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Lynda Moulton11/15/11
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Why is it so Hard to "Get" Semantics Inside the Enterprise?

Semantic Software Technologies: Landscape of High Value Applications for the Enterprise was published just over a year ago. Since then the marketplace has been increasingly active; new products emerge and discussion about what semantics might mean for the...

Swizec Teller11/15/11
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Parsing JavaScript with JavaScript

Over the weekend I started working on llamaduck- a simple tool that aims to figure out whether your code will run on the newly released node 0.6.0. Eventually it might be able to perform other compatibility assessment tasks as well, but I’m focusing on...

Axel Rauschmayer11/15/11
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GWT and Dart

GWT’s Bruce Johnson writes about GWT’s future, in light of the recent introduction of Dart. Quote:

Stoimen Popov11/15/11
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PHP: Don’t Call the Destructor Explicitly

“PHP 5 introduces a destructor concept similar to that of other object-oriented languages, such as C++”[1] says the documentation for destructors, but let’s see the following class.

John Esposito11/15/11
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CSS Transitions with Just One Property, by Lea Verou

Artificial limitations are a great way to test your strengths. Sure, you can move fifty pounds, but can you do it with one arm?Innovative web programming is an interesting test-case for strength-testing -- because, half the time, you're testing the limits of...

Matt Wrock11/14/11
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RequestReduce brings immediate Yslow and Google Page Speed score improvements not to mention a faster site!

Since March I have been working in my “free” time on a framework to reduce the number and size of HTTP requests incurred from loading a web page. In short it merges and minifies css and javascript on your page and automatically sprites and optimizes css...

Mitch Pronschinske11/14/11
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HTML5 Accessibility Semantics that Need Community Attention

Steve Faulkner posted today on the Paciello Group Blog about the concerns he had about several semantic elements and algorithms in HTML5 related to web accessability.  It was another useful post for developers who aren't familiar with all of the things that...

John Esposito11/14/11
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Report: Windows Phone 7 Surpasses BlackBerry OS in Developer Interest

Nokia's first Windows phone, the Lumia 800, just received a beyond-stellar review from Matthew Panzarino. Some choice excerpts:

Michael Foord11/14/11
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Danger with django expression objects

I've recently been dealing with a bunch of concurrency issues in our django app. Some of the views modify database rows (model objects), which is unsurprising, but we did have a few situations where concurrent modifications could cause modifications to be...

John Esposito11/14/11
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You Have No Excuse Not to Use Continuous Integration for Open-Source PHP

Continuous Integration just makes sense. It's like a conversation instead of a conference, a bunch of developers working in the same space: everybody's code works together when everybody works together, all the time.

John Esposito11/14/11
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schema.org: Now Supporting RDFa 1.1 (Lite)

Build the semantic web, certainly -- but using which standard?For practical reasons, schema.org is an excellent choice: it simply works with the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex). But at first schema.org supported only one semantic markup...

Gareth Rushgrove11/14/11
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What to Use for Python Web Applications

My friend Jamie Rumbelow has started a new project and decided to use Python. He asked a great question over on Stack Overflow which basically came down to what should I use for my first proper Python web application project. After a quick prompting on...

Axel Rauschmayer11/14/11
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Web technology stacks – from LAMP to Janos

The classic stack of small- to medium-scale web technologies is LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). With the rise of JavaScript and NoSQL databases, another stack is poised to replace it: Janos (client-side JavaScript, Node.js, NoSQL database).

John Esposito11/14/11
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Video: Selenium and Drupal, Part 5

Maximize your CMS's time-saving potential with Selenium, the browser-automation framework for testing whole sites. This video (part 5 of a five-part series) brings together everything from previous videos to target a specific site bug.

Simon Sarris11/14/11
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HTML5 Canvas drawText considered harmful

I have in my possession sufficient evidence for the conviction of Canvas’ drawText(). The charge? Performance murder.