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John Esposito12/09/11
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More PHP Awesome from Facebook: The HipHop Virtual Machine

Nobody can fault Facebook for performance, and they have already done several wonders with PHP performance in the past.Their HipHop PHP to C++ translator shrank the cycles from the upper end, squeezing out the pre-C++ fat. But even the C++ to x64 translation...

John Esposito12/09/11
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Solve Common Sizing Problems with CSS3's New rem Unit

CSS promised to keep layouts well-proportioned, ensuring consistent measurement by including its own units.Besides pixels, the most commonly used CSS unit is probably the em, which is simply the computed font-size of the current element. Using this...

Jesse Warden12/09/11
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Papaya Mobile’s Social Splash: HTML5 & Flash Game Integration

Hard to get specifics on this, but here’s what I think I’ve found out. Papaya Mobile, a social game & distribution network, has released a beta of “Social Splash”. What

Terrence Ryan12/09/11
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Semantic HTML Has Other Benefits

Recently finished reading Our Pointless Pursuit Of Semantic Value at Smashing Magazine. It's a good read, and clearly spells out a true point: There is not a lot of value in wrestling over how semantic your code is for semantic's sake. I totally agree with...

John Esposito12/09/11
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Will PHP Become a Niche Language?

If any language isn't a niche language, PHP isn't. Every version builds more functionality into the core, and its applications seem endless.Its ubiquity, combined with its haphazard history, have encouraged an interesting attitude among developers -- positive...

Swizec Teller12/09/11
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Fun javascript feature

Not only was my nondeterministic turing machine implementationway too long at 20 lines, it was also wrong. Shortly after @dionyziz reported a bug and it took me until last night to get around to fixing it.

James Sugrue12/09/11
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Christmas Gift Ideas For Software Developers

Not everything is free, or open source, in a developer's life. If you're looking for inspiration about what to get for that special programmer in your life this Christmas, here are some ideas that would make excellent gifts.  

Itamar Haber12/08/11
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The End of the World? It’s Not Even 2012 Yet!

Well, not quite, but there’s definitely a stormy front hitting the cloudosphere with the recent reports (originally here) of Amazon’s pending EC2 instances’ reboots. Although the exact details are yet to be known, it looks like a good number of...

John Esposito12/08/11
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Let the User Decide What To Do

Once upon a time, most users would run one local application for each MIME type. Better still, for each platform, most users used either the same or functionally very similar applications: users would download 'an mp3 player', but every player did more or...

Sagar H Ganatra12/08/11
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Using HTML5's PageVisibility API

Recently I stumbled upon the PageVisibility API introduced in HTML5, which gives developers an opportunity to improve the performance of a web page and to better the user experience. Whenever a user opens a new tab or navigates to another tab, the...

Giorgio Sironi12/08/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Hide Method

In the scenario we address today, a method is not used from outside a class, or it's called only from a limited set of classes, such as the current inheritance hierarchy.This refactoring, Hide Method, modifies the visibility of the method to restrain it as...

Bill Bejeck12/08/11
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Simple WordPress Backups

Backing up your data is an important task. As we all know, it’s not a matter of if you are going to experience a crash or failure, but when. Blogs are no exception.

Lorna Mitchell12/08/11
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Importing and Exporting MongoDB Databases

I'm enjoying working with MongoDB but as with any new technology, it can take a little while to find your way around all the tools related to that stack. In particular, I found myself wondering how do I mysqldump for mongodb?

John Esposito12/07/11
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Rapidly Slash UI Dev Time (and Seriously Increase Performance) with KendoUI

Every new web technology should improve either user or developer experience, or ideally both. But even if the technologies do both of these things, finding and stitching together the right tech to use -- let alone libraries, especially in the colossal thicket...

John Esposito12/07/11
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Where ECMAScript Needs to Go: Three Goals

We've been following ECMAScript a bit here on DZone, but so far mostly just specific suggestions, or reports on recent advances. This sort of spotty coverage helps me less than existing JavaScript ninjas, though, because I haven't even written enough...