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Rick Delgado11/19/14
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Desktop-as-a-Service and BYOD: Two Growing Complementary Trends

BYOD and DaaS are both growing trends that are making bigger impacts in the business world with each passing year. One of the reasons both are growing at such a steady pace is how they work together so effectively.

Benjamin Ball11/19/14
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hack.summit() On Pace To Be Largest Developer Conference Ever

I just wanted to let everyone know about this great virtual developer conferencing coming up called hack.summit(), which takes place Dec 2-4; there's already more than 13,000 developers signed up for the conference.

Chris Odell11/19/14
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The Single Point Of Failure

As a SOHO (Solo Home Office) Developer one of the many challenges is the fact that there is no one else to discuss code changes with. Without someone to discuss changes with your blind spots will not be covered by a colleague looking at your code, potentially more bugs could creep into your code base and there are less opportunities to learn from other peoples experiences. So what can you do? Well here are some suggestions.

John Cook11/19/14
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People want Swiss Army Knives

I basically agree with the Unix philosophy that tools should do one thing well, but even Unix doesn’t follow this principle strictly in practice. One reason is that “thing” and “well” depend on context. The “thing” that a toolmaker has in mind may not exactly be the “thing” the user has in mind, and the user may have a different idea of when a tool has served well enough.

Ricky Ho11/19/14
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The Common Data Science Project Flow

While working across multiple data science projects, I observed a similar pattern across a group of strategic data science projects where a common methodology can be used. In this post, I want to sketch this methodology at a high level.

Lauren Clapper11/19/14
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Da Vinci in the Digital Age: How Art is Incorporating Technology and Inspiring Innovation

You may not think of art and technology as intrinsically linked. But both fields are creative, and both are heavily visual. Individuals working in both fields are fascinated by the cutting edge, and they are passionate about their craft - and museums and galleries are taking notice.

Arian Celina11/19/14
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Architecture of Web Applications

I consider software development more art than exact science, and as such, in software development almost always there is not a single way of solving a problem. With applications, REST has risen to popularity, but is it really the greatest fix-all for all your needs?

Raymond Camden11/18/14
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Syncing Brackets extensions across multiple machines

This really isn't a new tip, but as someone just asked on Twitter for a quick explanation, I thought I'd write it up. If you want to sync Brackets extensions across multiple machines, the easiest way to do it is with Dropbox, or a Dropbox-like service.

Sameer Bhatia11/18/14
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How the Internet of Things Will Change How You Live

Social media, mobile connectivity, Candy Crush—these things are old news. There is a bigger, badder technological revolution occurring: the Internet of Things, aka the IoT, in which everything from appliances to cows to us is online.

Brian Rinaldi11/18/14
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Dealing with an Unhappy Community

Recently, I wrote an article about a bit of a dust up in the AngularJS community about the plans for Angular 2.0 and it got me thinking about how we deal with the community - specifically when there is a widespread community backlash.

Paul Hammant11/18/14
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Source Code Laundering: Git, Repo Count, and SOA

One of the general issues with different repos is in merging and checking the diff between the files. It isn't always clear of what's been changed from one side into the next. Is there a way to diff or repo smaller sections of just what you worked on rather than the whole repo, which could result in messy merges?

Lauren Clapper11/18/14
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The Next Phase of Business Evolution: How Open Source is Launching Startups like SpareStub

Startups are one of the fastest growing sectors in entrepreneurship thanks to the largely open source nature of the Internet and willingness to collaborate online. This week, we explore how that plays out with SpareStub, the New York based company that is about to change how you go to events.

Adrian Matei11/18/14
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How to Compress Responses in Java REST API with GZip and Jersey

There may be cases when your REST api provides responses that are very long. In order to optimize performance, in this post I will present how you can SELECTIVELY compress your REST API responses, if you’ve built it in Java with Jersey, which is the JAX-RS Reference Implementation (and more).

Burke Holland11/17/14
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Video: AngularJS Directives For The Rest Of Us

Burke Holland explains the concept of AngularJS Directives in familiar jQuery terms

Burke Holland11/17/14
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Video: How To Build Chrome Apps

Burke Holland looks at what it takes to build a Chrome App and some of the “Gotchas”.