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Daily Dose - Apache Elects New Board

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At today's annual ASF members meeting, the attendees voted for the next board of directors.  Returning board members include Doug Cutting, Roy T. Fielding, Shane Curcuru, Greg Stein, and Jim Jagielski the chairman.  New members include Bertrand Delacretaz (served from '08 to '09), IBM's Sam Ruby, Google's Noirin Shirley, and Amazon's Henri Yandell.

Project Northstar Takes IBM's Portal Sofware in a New Direction
IBM has posted its new vision for its portal development strategy, which includes several key principles.  The principles focus on a customized, socially-infused experience that is both visually pleasing and flexible.  IBM also asserts that integration must be easy and analytics must by injected wherever possible.

BlackBerry's New WebKit Browser Beats iPhone 4 and Android 2.1 in Indie Tests
Blogger Salomondrin demonstrated this week that BlackBerry's new OS 6 has a browser that is now based on WebKit - and it beats the iPhone 4 and Android's Eclair browser in several tests.  The tests included HTML5 support and Acid 3 scoring.  Android's new 2.2 browser, which is markedly faster than 2.1, is notably absent from the tests.

Mozilla's Bug Bounty Even More Lucrative
This week Mozilla announced that it is going to sextuple the amount of award money given away for each flaw discovered in their bug bounty program.  Eligible flaws found in Firefox or Thunderbird earned $500 previously, but now the bounty is $3,000.  The new bounty tops Google's reward for the most critical flaws found in Chromium, which is $1,337.  Cute, Google.

Andres Almiray on Griffon: The Road Behind and the Road Ahead
Finally!  A Refcard on Griffon.  Now's your chance to go get it, but first, read project lead Andres Almiray's interview on the direction of Griffon.
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martin hardy replied on Tue, 2010/07/20 - 9:41am

Apart from faster browser I have reason to believe that Iphone is way better than any other handset in the market .same scenario happened in case of Juniper and Cisco experts believed Juniper is faster than cisco and will lag behind cisco one day but after many year of this claim Cisco is still leader in market along with their Cisco Career Certifications.

As far as mozilla is concern its a good to see the increase in reward money because mozilla for a quite a time showing errors especially with the adons.

Gary Weinreb replied on Tue, 2010/09/28 - 12:53pm

The Salomondrin link, in above article "BlackBerry's New WebKit Browser Beats iPhone 4 and Android 2.1 in Indie Tests" is broken. Sure would love to read that Indie Test....

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