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Bas De Nooijer01/05/12
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Solr Delay Component

First of all, why would you want to slow Solr down? After all, it’s great speed is one of the main reasons it’s become so popular. Well, I need to slow Solr down for testing load balancing timeouts / failover and to test parallel execution. Both are...

Karthikeyan Anb...01/05/12
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Installing and Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Application

Introduction: In this article we are going to see how to install required tool for ASP.NET MVC 4 and develop a simple MVC 4 application using the Visual Studio 2010. Asp.Net MVC 4 framework is used for developing reliable application using the Model View...

Giorgio Sironi01/05/12
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Web application in Clojure: the starting point

Ring is a basic tool for executing your Clojure code into a web server environment, by satisfying HTTP requests and producing responses. In scope, Ring is similar to the Servlet API, but it's not as standard and diffused; by the way, servlets are always used...

Mitch Pronschinske01/05/12
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DZone's Top Web Builder Articles of 2011

This week, DZone has gathered together its top articles in every major topical area.  These HTML, CSS, and JavaScript articles were chosen by popularity and quality of content.Top 10 HTML/CSS/JavaScript articles of 2011 HTML5 Zone - A Dojo for Web...

Mitch Pronschinske01/05/12
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DZone's Top 10 Solr and Lucene Articles of 2011

This week, DZone has gathered together its top articles in every major topical area.  These Open Source Search articles were chosen by popularity and quality of content.Top 10 Lucene/Solr Articles of 2011Lucene's FuzzyQuery is 100 times faster in 4.0Solr +...

Andrey Prikaznov01/05/12
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CSS3 Optical Illusions

Today I have prepared something interesting for you. This is a demonstration of several optical illusions in CSS3 (without using any images or javascript). Enjoy the results.Here are samples and downloadable package:

John Esposito01/04/12
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Bitmaps (and Mario) in Pure CSS3

Let's get the awesome out of the way: yes, Tom Giannattasio did create an animated, running Mario in pure CSS3: (Go ahead and click through: the screenshot doesn't do the smooth keyframes justice.) So that's fun, and nostalgic, and neat. But you've seen...

John Esposito01/04/12
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Placate Impatient and Curious Users with HTML5 progress and meter Elements

HTML5 gives developers new powers, but also makes old tasks easier. Much debate among the standards-makers tries to define the fine line between 'convenient' and 'too particular', and 'a large set of reasonable use-cases' now functions as WHATWG's most...

John Esposito01/04/12
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Video: HTML5 for Silverlight Developers

In this video, Giorgio Sardo explains which HTML5 features resemble which Silverlight features, and how a Silverlight developer can transfer his or her Silverlight skills to HTML5 most effectively.(Note: the embed below is in Silverlight, which I assume you...

Rick Copeland01/04/12
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MongoDB's Write Lock Performance: 1.8 vs. 2.0

MongoDB, as some of you may know, has a process-wide write lock. This has caused some degree of ridicule from database purists when they discover such a primitive locking model. Now per-database and per-collection locking is on the roadmap for MongoDB, but...

Niels Matthijs01/04/12
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Google and Microdata / Stealing Your Content

Not too long ago I wrote about the real-life use of html5 microdata and how it takes us one step closer to the ideal of a semantic web. While I'm still pretty excited to see the web expand in this direction, there is at least one serious bump in the road...

Giorgio Sironi01/04/12
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Push Down Method

In the scenario of today, some logic is in a superclass of a hierarchy, modelled as a method. However, this method is only useful for one of the subclasses in the hierarchy. The proposed solution is to push down the method in the chosen subclass until each...

Gerd Ziegler01/04/12
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Clean Up Your JavaScript with ztemplates and jQuery

When writing webapps that make heavy use of javascript it gets hard to keep track of the javascript used, especially when the webapp loads content dynamically like in AJAX applications. The problem is that every container page has to be aware of the...

Chad Lung01/04/12
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A simple Node.js web application that uses Mongoose, Express and MongoDB and returns JSON

Today I’m going to show you how to build a simple application that uses Nodejs, Mongoose, Express and MongoDB that will persist some data and get it back. It will also have a simple configuration file so I can configure my routes in Express.

Rob Allen01/04/12
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Sublime Text 2 Snippet for PHP getter and setter generation

I've been playing with Sublime Text 2 recently and have quite enjoyed how quiet my ageing laptop is when the fans aren't running due to a Java-based IDE. As with a lot of editors, Sublime Text supports snippets which are essentially text expansions of a...