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Prashant Khandelwal12/22/11
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Prepare Your Site For IE9 With Pinify

This is great stuff. If you own a website or a blog you should use this excellent feature of pinning fav links of your site on user's Windows 7 taskbar. Though this feature of IE9 was on hype since it's beta realease. Now it's time to use this feature...

John Esposito12/21/11
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Video: Build an Authentication System in CakePHP

 In this video, Andrew Perkins builds a full authentication system using CakePHP, in just 54 minutes.Source code is available here, along with a written...

John Esposito12/21/11
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Video: Deploying Java Apps to the Cloud with the OpenShift Eclipse Plug-In

 Eclipse makes deployment easy -- now easy to the cloud as well, using the OpenShift Eclipse plugin.In this screencast, Grant Shipley shows you how to do...

John Esposito12/21/11
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Develop High-Tech Websites for the Whole World (Wide Web)

When Microsoft announced that IE will soon begin to update automatically, plenty of web developers rejoiced. No more IE6! Lots more IE9, and IE10, and more!Caveat faber, though: Windows XP can't get past IE8, and Windows 7 only recently, and just barely,...

Simon Sarris12/21/11
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A Gentle Introduction to Making HTML5 Canvas Interactive

This is an big overhaul of one of my tutorials on making and moving shapes on an HTML5 Canvas. This new tutorial is vastly cleaner than my old one, but if you still want to see that one or are looking for the concept of a “ghost context” you can find...

John Esposito12/21/11
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Tutorial: Using the HTML5 output Element

From Richard Clark on the superb html5doctor.com comes this new treatment of the HTML5 <output> element, one of the new semantic elements designed to make webpage data more readable to machines.

Mats Lindh12/21/11
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Solr: Missing Geographic Distance in Response When Using 'fl=_dist_:geodist()'

A question that arose recently at the Freenode Solr IRC channel was about _dist_:geodist() failing to include a field named _dist_ in the response – a field which would contain the return value from geodist(), which would be the distance from the source...

Giorgio Sironi12/21/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Exception with Test

Sometimes catching an exception can be transformed in a preliminary check that avoid raising the exception in the first place. The code is then called only in the normal case, while the previously exceptional ones just terminate early te current method. So...

Glen Gordon12/21/11
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PhoneGap on WP7 Tip #3: Sending SMS and intro to Plugins

Here's a link to part 1 of this series.

David La Motta12/21/11
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Intro to GWT4Touch 2.0

GWT4Touch is a mobile framework that gives you the ability to write mobile applications based on HTML5. The framework internally leverage the industry leading...

Andrey Prikaznov12/21/11
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HTML5 Game Development - Lesson 5

We continue a series of articles on game development in HTML5 using canvas. Today I prepared musical example (it will be something like a synthesizer) with alternative DOM-based dialogs in CSS3. Why did I add separated dialogs? – Easy: mostly because CSS...

John Esposito12/21/11
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Two Symfony2 Bundle Repositories

PHP developers have been excited about Symfony2's potential to grow a well-organized and smoothly interlocking ecosystem for some time. The framework is solid, and, notes Fabien Potencier, designed to facilitate third-party app development for as much...

Niels Matthijs12/21/11
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HTML5 Microdata: Use It Today

Sometimes people can be so focused on theory that they completely miss the fact that real life has already caught up with theory. Last week I discovered that html5 microdata can finally be used in the wild, so I jumped on it for some cosy semantic...

Mitch Pronschinske12/20/11
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PhoneGap 1.3 Arrives with Full API Support for Windows Phone

Big news for mobile hybrid and web app developers!  PhoneGap 1.3 is out, and the biggest new feature is PhoneGap's full API support for Windows Phone 7.  While iOS, Android, and Blackberry support recieved various bug fixes, WP7 recieved these new...

John Esposito12/20/11
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PHP in the Cloud: PHP Tools for Scalable Apps

Why develop for the cloud? In a word: tons of headaches vanish (scalability, reliability, interface complexity, all of IT). But you don't need to use a PaaS or IaaS in order to kill these headaches, using cloud-like techniques.All website-serving servers, for...