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Daily Dose - MonoTouch 3.0; Seems Unfazed by Apple's New Terms

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Novell VP and Mono project lead Miguel de Icasa isn't worried that MonoTouch might fall under Apple's new restrictions that banned Adobe's Flash-to-iPhone compiler.  He just announced the release of MonoTouch 3.0, which adds support for iPhoneOS 4.0's new APIs.  MonoTouch compiles C# to C and XCode (the iPhone IDE), unlike the Flash CS5 compiler, which compiles to machine code.  Still, MonoTouch apps are originally written in a language other than the ones listed in the new iPhone terms, so like any iPhone app, it just depends on the whim of Apple.  MonoTouch 3.0 was quick to add support for Multitasking, iAds, Game Center, and enterprise data protection.

CodePlex Changes Rating System Applications
Microsoft and PreEmptive Solutions have added detailed runtime statistics to the ratings on CodePlex applications.  The information will include most used features, time spent in an application, unique users, and operating system usage.  PreEmpitve's software can filter usage by binaries and/or versions.

More MeeGo Details

The Intel Developer Forum revealed some news about Intel and Nokia's MeeGo OS.  For notebooks, MeeGo will be sporting the Chrome browser along with social messaging, media, camera, calendar, and email apps in addition to touch and gesture support.  The handsets with MeeGo will have Fennec (Mobile Firefox) complete with Flash support, VoIP, IM, cloud data synching, and social media apps.  Intel will also have an app-store framework for designing third party app stores.  

Israel Bans the iPad - How Does it Feel Apple?
The Israeli government recently banned the iPad and has confiscated several to be held in a warehouse while the owners are charged a fee.  The only thing stranger than this decision is the reasoning behind it.  Due to some bureaucratic infighting, the Communications Ministry engineers refused to allow the iPad because its WiFi standard is different from the Israeli standard (Israel's standard is similar to Europe's).  The banning was done without the approval of the Communications Minister.  The only move that makes less sense is Apple's new iPhone SDK Terms and Conditions.

Bill Gates Bans iTunes From Windows
Today, Bill Gates made a ridiculous change in the terms of Windows and banned Apple's iTunes application.  Apparently, Apple had made the application without a Windows language or Windows compiler.  ;-)
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