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John Esposito10/27/11
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Drive the animated CSS car down the SVG road

CSS beat straight HTML because CSS lets browsers actually do something. Instead of producing a static grid, like crudely bitmapped page, CSS sends a some chunks of instruction to the browser: take this, then do something to it. Replacing description with...

Mitch Pronschinske10/27/11
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Poll: HTML5 Turns 5! What Features Have You Used?

Happy Birthday HTML5!Yes, I'd say that the 5-year anniversary of the blog post "Reinventing HTML" by Tim Berners-Lee counts as the birthday for the HTML5 working group and standard.  In 2006 the Berners-Lee...

Mitch Pronschinske10/27/11
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Closure Object Binding in PHP 5.4

Closures (lambdas) have been a very popular and useful language feature ever since they debuted in JavaScript.  Now Java 8 is planning to include them and PHP 5.4 is going to have Closure Object Binding.  Christoph Hochstrasser is the author of the...

John Esposito10/27/11
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PHP-GTK to HTML5: coordinating technologies for better remote access

Running applications on one machine while displaying the user interface on another is nothing new.There are two basic ways to do this: first, transmit an image of the server screen to the remote client; and second, send rendering instructions from the server...

Nathan Smith10/27/11
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Formalize CSS

As designers, we are used to having quite a bit of control over how things are displayed in a browser. Sure, differing rendering engines don’t always agree on everything, but for the most part we can at least find ways to mitigate variance through...

Sachin Khosla10/27/11
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Set the User Agent With PHP cURL

cURL is a sleek way to grab contents from a URL. It’s helpful in PHP where servers have banned using the function file_get_contents() . A while back I had shared a post which show on how to grab the contents of a URL using cURL. However, cURL is much more...

Giorgio Sironi10/27/11
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I've had enough of running Scala in a terminal, let's try with a web application

I was checking out Scala as a new programming language to learn, and after remaining positively impressed I wanted to do more than making fake tests pass. Being a web developer by nature, I started trying to solve the first fundamental problem: write a web...

Axel Rauschmayer10/27/11
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String concatenation in JavaScript

There are two ways of doing string concatenation in JavaScript. This post demonstrates them and explains which one is faster. 1. + operator. The + operator does string concatenation as soon as one of its operands is a string. Then the other operand is...

Senthil Kumar10/27/11
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CodeLobster PHP Edition – An IDE for PHP Developers

Check out the features in this PHP IDE via the free edition.  Or see the list of major features listed here.A few days back , I got the opportunity to try the codeLobster PHP Edition, a simple IDE for PHP Developers . I am not a PHP Programmer by profession...

Mitch Pronschinske10/26/11
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The Firefox 7 Sync Meltdown: An Interesting Postmortem

You may have noticed major performance issues with Firefox Sync over the last few days if you use the feature.  The Mozilla Service Operations have written up a very comprehensive and honest postmortem, just as you would expect from an open source,...

John Esposito10/26/11
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Tips and tricks: HTML5 video and audio on iOS

Switching from the business to the nuts-and-bolts of HTML5:One of the appeals of HTML5 is, of course, its ability to run comfortably on mobile platforms. But some innate features of a mobile device, even one that supports HTML5 fully, can get in the way.For...

John Esposito10/26/11
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Changing the game: HTML5 winners and losers

HTML5 is obviously a 'game-changer' in some sense. From a pure developer's point of view, the HTML5 game is pretty darn awesome -- especially for programmers a little frazzled by today's (seemingly-)geometrically-multiplying languages. But what about the...

Antonio Santiago10/26/11
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Crop image on the client side with JCrop and HTML5 canvas element

Suppose you are working on a nice web application where the user can upload images to, for example, a shop catalogue (mmm… that makes me think on something :p ) but wait… you don’t the catalogue uses the whole image you upload instead a piece of it....

Michael Mccandless10/26/11
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Accuracy and performance of Google's Compact Language Detector

To get a sense of the accuracy and performance of Google's Compact Language Detector, I ran some tests against two other packages:

John Esposito10/26/11
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Sencha.io: beta now available

Sencha just announced the beta release of Sencha.io, a new cloud platform for the Sencha mobile developer.From the official blog post: