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Daily Dose - O3D Moves From Plugin to JS Library

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The Chromium team didn't make its decision lightly, but they decided to start developing O3D, a 3D graphics API for the browser, as a JavaScript library on top of WebGL.  O3D was formerly developed as a plugin and an alternative to OpenGL and WebGL because the Chromium team was unsure that JavaScript would be fast enough to drive a low-level API like OpenGL.  They were also concerned that many Windows machines didn't have OpenGL drivers installed, but today the team believes that Chromium will be able run WebGL content without having to rely on OpenGL drivers.  JavaScript has also become a lot faster, they said.  

Apple Making its Own Flash?
Apple introduced a technology called Gianduia last summer, they've been using it in several retail clients.  Gianduia is a client-side framework for rich internet apps.  However, Gianduia is not a direct competitor to Flash as som articles are reporting.  The Apple tech is used for its One to One program, the Genius Bar Concierge program, and the iPhone reservation system. 

Plans for JBoss' CDI RI
JBoss posted a roadmap recently for it's CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection JSR-299) Reference Implementation, Weld.  The next version, 1.1, will expose its reflection abstraction API to the container.  The Weld Reflection API extends the interface hierarchy from the CDI SPI.  This change will clear the way for the container to replace the built-in implementation based on JDK reflection.  This will allow extensive optimizations.

CentOS and RHEL 3 Reach EOL Soon

Red Hat has posted a notification about the end of service date for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and CentOS 3.  The two 3.0 versions will reach EOL on October 31st of this year.  All updates, including critical fixes, will cease after that date.

Griffon and NetBeans IDE 6.9 Beta
Developers have tweaked the Griffon plugin to get it running on the NetBeans 6.9 Beta.  Good job, alireza.haghighatkhah for posting the link.
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