve Jobs said,  Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch came to the defense of Flash by voicing some criticisms against HTML5 and "a recent magical device."  Lynch argued against the idea of HTML5 video replacing Flash saying that, "the coming HTML video implementations cannot agree on a common format across browsers, so users and content creators would be thrown back to the dark ages of video on the Web with incompatibility issues."  In response to Apple's arguments for not supporting Flash, Lynch points out that smartphones such as Blackberry, Android, Nokia, and Palm Pre support Flash, but not Apple.  Lynch also tries to drive the point home by saying that Google's Nexus One "will rock" with Flash.  All of these mobile platforms, except Apple he says, will support the new lightweight Flash Player 10.1 when it is released later this year.

Google App Store - Enterprise Edition

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google may be planning to open an App store in March for businesses to supplement their Google Apps collection.  The report says that Google would sell third-party software and give developers a commission on sales.  If the store does open later this year, it could be similar to Google's current portal for third-party business apps, the Solutions Marketplace.

Chrome 4 and Greasemonkey
The latest stable version of Chrome did one better than Firefox by supporting Greasemonkey user scripts natively.  Firefox only supports them through an add-on.   The Greasemonkey user scripts are installed just like extensions.  Some of the scripts still don't work in Chrome however, because of differences between Chrome and Firefox. is dead now
If you try going to, you'll be redirected to Oracle now.  It's the first step in their integration of all Sun websites into the Oracle Technology Network.
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