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Kris Buytaert01/02/12
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Installing Vagrant, on Ubuntu Natty

(Warning some Ubuntu ranting ahead) apt-get install virtualbox-ose apt-get install rubygems gem install vagrantThat's what I assumed it would take me to install vagrant on a spare Ubuntu (Natty) laptop. Well it's not. after that I was greeted...

Gunnar Peipman01/01/12
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ASP.NET MVC: Helper method to display date ranges

I have events web site where I want to show events start and end time to visitors. I wrote simple extension method called DisplayTimeRange() to display event time range on user-friendly manner. My goal is to show times as 01.01.2012 10:00 – 14:00 and...

Gil Fink01/01/12
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Working with Client-Side Storage Using datajs Store API

One of the interesting features that datajs library includes is a store API which abstract the use of client-side storage mechanisms. You can use the store API in order to have a storage layer in your client-side and therefore reduce the calls for the...

John Blanco01/01/12
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My Hero, Heroku

A friend and co-worker of mine, Tony Hillerson, was once scheduled to rebuild a backend system for a client of ours. His idea was to replace our tiny little PHP friend with a Heroku implementation. He described it as Rails on a cloud and I kept it in mind...

Ofir Nachmani01/01/12
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The Rabbit and the Mole: the Web Developer and the Data Scientist

Six years ago I led Zarathustra as the company and product manager. We started this new company to help SMB companies to manage their sales, operations and accounting in one system. I was young and handsome but with not a lot of experience in regards to...

Mitch Pronschinske01/01/12
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Just the Job: Employing Solr for Recruitment Search

Charlie Hull, a search expert and engineer at Flax Serach, presents an interesting and useful case study in search.  Using this case study on a major European...

Mitch Pronschinske12/31/11
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Major Solr 4 Highlights

In this talk, Lucene/Solr committer Mark Miller will discuss some of the new features and advancements that users can look forward to in Solr 4. The list...

Henri Bergius12/31/11
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PHP can perform better than Node.js

My previous post about using Silex and AppServer-in-PHP similarly to ExpressJS generate quite a bit of interest. In the Hacker News thread there was a question about memory usage, and so I put the AppServer under siege. Memory usage stayed constant at:

Lorna Mitchell12/31/11
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Getting Dates From Week Numbers in PHP

Recently I've been building a little project that pulls data from Google Analytics and shows your web statistics in a simple form. One thing I wanted to do was show the data for a quarter, but graphing by day is too chaotic and graphing by month only...

Niels Matthijs12/31/11
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Recap 2011 / a kiss goodbye

With only a couple more days to go until the new year, it's once again time (check the 2008 and 2010 editions) to look back at the various web-related things I wrote during past year, selecting the articles I think were the most important, most relevant...

Gil Fink12/31/11
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Picking a Web Client Side Persistence Mechanism

Recently I got a phone call from a client that wanted to discuss an interesting dilemma – How to pick a web client side persistence mechanism for an offline web application? This is a very important question with all the hype around HTML5 and the new...

Julian Bucknall12/30/11
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JavaScript for C# developers: the Module Pattern (part 2)

Last time I talked about the simple module pattern. This is where you create a function that returns an object with behavior and state and that behavior and state is implemented (and made private) by using a closure. We showed this by using the module...

John Esposito12/30/11
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The DOM's Quirks Mode (and IE10)

It's no secret that IE10 will support web standards far, far better than any previous version of IE. And Microsoft's recent announcement that IE will update automatically should kill as many IE6 and 7 installations as Windows Updates are allowed.

Mitch Pronschinske12/30/11
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LWE 2.0.1 Solr Development Platform Released!

The Solr/Lucene development platform produced by LucidImagination - Home to Solr creator Yonik Seeley and long-time Lucene PMC Grant Ingersoll - has reached a new version today that updates a list of key issues.  The platform, called "LucidWorks...

Andrey Prikaznov12/30/11
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Access Control with Bit Masks

Today I want to tell you about the organization of access rights for users (on your site) using bit masks. Perhaps you already know it, probably not, but anyway I want to give you this information. Why bit masks? – easy, because this is a fast and easy...