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John Esposito10/31/11
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HTML5 < time > element: gone!

The <time> element is now gone from HTML5.After a four-month discussion, W3C decided on Saturday to drop <time> because timestamps can be entered under <data>, a generic HTML5 tag designed to mark machine-readable information.Ian 'Hixie'...

David Rousset10/31/11
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Introduction to the HTML5 Web Workers: the JavaScript multithreading approach

JavaScript historically suffers from an important limitation: all its execution process remains inside a unique thread. We’re going to see that HTML5 offers to the web a way to better handle these new marvelous processors to help you embrace a new generation of web applications.

Mitch Pronschinske10/31/11
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Django Deployments Need a Firm Hand

With two years of deploying Django apps to production, Randall Degges shares some of his experiences and tips this week on his blog.  After nearly 2 weeks of trying to keep his Django app's PostgreSQL database from dying, he discovers a tool that is well...

John Esposito10/31/11
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Node.js and PHP together: DNode in PHP

PHP is great because everybody uses it (and it's fast, and easy to learn, etc.). Node.js is great for lots of reasons, unless it isn't (and if controversy excites you, also see 1,2). Henri Bergius doesn't want to choose between PHP and Node.js:

John Esposito10/31/11
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Ask DZ: What Book Do You Think Every Programmer Should Read?

Do you ever think about all the great books for programmers, and then form your opinion on the one book that every programmer should read?  Maybe a traditionalist will pick Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming. Or maybe Fred Brooks' The Mythical...

Moshe Kaplan10/31/11
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Adding One More MySQL Slave to Cloud Based System (Amazon AWS)

MySQL Replication tends to be complex. Creating a new slave to support your system expansion is not easier: coping large data files over the LAN, recovering replication, etc. Fortunately, virtualization and SAN help us do it easier and faster. Lucky us,...

Gil Fink10/31/11
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Build Modern Web Applications with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Session Slide Deck and Demos

Today I delivered a MSDN session at Microsoft HQ about “Build Modern Web Ap

jb j10/31/11
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8 CSS preprocessors to speed up development time

CSS allow you to do lots of things, but some features are missing to developers. What about variable, constants, and general faster syntax? As normal CSS can’t do that, people created preprocessors to allow the use of variables on CSS files and then...

Hasin Hayder10/31/11
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Working with Facebook events using Graph API, JS-SDK and PHP-SDK – part 1

Graph API from Facebook is a very interesting project based on open graph protocol. Facebook is gradually setting Graph API as the standard and deprecating the use of their old REST based APIs. To start working with Graph API doesnt need an extensive...

Giorgio Sironi10/31/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Introduce Assertion

A portion of code makes an assumption about something: the current state of the object, or of the parameter, or of a local variable of the cycle. Normally this assumption would never be violated, but can be in case a bug is introduced.Let's make assumptions...

John Esposito10/31/11
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Codeigniter + HTML5 Boilerplate = win

Develop in PHP, use Codeigniter? There's a good chance you do (unless you're using Zend).Develop in HTML5? Might want to think about HTML5 Boilerplate or something like it. (Unless cross-browser issues really get your adrenaline pumping.)Why not multiply the...

John Esposito10/31/11
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Playing the semantic SEO game: HTML5, Google, and canonicalization

The new section divisions in HTML5 will certainly have some effect on SEO -- though precisely what effect isn't exactly clear.Complicating the issue is, unsurprisingly, Google, which already pays more attention to semantic rel tags than Bing or Yahoo.

Christopher Bennage10/30/11
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Getting Started with JavaScript… again

I’ve alluded before that I did a large chunk of my development in some form of ECMAScript for the first ten years of my professional life. Now, JavaScript is cool again for the first time. Everyone wants to learn it. So, like me, you probably already kinda...

Hajan Selmani10/30/11
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Time travel issue – “Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: utcDate”

Few hours ago my wife told me it is time to get some rest, but since I was deep inside code resolving some interesting control flows, the time passed. I was almost done making the last tests before going to sleep when suddenly an interesting issue comes to...

Alexander Beletsky10/30/11
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Integrating ASP.NET MVC into legacy Web sites

For some quite long time I naively thought that it is not possible (or at least very difficult) to make ASP.NET MVC stuff work on a Web Site project. But, my latest hacking of MVC opened another perspectives. There are no any difficulties with ASP.NET MVC...