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Axel Rauschmayer07/06/11
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Comments on Jon Rubinstein’s WebOS letter

After initial reviews of HP’s TouchPad were mixed, Jon Rubinstein wrote a letter [1] to the people working on WebOS products. This post summarizes that letter and gives additional perspective.

Kin Lane07/06/11
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Tracking Social Interactions with Google Analytics

I’m spending time this week updating my social sharing buttons, claiming authorship of my blog posts, and linking with my Google profiles.

Axel Rauschmayer07/06/11
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The next big thing – if you look for it, you won’t find it

Especially the tech industry is obsessed with finding the next big thing. This post argues that that is usually not a smart thing to do.  

Julian Bucknall07/05/11
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Adding sharing links to the blog–JavaScript edition

The story so far: in essence I’ve added AddThis and Google +1 support to this blog using their “simple” markup. Unfortunately, the simple way breaks XHTML validation using the W3C validator because of the non-standard attributes (addthis:url,...

Gareth Rushgrove07/05/11
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Django Performance Patterns 1: Measuring Performance

As Django has matured it’s being used for bigger and bigger projects. At the same time it’s also being used by more and more people building relatively simple applications quickly. Everyone’s application is different, but I’d wager the vast...

Paul Stack07/05/11
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Is WebMatrix a Threat to the Professional Developer?

I have to start by saying this post is subjective. These are my thoughts regarding WebMatrix and what I think it will do to the industry. It is not meant as a jibe against any groups and it is not reflective of my attitude towards any companies.

Giorgio Sironi07/05/11
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Testing JavaScript when the DOM gets in the way

It's one thing to exercise a simple function or even an object graph in a controlled environment; it's another to assert the DOM is manipulated correctly: usually inside a test suite window.document is an empty one, and is shared between tests.For example,...

Gonzalo Ayuso07/05/11
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New features in PHP5.4 alpha1

We already have the php5.4 alpha ready for testing. This new release has a few features that I really like. The lack of those features gave me problems in the past. Because of that, I’m very excited waiting for the new stable release of PHP 5.4. Now...

Giorgio Sironi07/04/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Remove Assignments to Parameters

The scenario of today follows from the previous article: you're reusing the parameter variable by assigning to it a new value. This time, we focus on the parameter case, and not to the generic violence against local variables.The refactoring is about...

Robert Nyman07/04/11
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My presentation at London Ajax Mobile Event

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at the London Ajax Mobile Event in, surprisingly, London.

Rafał Kuć07/04/11
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Lucene and Solr 3.3

Only a few weeks passed since the release of 3.2 version Lucene and Solr (change list) and today we have another release numbered 3.3. In the newest version there are a few functionalities worth looking at, especially when we talk about Solr. Changes:

Steve Lydford07/04/11
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Creating a Data Access Layer using Dynamics in WebMatrix

So we’ve all seen the WebMatrix demo where we put some inline SQL in the page and pull back some records right? And I’m guessing that most of you just looked at that and thought, “YUK! What happens if the schema changes or I want to access the same...

Andy Moncsek07/01/11
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Creating a WebSocket-Chat-Application with Jetty and Glassfish

This article describes how to create a simple HTML5 chat application using WebSockets to connect to a Java back-end.

Robert Diana07/01/11
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Google Plus Looks Good But Needs An Application Platform

By now you have likely heard that Google finally released its long-awaited social offering. First, let’s look at the basics:

Chris Shiflett07/01/11
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Sorting Multi-Dimensional Arrays in PHP

Every time I need to sort a multi-dimensional array in PHP, I have to remind myself how to do it. It's not quite as quick and easy to look up as most things, so I'm going to blog a quick example. I've always felt like there must be a better way to do this,...