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Tim Murphy01/11/12
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Using JSON.NET To Load Twitter Search Results In WP7

The main way that Twitter provides feeds is through JSON.  Unfortunately the version of the .NET Framework that is on the phone does not include the System.Runtime.Serialization.Json namespace.  Rather than trying to brute force the JSON feed I have been...

Nuno Job01/11/12
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Getting Started with nodejs and CouchDB

After seeing some questions on stack-overflow about getting started with CouchDB and nodejs decided to give it a go at answering one of them. Hopefully this will help other people with similar issues! Let's start by creating a folder and installing some...

Giorgio Sironi01/11/12
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Extract Subclass

So far, we have only treated the movement of object members (fields and methods, and constructor as special methods); the assumption we made was that these members are moved between classes in an hierarchy which already exist.Larger scale refactorings involve...

Simone Chiaretta01/11/12
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The evolution of asynchronous controllers in ASP.NET MVC

Asynchronous controllers are as easy to do as  standard controllersAsynchronous operations in ASP.NET MVC have always been left a bit behind. They appeared in ASP.NET MVC 2, remained untouched in v3, but now in MVC 4 (especially  in combination with C#...

Giuseppe Vettigli01/11/12
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Tip: Python Variables and Typing

Never forget, Python uses duck typing and has typed objects but untyped variable names. lfc = "Liverpool" # this is a string manc = "Manchester City" l_score = 3 # this is a integer m_score = 0 print...

Gareth Rushgrove01/11/12
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Python on Cloudfoundry

For those that haven’t yet had a look Cloudfoundry from VMware is two things, one of which is nice, one of which is very cool indeed:

Alexander Beletsky01/11/12
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Using ASP.NET MVC Validation Mechanism without ASP.NET MVC

I get used to DataAnnotations for model validation very quickly. Indeed, it is great approach. You attribute you model with corresponding attributes, rest is done by framework. It is only ModelState.IsValid, all you have to do before starting...

Chris Smith01/10/12
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Squeezing Python into an Android with a Single APK

While the use of Python on Android has been made possible for some time now through SL4A, the Python for Android project has set out to make things even easier.  SL4A allows you to edit scripts and execute interactive interpreters directly on an Android...

John Esposito01/10/12
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3395 Lines of CSS + 335 Lines of JavaScript = iOS (Not Really)

Unlike the last few awesome HTML5/CSS3 projects I've posted about here, this massive labor of persistence doesn't demo any single web technology particularly coolly: But it does spend a lot of time to reproduce a totally different technology remarkably...

John Esposito01/10/12
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Comparison: HTML5 Frameworks

Daniel Kehoe hasn't finished this ambitious comparison of HTML5 front-end frameworks, but it already shows great promise, and would benefit from your discussion.Daniel's specific target audience is Rails developers, so he's picked his frameworks accordingly....

John Esposito01/10/12
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AT&T's New HTML5 App Store and APIs

Yesterday AT&T dropped their big and much-anticipated news on the mobile market: the Windows-Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 900, an upgraded, Americanized version of the Lumia 800, which has been receiving stellar reviews in Europe.

Jayasurya Venug...01/10/12
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Hierarchical Web Service Development with NetBeans IDE

This article is based on the NetBeans e-Commerce tutorial that is available here: http://netbeans.org/kb/docs/javaee/ecommerce/intro.html

Liran Zelkha01/10/12
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Public and Private DNS Addresses on EC2

This week I’ll focus on a more general topic, not only relevant to ScaleBase. Since many of our customers are running on EC2 we quickly run into issues of network configuration, security and costs. So – we have gathered some extensive knowledge in the...

Julien Danjou01/10/12
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Python Sets Comparisons

This week I lost some time playing with Python's sets. After digging into Python source code, I finally discovered there is what seems to be little bug. Anyway, it has been "fixed" in Python 3, fortunately. I did not find if it was reported...

Chris Smith01/10/12
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From Java to Node.js

I’ve been developing for quite a while and in quite a few languages.  Somehow though, I’ve always seemed to fall back to Java when doing my own stuff – maybe partly from habit, partly because it has in my opinion the best open source selection out...