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Robert Nyman01/30/12
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HTML5 Demos, Tips and Tricks - Forms Input Types, Attributes and New Elements

Forms on the web. They are literally everywhere, and there seem to really be all kind of flavors for them. From day one they have been a great mean for users to input data and information and interact with various services. And what comes with that is...

Den D.01/29/12
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Results of the Windows 8 development poll

Not too long ago I ran a poll asking developers whether they already started developing applications for Windows 8. There were a total of 127 votes cast, with a surprising end result. But let's start from the very beginning. Answered 'Yes, actively.'Total...

Gil Fink01/29/12
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Working with Inline Web Workers

In the past I wrote a post about what are Web Workers. In short, Web Workers enable web developers to run JavaScript code in the background which might help to increase web page performance. This post is going to explain what are inline Web Workers and how...

Dhananjay Kumar01/29/12
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DatePicker control in Windows 8 HTML5 Metro JavaScript Application

In this post I will show you, how to work with DatePicker control in HTML Metro App. DatePicker controls comes as part of WinJS. To use DatePicker control very first let us create a blank application

Jerry Nixon01/29/12
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Getting Started with Mobile Web Development Using HTML5, jQuery Mobile, and ASP.NET MVC 4

Don't miss out on this first-in-a-series article leveraging cutting-edge web technologies to build mobile applications. By using HTML5, jQuery Mobile and ASP.NET MVC 4, you can target multiple mobile platforms with a single code base!

Steve Ferg01/29/12
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Python3 Pickling

Recently I was converting some old Python2 code to Python3 and I ran across a problem pickling and unpickling. I guess I would say it wasn’t a major problem because I found the solution fairly quickly with a bit of googling around. Still, I think the...

Phil Parsons01/29/12
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Increment Operator Issue with ColdFusion 8 Arrays

I spent a good 30 mins debugging a module in one of our products that has been running fine in CF8 for a while but crashed when run on CF9 recently. The problem turned out to be a bug in my code but it also unveiled this freaky bug with CF8. It turns out...

Eyal Lupu01/28/12
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How to Configure nginx and uWSGI to Serve Django Projects

This time a post about Python...lately I was dealing with a Django based project. One of the tasks in the project was to deploy the application using nginx and uWSGI. To document the process and to help others I decided to post a short explanation on how...

Jakub Misek01/28/12
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PHP as a Scripting Language for C#

When creating .NET applications (including desktop and web applications), it may be useful to allow extending the application using some scripting language. The users of the application can write simple scripts to configure the application, modify how...

Chris Smith01/28/12
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What's New in HTML5 Media

Paul Kinlan, Developer Advocate at Google, shares a plethora of new HTML5 Media features that will allow you to build more intelligent applications. Topics...

Daniel Doubrovkine01/27/12
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Serving Compressed Rails Assets from S3 via Cloudfront

I wrote about how we do asset packaging with Rails, how we Jammit and push them to S3 in this post. We’ve had a few surprises since then, one that had to do with compressed assets.

Axel Rauschmayer01/27/12
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The Increasing Pervasiveness of JavaScript: A Few Historic Milestones

JavaScript is used in more and more places. It started out as a scripting language for web content and has migrated to many areas. This post presents the historic milestones of this process. Note: The milestones are about things that changed the public...

Everett Toews01/27/12
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How To: Install a Full Development Environment for Django on Windows

I recently installed a full development environment for Django on Windows 7 and found that it took longer than expected. The path to getting everything working together wasn't immediately apparent. I made a few missteps along the way and hopefully this...

Terrence Ryan01/27/12
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Github Ribbons in CSS

Github has these cool ribbon images that you can use if you want to encourage forking your project on your site. They're great and I wanted to use them on a little project I am working on. However, one of my goals was not to use any images, but rather...

Mitch Pronschinske01/27/12
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Morphological Analysis and Named Entity Recognition in Lucene/Solr

This talk will show how the relevance of search results can be improved by using morphological analysis and named entity recognition. After briefly...