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Kon Soulianidis11/25/14
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Working with D3.js

D3.js is a JavaScript library that is used to generate visualisations, usually based on sets of data. I have been using it on a dashboard project for the past month, and wanted to share some of my thoughts and impressions as a new user.

Boris Dus11/25/14
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How We Made Application Framework Using AngularJS and Django

In the spring we had an idea to do a simple service for cloud backup servers. For the backend-side was chosen Django, and the implementation of the client is often assumed as a SPA based AngularJS. The idea: to make the product with minimal functionality, and then gradually add new features.

Raymond Camden11/25/14
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Status of Disqus Updates, and a Tool for URL Migration

Having trouble with your Disqus? I've had good luck with Disqus pretty much everywhere I've used it, but my attempts to migrate my 50K+ comments over have been met with a great amount of difficulty. I submitted the issue to Disqus, but I also wrote a ColdFusion script to let me do this.

Paul Underwood11/25/14
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Migrating WordPress Database To A New Server

WordPress is a commonly used open source site editors out there. In a previous article we discussed about how you can change your wp-config.php file to handle multiple environments and change the database settings of the content. Here, I'll show you how to export it all.

Gergo Bogdan11/24/14
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OOP in Python - Part 1

Object Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm which creates “objects” during the phase of programming, by this trying to model the entities from the problem which is need to be solved.

Maneesh Joshi11/24/14
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Top 5 Mobile APM Myths: Myths 3-5

Typically, mobile app developers accept some things they feel they can’t change — ratings, end-to-end visibility, user experience, and so on. However, these can all be avoided and under your control with the right mAPM solution to give you the proper insights to give your users a seamless experience.

Victor Savkin11/24/14
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Angular 2 Bits: Unified Dependency Injection

Angular 1.x has two APIs for injecting dependencies into a directive. These APIs are not interchangeable, so depending on what you are injecting, you need to use one or the other. Angular 2 unifies the two APIs, making the code easier to understand and test.

Raymond Camden11/24/14
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ColdFusion Startup Issue with Homepage

Yesterday I fired up ColdFusion 11 to test something and discovered that every request for a CFM returned an error. The error was a Null Pointer Exception so not terribly helpful. (Or so I thought.) I Googled and came across a helpful post on a forum that helped me, and will hopefully help you as well.

Andrew Trice11/24/14
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IBM Worklight Powered Native Objective-C iOS Apps

IBM MobileFirst Foundation, or IBM Worklight, is a middleware solution for developing mobile applications. Most people think that Worklight is just for creating hybrid mobile (HTML-powered) applications. While this is one of the powerful workflows that Worklight enables, it’s also just the “tip of the iceberg”.

Andrey Prikaznov11/24/14
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WebGL with Three.js - Lesson 7

Our lessons on webgl are continuing. Today we extend the practice of loading ready three-dimensional models. In constant conditions of lack of time, it is always more convenient to simply download and implement a ready-made model than to implement it programmatically.

Rick Delgado11/23/14
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In Phones We Trust: Building a Relationship with BYOD

Building trust in a BYOD program isn’t really any different than building confidence in other key business initiatives. Success is founded on fair policies that employees understand. If companies can clearly explain what they expect of their employees, and the importance of data security while still providing flexibility, employees will respond positively.

Robert Diana11/23/14
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Geek Reading November 19, 2014

These items are the fruits of those ideas, the items I deemed worthy from my daily reading. These items are a combination of tech business news, development news and programming tools and techniques.

Mark Needham11/23/14
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R: Refactoring to dplyr

I’ve been looking back over some of the early code I wrote using R before I knew about the dplyr library and thought it’d be an interesting exercise to refactor some of the snippets.

Maarten Ectors11/23/14
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IoT and Personal Health

I just saw Eric Dishman’s TED session on “Health care should be a team sport“. I love the idea of providing people with chronicle illness the means to be diagnosed and treated remotely and use big data to learn of a large group of patients with similar issues.

Franck Wolff11/23/14
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Beyond JSON: Spearal Serialization Protocol for iOS

Spearal is a new, open-source, serialization protocol that aims to overcome the limitations of JSON. It targets - as a first step - HTML and native mobile applications connected to a Java backend. This article introduce the Spearal iOS module, written in Swift, with a iPhone / Spring MVC sample application.