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Mariano Vazquez01/21/12
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Accessing Azure Role Environment Information from NodeJS

One of the things you may want to do while working on Azure is to obtain information about your role environment. The current role instance name, the DeploymentID or even know if the role instance is running or not. This can be tricky if you use NodeJS,...

Gil Fink01/21/12
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Web Workers in HTML5

Do these application demands sound familiar?

Steve Hanov01/21/12
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Cross-domain Communication the HTML5 way

Making a web application mashable -- useable in another web page -- has some challenges in the area of cross-domain communications. Here is how I solved those problems for Zwibbler.com. (See the API demo here) Zwibbler consists of a large javascript...

John Esposito01/20/12
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CSS3 Transitions vs. jQuery Animate: Performance

Rich Bradshaw has written a detailed tutorial series on CSS Transitions, Transforms, and Animation.That alone is worth reading; but in case you weren't convinced, Rich also put together a little (and maybe a little unfair) performance comparison:

Swizec Teller01/20/12
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DZone Top Article of 2011: Programmers are f***ing lazy

With the possible exception of philosophers, programmers are the laziest bunch of people I know. It seems like everyone else I speak to has some sort of labor intensive profession. Think about it, biologists do all those experiments … giving a drug to...

Patrick Debois01/20/12
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Monitoring Wonderland Survey - Visualization

The final installment of Patrick Dubois' Monitoring Wonderland series, which shows you many options for visualizing all the data you've been collecting from his previous tutorials.  Here is part 1 if you missed the beginning of the series.  A picture...

Bradley Holt01/20/12
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CouchApps JavaScript & HTML5

CouchApps are web applications built using CouchDB, JavaScript, and HTML5. CouchDB is a document-oriented database that stores JSON documents, has a RESTful HTTP API, and is queried using map/reduce views.

Chris Smith01/20/12
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Can "Slopy" CSS3 Make Your Site Look Good?

The web is full of sites with clean lines, slick layouts, and smooth features, so much so that Mary Lou at Codrops thinks CSS developers need to have more fun and get a little "slopy".  She has a bunch of fun CSS techniques to prevent your site...

Chris Smith01/19/12
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Optimizing Django: Some Quick Lessons

While working on a recent project, Luke Plant decided to try django-fiber, a lightweight CMS, because of its improved frontend editing and the ease of sharing content between pages over django-cms.  But he noticed that it was requiring large numbers of...

Eric Genesky01/19/12
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PhoneGap on Windows Phone Adds Support For Facebook, Twitter, Bing Maps, and More

Developers looking to tackle Windows Phone 7.5 with PhoneGap, an open source mobile framework that uses HTML5, CSS and Javascript, can now include some useful plugins in their development. The PhoneGap beta announcement was made by Microsoft and Nitobi in...

jb j01/19/12
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Tutorials and Snippets to Get Started with CoffeeScript

JavaScript is definitely an important part of a website as it allow the developer to interact directly with the web browser. Since 2005, lots of new JavaScript techniques and tools such as Ajax and jQuery became extremely popular and made the web a better...

John Esposito01/19/12
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Parallaxed 3D in CSS3

We know that HTML5 Canvas with smart JavaScript can do lots that Flash with ActionScript can do. This is exciting, because it replaces a proprietary technology with JavaScript: it represents another step in the direction of browser-as-platform.But this means...

Tony Russell-rose01/19/12
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Designing Search (Part 1): Search Box Design

This is the first installment in a series of tutorials on creating the right search utility for your use case.  In this part, you will learn how to make the right decisions when picking a design for your search box.

David Kelley01/19/12
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HTMLApplicationHost Framework: An Open Source Cross-Mobile Dev Tool

One of my projects has been building an HTML Application framework for Windows Phone 7. Basically so I can build HTML5 based applications using HTML, JavaScript and CSS for mobile devices in particular Windows Phone but then being able to use that...

Giorgio Sironi01/19/12
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With the 1.2 release, PHPUnit_Selenium supports (basically) for the first time the Selenium 2 WebDriver API. While PHPUnit_Selenium already worked with Selenium 2, it did so only by using the Selenium 1 emulation included in the jar; now it provides an...