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Jorge Ramon12/01/11
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Building a jQuery Mobile Application, Part 2

Ready for more jQuery Mobile and Jasmine? This is the second part of my tutorial on how to create a mobile web app using jQuery Mobile. In this tutorial we’re building a mobile web application that offers its users the following features:

David Kelley11/30/11
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Fixing a WinPhone Phone Gap App: Those Darn Gray Box's

(if you just need the hack er I mean 'solution' skip to the end)Ok so I was talking or rather tweeting with @ColinEberhardt about this issue with the gray box in IE on #wp7 (see his post at: https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-wp7/issues/26).

Niels Matthijs11/30/11
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Scoped CSS Still Missing In Action

What with rebuilding my blog and all, I ran into an old problem that I feel deserves some renewed attention. Two years ago I wrote a post about a missing css combinator (trying to overcome the strictness of the child combinator), sadly this combinator...

John Esposito11/30/11
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Know PHP? Learn JavaScript

Years ago I learned PHP because someone else's web form was broken, and I needed to fix it. Apparently this kind of perforce-introduction to PHP is pretty common (and, some say, tends to form bad habits early), so I don't feel too bad about never having...

John Esposito11/30/11
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New IE10 Platform Preview: Now With More HTML5

It has often been remarked that IE is a headache for developers -- in part because Microsoft tends to prefer its own versions of web standards.On the other hand, quite a few 'modern' web technologies -- including XHR -- were originally Microsoft innovations,...

Jeff Dickey11/30/11
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CloudFlare review: not snake oil, but it feels like it

I switched my blog over to use CloudFlare today. I'll be honest, most of the reason for trying it out was curiosity into what it was exactly. My site handled the load from being on the top of ycombinator on a single heroku dyno without wincing, so to be...

Giorgio Sironi11/30/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Introduce Parameter Object

In the scenario of today, two or more parameters are often passed together to a set of similar methods. This happens for example with timing information containing day and month, or hours and minutes; or, in other domains, with parameters that are coupled to...

John Esposito11/30/11
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Some WebSockets Fallback Suggestions

For some applications, user experience may make degradation from WebSockets less than graceful.Such applications remain relatively rare, however -- particularly for a protocol like WebSockets, whose greatest advantage probably adverts more to back-end than to...

Bradley Holt11/30/11
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The Twelve-Factor App Applied to PHP

I. Codebase “One codebase tracked in revision control, many deploys” There’s really not much here that would be different in PHP versus any other language. Who isn’t using some form of revision control these days? II. Dependencies “Explicitly...

Axel Rauschmayer11/30/11
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A closer look at super-references in JavaScript and ECMAScript.next

This post examines how super-references work in JavaScript and how they will be simplified by ECMAScript.next. To understand this post, it helps to be familiar with JavaScript inheritance. If you are not, consult [2].  Extending constructors in...

Mitch Pronschinske11/30/11
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WP7 Simulator for Android and iOS: An Interesting Tactic

What if you could demo the Metro UI from Windows Phone 7 on your Android or iPhone?  No we're not talking about a sophisticated hack or jailbreak, we're talking about something that the average Joe could use.Well that demo is here today, and it works through...

John Esposito11/29/11
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CNN's Ecosphere in HTML5

We've seen WebGL worlds and tweet clouds before, but what about a WebGL earth with a virtual ecosystem whose localized growth is determined by Twitter activity?Okay, maybe you hadn't thought of that before. (Though why not? if languaging is like life itself.)...

John Esposito11/29/11
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Battlefield 3's Innovative Social Network

Gaming is bigger than ever, and the economic downturn apparently hasn't touched it: Modern Warfare 3 earned $775 million in five days, obliterating every book, game, and movie ever sold. (PC World's headline is great: 'Modern Warfare 3 Has Best 5-Day Sales in...

Stoimen Popov11/29/11
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Algorithm of the Week: Sequential Search

This is the easiest to implement and the most frequently used search algorithm in practice. Unfortunately the sequential search is also the most ineffective searching algorithm. However, it is so commonly used that it is appropriate to consider several...

Axel Rauschmayer11/29/11
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HTML5 context menus in Firefox 8+

Starting with version 8, Firefox supports HTML5 context menus. This post is a summary of “HTML5 context menus in Firefox (Screencast and Code)” by Chris Heilmann for Mozilla Hacks. Example: The following HTML source code defines a section with a...