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Chris Smith01/24/12
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Seeing Double: How Ruby Shares String Values

How many times do you think Ruby allocates memory for the “Lorem ipsum…” string while running this code snippet?str = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit" str2 = str...or what about while running this snippet?str =...

Andrey Prikaznov01/24/12
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HTML5 Game Development - Lesson 7

Today we will create our first complete game – Arkanoid. In this lesson I will show you how to detect basic collisions and work with HTML5 local storage. You can operate using mouse and keyboard (left/right buttons). We will store in local storage the...

Stoimen Popov01/24/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Data Compression with Diagram Encoding and Pattern Substitution

Two variants of run-length encoding are the diagram encoding and the pattern substitution algorithms. The diagram encoding is actually a very simple algorithm.

Max De Marzi01/24/12
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Graph Visualization and Neo4j

So far we’ve learned how to get Neo4j up and running with Neography, how to find friends of friends and degrees of separation with the Neo4j REST API and a little bit of the

Giorgio Sironi01/24/12
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Ajax requests to other domains with Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

JavaScript can execute Ajax requests through the XMLHttpRequest object; these requests are no different from HTTP requests performed by the browser when an URL is type in or a form is submitted. However, Ajax requests can only point to URLs on the exact same...

Sagar H Ganatra01/24/12
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ColdFusion Tip: How to tell if path is file or directory

Today, one of the ColdFusion users asked me a question "Is there anyway I can find out whether a path is a directory or a file? There is no isDirectory() function available in ColdFusion and I don't want to write Java code to do this. Any...

Svend Vanderveken01/24/12
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Introduction to clean javascript design

Despite all the efforts spent to replace it with something more decent (e.g. Flex, Dart, Silverlight,…), javascript is still today the language of choice for browser-side scripting. And given the huge spotlight that HTML5 is directing on the...

David Padbury01/24/12
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JavaScript Modules

One of the first challenges developers new to JavaScript who are building large applications will have to face is how to go about organizing their code. Most start by embedding hundreds of lines of code between a <script> tag which works but quickly...

Rob Golding01/23/12
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Django in Production - Part 2 - Background Tasks

This is the second part in a series about Django in Production. If you haven’t already, read part 1 here. In my last post, I described in detail the core stack which powers a Django application in production. In this second part, I’ll talk about...

Eric Genesky01/23/12
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The Cleanest vimrc You’ll Ever See

So many of us use vimrc files that are a frankenstein’s monster, cobbled together from spare parts, gists, and snippets from wikis. One day I decided I was no longer going to treat my vimrc as a garbage dump. As programmers, we strive toward well...

Eric Genesky01/23/12
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Prototypes and Private State

 "private" state in JavaScript means using local state in a constructor function and returning methods which are in scope of that local data. This pattern is not compatible with prototypes.The following is reposted from Jake Verbaten's blog,...

Eric Genesky01/23/12
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Why WebGL is a 2D, Rather than a 3D, API

For those of you wanting to develop browser-based 3D graphics, WebGL may be the answer to your prayers.  WebGL enables developers to produce cool 3D images in a Web browser using Javascript, which can result in some pretty nifty effects.  In a recent blog...

John Esposito01/23/12
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How, When, and What HTML5 (and Polyfills) to Use

If you're coding on the cutting edge of web technologies, chances are you're already using a site like caniuse.com, and maybe Modernizr too. Browser-compatibility tables and feature detection do provide you useful data -- but then it's up to you to know what...

Chris Smith01/23/12
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Code as Craft - Moving Fast at Scale

Key members of the Etsy engineering team, along with special surprise guests, offer a series of small rapid talks providing a fast-paced and intensive...

James Carr01/23/12
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Streaming Files from MongoDB GridFS

Not too long ago I tweeted what I felt was a small triumph on my latest project, streaming files from MongoDB GridFS for downloads (rather than pulling the whole file into memory and then serving it up). I promised to blog about this but unfortunately my...