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Giorgio Sironi07/12/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Move Method

Following in Fowler's steps, we start a section of refactorings that involve moving features and code between classes and objects. While the changes we have seen so far are local and easy to make for an average disciplined programmer, refactoring is also...

Mark Mooibroek07/12/11
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Android snippet: Check if the device is connected to the internet

Just a quick function to make your live easier Bart added a comment to the XML + ProgressBar post from yesterday that checks is the device that runs your application has an active internet connection. To make sure its properly searchable i chose to...

Chris Shiflett07/12/11
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Domain Registrars - Community Recommendations

I'm a domain addict. For years, I've maintained a portfolio of more than one hundred domains, most of which were being reserved for later use. I'm an imaginative person, and I love the Web, so I have lots and lots of ideas that require a domain name. If...

Sasha Goldshtein07/12/11
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Dropbox, Instapaper, and the Cloud: Entrusting Your Data

I don't typically rant about security or "The Cloud", but as an avid Dropbox and Instapaper user I've had some comments building up inside for the past few weeks.

Sudheendra Kovalam07/12/11
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A Windows Phone 7 Twitter Application : Part 1 of 2 (Understanding OAuth)

(Update : For trying out code posted on this blog post, Kindly use the official/ locked emulator . The unlocked emulator images have a known issue with HTTPS )

Giorgio Sironi07/12/11
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HATEOAS, the scary acronym

HATEOAS (Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State) is one of the most important constraints in REST. Yet some explanations of this principle found on the web are a bit nebulous; I've seen HATEOAS presented in several different sauces and in this article...

Giorgio Sironi07/12/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Substitute Algorithm

Small-scale refactoring is usually composed of small changes, which keep the system working all the time; you extract some lines into a new method, or add a few variables to substitute comments with their descriptive names.As we move towards a larger scale,...

Vladimir Carrer07/12/11
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A Few Words About CSS LINT

CSS Lint is a product of Nicole Sullivan and Nicholas Zakas. CSS Lint hurt the feelings of many web designers in the last couple of weeks. Many designers are confused what is CSS Lint.  I want try to explain some of the concepts behind CSS Lint.

Axel Rauschmayer07/12/11
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CoffeeScript – overrated?

There has been an interesting thread on Reddit with the title “DAE [Does Anyone Else] think CoffeeScript is ridiculously overrated?” [via @k33g_org]. This post provides some perspective on that opinion.

John Blanco07/11/11
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Introducing WebImageView

As a big fan of SDWebImage, I was both shocked and dismayed that the Android world had no such component. If you’re not familiar, SDWebImage is an iOS UIImageView extension that lets you set Web URL’s and have them automatically loaded and cached for...

Cornel Creanga07/11/11
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Invoking OpenX api from Flex

For the last several months I was playing with OpenX, an open source ad server written in PHP.  You can interact with OpenX in two ways: first by using the admin graphical interface, second by using API calls – most of the UI functionality can be...

Krzysztof Kotowicz 07/11/11
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Deobfuscating PHP scripts with evalhook

Just a quick note - Similar to my previous approach in JavaScript Stefan Esser from Month of PHP Security successfully tried to deobfuscate a PHP script today.

Michael Ceranski07/11/11
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MVC–Showing a setup screen on the first run

Recently, I participated in a project where I helped to build a website in Orchard. One of the things that I admire (and there are many) about Orchard is the setup screen that appears the first time you run the site. It’s a nice touch and really makes...

Pranay Rana07/11/11
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Jquery Ajax Calling functions

Recently I am working on Website with the asp.net and jQuery. While working with jquery library I found that there are 5 diffrent function that used to make ajax call to page and to fetch data. I am going to discuss about that five function one by...

Axel Rauschmayer07/11/11
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SourceMap on Firefox: source debugging for languages compiled to JavaScript

More and more languages are compiled to JavaScript. Mozilla has plans to let you debug those languages in their source code (no need to look at JavaScript). Examples of languages that are compiled to JavaScript: