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John Esposito12/30/11
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The Internals of PHP Associative Arrays

You may understand arrays, and you may have used PHP arrays a thousand times before. But did you know that, because of the way PHP uses hashtables to store arrays internally, certain kinds of array insertions, of a given length, can take tens of thousands of...

John Esposito12/30/11
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HowTo: Build a VNC Client for the Browser

VNC is just a special case of client-server, though perhaps an especially cool one.Quite a few rising web technologies do robust client-server work extra well (Node.js, WebSockets, etc.) -- and in-browser VNC is nothing new.Here are two (open-source, of...

Julian Bucknall12/29/11
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JavaScript for C# developers: the Module Pattern (part 1)

If you recall, JavaScript closures are an extremely powerful concept in the language. By using JavaScript’s rather peculiar scoping rules, closures are a way of creating private variables and functionality for an object. The module pattern builds upon...

John Esposito12/29/11
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Video Series: Extending the Codeigniter Core with MY_Model

In this video series from codeigniter.tv, Joost van Veen introduces MY_Model, the foundation of good Codeigniter extensions. Joost describes MY_Model like this:Bascially, a MY_Model is a base model from which you can extend all other models. In your MY_Model...

Sara Chipps12/29/11
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There is No Such Thing as Proprietary Client-side JavaScript

About 3 years ago, I launched my first product. I built it with two fabulous partners, who continue to produce awesome things. It was a little app, and a tool I thought made for better web. It is no longer online, due to costs, it was a URL aggregator...

Dong Nguyen12/29/11
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20+ Modern CSS Frameworks

In this post we have an overview of the 20+ most popular CSS Frameworks; showcasing handpicked tutorials for using each of them.

Gil Fink12/29/11
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The async and defer Script Attributes in HTML5

One of the rules of thumb that you always hear regarding script elements is to put them very close to the </body> closing tag of the Web page. The main reason for that is that script elements are fetched and executed immediately when the browser...

Mitch Pronschinske12/29/11
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Adapting Ajax-Solr to Compare Document sets

One of the main features of Solr is Faceted Search. Facets are the top terms present in the results of a query. But facets do not indicate the most...

Francesca Krihely12/29/11
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BSON and Data Interchange

There’s a lot of good things about JSON — it’s a standards based, language independent, representation of object-like data. Also, it’s easy to read (for users and programmers alike). Each document is only about data, not complex object graphs and...

Viral Patel12/29/11
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Introduction to HTML5 DOMStorage API with Example

HTML5 is a standard for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. The new standard incorporates features like video playback and drag-and-drop that have been previously dependent on third-party browser plug-ins such as Adobe Flash and...

Giorgio Sironi12/29/11
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Open source PHP projects of 2011

This non-scientific analysis of the popular and exciting PHP projects starts from researches on active projects on SourceForge and GitHub; the latter is where most of the collaboration and involvement of PHP developers is today. I've also crowdsourced the...

Axel Rauschmayer12/29/11
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Subtyping JavaScript built-ins

JavaScript’s built-ins are difficult to subtype. This post explains why and presents solutions.

John Esposito12/28/11
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Guide: From WebSQL to IndexedDB

RDBMSers love their ACID and SQL, but the rapidly-growing world of in-browser databases can't afford, and usually doesn't need, that kind of pristine simplicity.For web applications, even database-centered applications, performance and ease of use -- and,...

John Esposito12/28/11
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Simplify and UNIXify the HTML5 Filesystem API with filer.js

One of the more ambitious low-level web standards presently under development is the Filesystem API, currently in W3C Working Draft status.Rather than creating its own local storage space, an application using the Filesystem API can navigate the user's...

Stoimen Popov12/28/11
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Powerful PHP: Less Known String Manipulation

Yet another thing that’s great in PHP is the power you have when doing some string manipulation/operation. Here’s something that is really useful, but I think it remains a bit unknown. Let’s imagine you need to take the first (or whatever) character...