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Giorgio Sironi08/23/11
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Edge Side Includes with Varnish in 10 minutes

Varnish is a tool built to be an intermediate server in the HTTP chain, not an origin one like Apache or IIS. You can outsource caching, logging, zipping and other filters to Varnish, since they are not the main feature of an HTTP server like Apache.

Giorgio Sironi08/22/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Change Reference to Value

This refactoring targets simplification: it is the opposite of Change Value to Reference. An object whose lifecycle is tracked and which must have a single instance for each different identity is replaced by a Value Object, of which multiple copies can be...

Jalpesh Vadgama08/21/11
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Setting default value for @Html.EditorFor in ASP.NET MVC

Yesterday one of my friend asked me to set default value for @HTML.EditorFor. So I decided to write this blog post. In this blog post I am going to Explain How we create Default values for model Entities. So Let’s start this via taking a simple example...

Jalpesh Vadgama08/21/11
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Creating Basic RSS Reader in ASP.NET MVC 3

In this post I am going to explain you how we can create a basic RSS Reader with the help of Linq-To-Xml and ASP.NET MVC3 Razor. Those who are writing or reading Blogs already knows what is RSS Reader. But those who does not know What is RSS. Below is the...

Robert Diana08/21/11
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NoSQL Job Trends – August 2011

Continuing the August job trends month we have another installment. Today, we are looking at NoSQL job trends. In this edition, I have not changed the list of NoSQL offerings, so the same 9 tools are included.

Stoimen Popov08/20/11
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PHP: Fetch $_GET as String with http_build_query()

PHP is really full of functions for everything! Most of the time when you try to do something with strings, there’s a function that can do it better and faster.

Giorgio Sironi08/18/11
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Object Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a Greek-derived term for exercises, in the gym sense. I have object calisthenics, exercises for object-oriented programming, around for a long time and saw them as fascinating, but never got the time to try.A disclaimer: the rules used during...

Axel Rauschmayer08/18/11
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An introduction to JSDoc

JSDoc is the de facto standard for documenting JavaScript code. You need to know at least its syntax (which is also used by many other tools) if you publish code. Alas, documentation is still scarce, but this post can help – it shows you how to run JSDoc...

Den D.08/18/11
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Building a Twitter client for Windows Phone - PIN Authentication

Now that we have the basic infrastructure ready, it is time to test the authentication mechanism itself. So we have the basic screen, that asks the user to acquire the PIN. Ultimately, we need to store two values - access token and access token secret, both...

Gil Fink08/18/11
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Video Manipulation with the Canvas Element

One of the designers in my company asked me to help him with the creation of a transparent video which run on top of an image in HTML.

Gonzalo Ayuso08/17/11
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Checking the performance reading arrays with PHP

Reading last Fabien Potencier’s post I see something interesting: “People like micro-optimizations. They are easy to understand, easy to apply… and useless“. It’s true. We don’t need to obsess with small micro-optimizations. As someone said in a...

Giorgio Sironi08/17/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Change Value to Reference

Classes derived from data have often multiple copies of equal objects lying around: there is no functional difference between them. Examples of these classes go under the name of Value Object in DDD: PhoneNumber, Color, Date.

Giorgio Sironi08/16/11
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Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets

SASS is a layer of abstraction over CSS 3 style sheets, with a rationale similar to CoffeeScript's one. It is a more powerful language, which compiles to CSS 3; it's built starting from the CSS syntax and adding constructs, in the same way as old style PHP...

Svetoslav Marinov08/16/11
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How to execute/run a shell script as root from a PHP script?

I am working on a project where the some of the commands should be executed by root. It's a webBuild Your Site Right Using  Powered by bixt.net software that uses Plesk to setup domains, aliases change quotas etc.

Den D.08/16/11
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Building a Twitter client for Windows Phone - OAuth client & basic infrastructure

Twitter is now officially integrated in the Windows Phone OS as a part of the Mango update. However, it is always possible to extend the existing user experience, and that is exactly why I am going to show you how it is possible to build a full-fledged...