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Mike Cottmeyer03/13/14
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Scaling Retrospectives

Today I will discuss scaling retrospectives. While the scaling discussion is receiving a great deal of press in the agile world these days, we have overlooked the retrospective area in my opinion. Time for a change:

Alec Noller03/12/14
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Dev of the Week: Johan den Haan

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Johan den Haan, CTO at Mendix.

Kon Soulianidis03/12/14
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Android Phones and Janky Accordions

When working with a mobile web app, we often aim not only for feature-parity with a corresponding native app, but for UI-parity as well. While arguments can be made against this approach to begin with, on a recent project we were curious to see how far we could go when tasked with pursuing the native ideal.

Andrey Prikaznov03/12/14
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WebGL with Three.JS (Lesson One)

This is our first lesson, where we consider the main basic functions: creating a scene, camera, renderer, controls (OrbitControls). We will also create the simplest directional light, add a dozen objects (of different geometry) with shadows.

Roman Pichler03/12/14
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A Template for Formulating Great Sprint Goals

I find it helpful to consider three questions when choosing a sprint goal: Why do we carry out the sprint? How do we reach its goal? And how do we know that the goal has been met? My sprint goal template therefore consists of three main parts: the actual goal, the method employed to reach the goal, and the metrics to determine if the goal has been met.

Paul Hammant03/12/14
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OmniGraffle SVG to Angular-HTML Workflow

I have a new problem – OmniGraffle won’t round-trip preserve my inlined Angular application code. You might want to increment the ‘root’ SVG source, AND preserve the Angular bits and pieces you’ve typed into it. Luckily, there’s an imperfect source-control solution that involved two branches, and merge.

Dalip Mahal03/12/14
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The Programmer Productivity Paradox

If the average programmer writes about 50 lines of production code a day. A 50,000 line program would take 1,000 man days to produce. The 50,000 line listing can be entered by a programmer at about 1,000 lines a day or about 50 man days. So what the heck are the developers doing for the other 950 days?

Andrew Fuqua03/11/14
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Don’t Estimate Software Defects

I don’t estimate software defects. Well, I have two exceptions: If I have a backlog of old defects to burn down, I may estimate those. If I have found some new bug that we plan to fix in some later sprint, I may estimate those (though I really don’t like to defer defect fixes). Otherwise, I don’t estimate defects.

Raymond Camden03/11/14
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My ColdFusion Bugs Visualized

One last blog entry before I enter Mardi Gras oblivion. Earlier this week I had logged into the ColdFusion bugbase and noticed that I had over 500 bugs in the system. I thought this was kinda cool and I was wondering if I could see aggregate data about my bug reports.

Michael Heinrichs03/11/14
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3 Reasons to Choose Vert.x

The application platform Vert.x takes some of the innovations from Node.js and makes them available on the JVM, combining fresh ideas with one of the most sophisticated and fastest runtime environments available. Vert.x comes with a set of exciting features that make it interesting for anybody developing web applications.

Vlad Mihalcea03/11/14
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Choosing a Leader like an Agilist

We need to trust our teams and respect their opinions. I like this approach since it’s a very good way of spotting leaders that you weren’t aware of. People with leadership potential are rare gems and I always stay open-minded to any method that can bring me the next great leader.

Steven Lott03/11/14
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Why Enterprise Javascript is Not the Best Idea

In particular, JavaScript needs to get the data from somewhere: a backend process. If we push business knowledge into the front-end, even if we're assiduous about code libraries and sharing, we still have to fight with the "Out-Of-Date JS Library" issue. Server-side business knowledge is inherently consistent and sharable.

James Gough03/11/14
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Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices

A little background for context before I start on my review for real; I've been a software engineer for about 15 years and I turned my hand to web-centric technologies about 7 years ago. Pretty much...

Tom Howlett03/10/14
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The Day I Met a Customer

Like many developers, I’ve been protected from apparently difficult customers by my managers and left to get on with the important job of “writing code”. But this week I left our office and headed out to a technology park to work directly with one of our customers, and after a couple of days of understanding each others needs I’ve rarely felt so excited about “writing code”, because I know it will be valued.

Anders Abel03/10/14
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International Women's Day and the Software Industry

This past Saturday was international women’s day (IWD). A day that should make us men in the software industry think about why so few women study CS and why so many of those who did, never establish a career in the industry. What do we men do wrong, when women don’t feel welcome?