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John Esposito12/23/11
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Video: Build and Deploy on CloudFoundry

In this video, the CloudFoundry team walks through the whole process of cloud app deployment, from choosing a PaaS to specific tools for deployment (Eclipse,...

Gil Fink12/23/11
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CSS3 2D and 3D Transform

When I first encountered CSS3 transform property, I had a nostalgic moment that took me back to the days that I was a computer science student. Back then, one of the mathematics courses that I had to take was linear algebra. Linear algebra deals with...

John Esposito12/23/11
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HowTo: Run Node.js on Heroku

Server-side JavaScript, what server? says the naive cloud user. But why not take advantage of server-side JavaScript's power, even while running on the cloud?It's not hard, in principle: there's a buildpack for that, or rather for running Node.js apps on...

Stoimen Popov12/23/11
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Object Cloning and Passing by Reference in PHP

In PHP everything’s a reference! I’ve heard it so many times in my practice. No, these words are too strong! Let’s see some examples. Passing Parameters by Reference Clearly when we pass parameters to a function it’s not by reference. How to check...

John Esposito12/23/11
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Video: Updated IE10 Platform Preview

 This video outlines and demonstrates the new features of the latest IE10 platform preview (downloadable here), emphasizing hardware acceleration of HTML5...

Andrey Prikaznov12/23/11
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Pure HTML5 file upload

Today we will be developing a great HTML5 file upload form with progress bar and preview (at client-side). We have already given you jQuery based solution, but today’s application doesn't require jQuery at all. Everything is made in pure HTML5...

Alexander Beletsky12/22/11
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Approval Tests: An Alternative View on Test Automation

Approval Tests or simply Approvals is a framework created by Llewellyn Falco and Dan Gilkerson, providing support for .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby. It is not yet another unit testing framework like NUnit or MbUnit etc.; instead these frameworks are used to run...

John Esposito12/22/11
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Social Comparison of PHP Frameworks

What's the best way to compare frameworks? Probably not just by feature-set -- unless you're already quite sure what features you need, and, coincidentally, only one framework has them all. Besides, manually trundling to every framework's website, and finding...

Karthikeyan Anb...12/22/11
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SQL Azure Q4 2011 Release Update

Microsoft has recently released the SQL Azure Q4 2011 changes. Previously in October at the PASS conference we heard about the SQL Azure Q4 release for 2011 and now the release is live with much enhanced features on scalability, monitoring, and management...

Giorgio Sironi12/22/11
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3D experience in a browser with Three.js

Three.js is a library for rendering 3D models into a browser, without using Flash or other third-party plugins. In 3D graphics, the actual model of a scene is built in a solid space (three dimensions, obviously), and depending of the current view point,...

John Esposito12/22/11
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IE10 Fully Deprecates VML and DX

By all accounts, IE10 will be a very good thing. Speed and standards both, and conquest of zombie browsers through the power of Windows Update. Fewer headaches for developers worrying about (old) IE's worldwide massive marketshare. Recently Ted Johnson of the...

John Esposito12/22/11
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Where HTML5 Canvas Accessibility Is Now

New features in HTML5 mean new accessibility issues, whether problematic or no (there's some disagreement on this). Here are two resources for keeping up with the current status quo:

jb j12/22/11
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How to create offline HTML5 web apps in 5 easy steps

Among all cool new features introduced by HTML5, the possibility of caching web pages for offline use is definitely one of my favorites. Today, I’m glad to show you how you can create a page that will be available for offline browsing. Getting...

Prashant Khandelwal12/22/11
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Prepare Your Site For IE9 With Pinify

This is great stuff. If you own a website or a blog you should use this excellent feature of pinning fav links of your site on user's Windows 7 taskbar. Though this feature of IE9 was on hype since it's beta realease. Now it's time to use this feature...

John Esposito12/21/11
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Video: Build an Authentication System in CakePHP

 In this video, Andrew Perkins builds a full authentication system using CakePHP, in just 54 minutes.Source code is available here, along with a written...