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Daily Dose - Jython Lead Developer Joins Sauce Labs

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Jython Lead Developer Joins Sauce Labs   
Frank Wierzbicki, who left his position at Sun as the lead maintainer of Jython before the Oracle acquisition, revealed on his blog that he has started working for Sauce Labs.  He is currently working on the Sauce IDE, which is a proprietary extension of Selenium IDE that adds support for Sauce's OnDemand service for Selenium.  This lets users record functional tests in Firefox and then send the tests to Sauce Labs to be run on various operating systems and browsers.  Wierzbicki says he'll still be involved in Jython development, but since it won't be his day job anymore, he won't be able to contribute as much.

Nexus One Gets a Much Needed Update
Google has issued a software update for Nexus One through the telephone network.  The upgrade attempts to fix some 3G connectivity issues that were reported last month.  Nexus Ones also got three new features including a new version of Google Maps, Google Goggles, and multi-touch functionality for certain applications.

AWS Lowers Prices
Amazon Web Services announced that it is lowering prices for outbound data transfer by $0.02 across all services, usage tiers, and regions.  Amazon says they are always working to drive down operational costs and become more efficient, and starting this month they are passing that savings on to their customers.  This might smooth things over with the customers that experienced latency issues in mid-January.

Sun's Darkstar Burns Out
Project Darkstar was Sun's open source software platform for simplifying the development of horizontally scalable servers for MMORPGs.  Oracle has now discontinued the project during its merger process.  The project has now been
moved to GitHub. Project Wonderland and Kenai are two other experiments that got the axe from Oracle.

Alex Tkachman on Static Groovy: the inside scoop
Andres Almiray interviews Alex Tkachman about the Groovy++ project.  This article gives you some of the substance behind all the hype.

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