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Giorgio Sironi08/15/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Data Value with Object

One of the rules of simple design is the necessity to minimize the number of moving parts, like classes and methods, as long as the tests are satisfied and we are not accepting duplication or feeling the lack of an explicit concept. Thus, a rule that aids...

Svetoslav Marinov08/15/11
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How to create a quick jump menu with jQuery

How to create a quick jump menu with jQuery This is part of my snippets library at https://github.com/lordspace/snippets/tree/master/js/quick_jump

Robert Diana08/14/11
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Web And Scripting Programming Language Job Trends – August 2011

August is one of the months that I devote to job trends. Last week I focused on the trends for traditional languages like C++ and Java. Today, we return to what I call the web and scripting languages.

Alex Curylo08/13/11
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Embedding an HTTP Server in an App

Now here’s a topic we haven’t posted anything on for multiple years now: embedding an HTTP server in your app. More specifically, making it convenient to do so, with Java-style servlets in Obj-C using Mongoose Server

Stoimen Popov08/13/11
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PHP Strings: How to Get the Extension of a File

EXE or GIF or DLL or … Most of the code chunks I’ve seen about getting a file extension from a string are based on some sort of string manipulation.

Kunal Chowdhury08/12/11
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How can you detect Browser Information in Silverlight?

Sometime we need to detect the browser information of the user's computer where our Silverlight application is running. We can do this using the JavaScript but sometime it is useful to detect it from our Silverlight application. So, how to do it? Let us...

Loiane Groner08/12/11
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How to use ExtJS 4 + JQuery together

This is an example of how to use Ext JS 4 and JQuery in an application together. To use Ext JS 4 with any JS frameowork is very simple: you need to import the js framework file (in this case JQuery ) and import Ext JS. ANd you are ready to develop with both...

Cedric Beust08/11/11
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I like PHP

There, I said it. I know it’s fashionable to mock PHP for its antiquated syntax and semantic quirks, but I just like it. Here is why.   PHP is like C This is really the main point of this post, and it’s a realization so simple that I’m surprised...

Krzysztof Kotowicz 08/11/11
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Hardening PHP: SQL injection - Complete walkthrough

Below are the slides from the presentation I gave on SQL injection at last year's OWASP Poland Chapter meeting. The materials teach how to use prepared statements, how to escape and write secure stored procedures.

Robert Nyman08/11/11
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On the IQ of IE users and the spirit of the web

Last week there was a lot of news going around the claim that IE users had lower IQ than users of other web browsers. As soon as I heard the story I felt bad about peoples’ conclusions, and after it was announced to be fake, it confirmed it even more.

Giorgio Sironi08/11/11
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The fastest browser poll: results

After a week, we closed the poll on Web Builder Zone to discover which is the browser considered the fastest by our community of developers.The results are a bit unsurprising, but gives us some information about subjective opinions on performance, not browser...

Christopher Bennage08/11/11
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Restarting Node.js When Your Source Changes

I’m lazy. I remember reading somewhere that that was a desirable trait to have in a developer. I’m not sure where though, and honestly it’s just too much effort to bingle it. This laziness came to the forefront recently as I was playing with Node.

Jorge Ramon08/11/11
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Writing a Sencha Touch MVC Application

In this article we will explore one of the approaches we can take to create a Sencha Touch application using the MVC pattern. I will base the tutorial on the Notes Application we created in the Writing a Sencha Touch Application series. Our goal is to...

Giorgio Sironi08/10/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Self Encapsulate Field

We are entering the data organization refactorings section of Fowler's book: these methods apply to object which maintain state, like entities, records, value objects and parameter objects. Sometimes these objects are persisted, while sometimes they remain...

Hajan Selmani08/10/11
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Serialize only specific class properties to JSON string using JavaScriptSerializer

About one year ago I wrote a blog post about JavaScriptSerializer and the Serialize and Deserialize methods it supports. Note: This blog post has been in draft for sometime now, so I decided to complete it and publish it.