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Aalia Dhurue12/07/11
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Basic Programming Operators in Java, PHP,C, C++ and more

1. if The if statement evaluates an expression. If that expression is true, then a statement is executed. If an else clause is given and if the expression is false, then the else’s statement is executed. Syntax:if( expression ) statement1; // or if(...

Gil Fink12/07/11
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Keep Users Coming Back With Desktop Notifications for Web Apps

Notifications. They’re those little numbers that pop up on your application icons that you can’t help but notice.  Facebook, Google+, Twitter clients and email clients use them to let you know when you have new messages or updates.  Blogs can use them...

Giorgio Sironi12/07/11
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Testing and specifying JavaScript code with Jasmine

Jasmine is a BDD framework for JavaScript (or CoffeeScript) code, which helps you specify and test your classes and functions as the same time.Jasmine is not derived from the classic xUnit API, but features Behavior-Driven Development syntax, composed of easy...

Pat Shaughnessy12/07/11
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Learning from the masters: some of my favorite Rails commits

In the last month or two, there have been many great commits to Rails. Last week alone we saw: 0306f82 – implements automatic EXPLAIN logging for slow queries and a382d60 – ActiveRecord::Relation#pluck method.

Svetoslav Marinov12/07/11
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Convert non-ssl to ssl links automatically and dynamically using Zend

Hello dear readers,Zend Framework is awesome and you probably know that already that's why you're using it. :)Have you ever needed to replace the non-ssl links automatically with their SSL equivalent ? Here is one way to achieve it using a front controller...

Ben Kepes12/07/11
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Mesagraph Launches Search and Discovery Platform - And Plays Buzzword Bingo

I’ve been travelling a lot lately and have attended a number of conferences at which the latest range of buzzwords are clearly being utilized by a new crop of startups. At the same time I’ve been railing against excessive use of acronyms that does nothing...

John Esposito12/06/11
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Adding IndexedDB Functionality to an Application

This article, based on chapter 5 of HTML5 in Action by Robert Crowther, Joe Lennon, and Ash Blue, shows you how you use the IndexedDB API to create, connect to, and use a database that is stored on the client-side in the user’s Web browser.  

Glen Gordon12/06/11
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PhoneGap on WP7 Pro Tip #1: Handling Orientation

Today’s PhoneGap on Windows Phone 7 tip involves handling orientation changes. This means when a user rotates their phone from portrait to landscape, the content should rotate as well. Not only that, in some scenarios elements on the screen should...

John Esposito12/06/11
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Mozilla's Chris Heilmann: Breaking Out of the Browser

Chrome has just now, and just barely, overtaken Firefox; but Mozilla's almost ridiculous rapid-fire release schedule is building some kind of momentum (even if it's not the kind that translates into higher market share).

John Esposito12/06/11
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HTML5 Upgrades in Opera 11.60

In terms of numbers, Opera may not be competing with the big browsers. But in several important respects, Opera runs impressively close to the bleeding edge of web standards. And Opera's Bruce Lawson is one of the more active HTML5 proponents on the web today.

Pat Shaughnessy12/06/11
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Two ways of using Redis to build a NoSQL autocomplete search index

Last week I demonstrated how to setup autocomplete in a new Rails 3.1 app using the Soulmate gem, from SeatGeek. Soulmate uses Redis to cache all of the autocomplete phrases in memory, providing lightning fast query results.

Giorgio Sironi12/06/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Remove Setting Method

A setter for a certain field is present: maybe it's a generated method, or is used for Dependency Injection.However, in the current state of the code, there are no use cases for it [anymore]: it's either a never called method, or one called only during...

Andrzej Krzywda12/06/11
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CoffeeScript is the fresh air

When I started using Ruby and Rails in 2004 I immediately knew that Rails was going to be huge. At that time I was working mostly with Java. Ruby and Rails brought so much joy to my programming world that it was kind of a revolution in my programming...

Stoimen Popov12/06/11
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Algorithm of the Week: Linear Search in Sorted Lists

The expression “linear search in sorted lists” itself sounds strange. Why should we use this algorithm for sorted lists when there are lots of other algorithms that are far more effective? As I mentioned in my previous post the sequential search is...

John Esposito12/06/11
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Video: Protect against Cross-Site Scripting in Drupal

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is an old attack, but a big one, and often relatively easy to execute.In this video,  Greg Knaddison explains XSS in more detail,...