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Hasin Hayder10/25/11
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Developing PHP Applications in the Cloud with These Free Cloud Hosting Providers

CPU and Disk-space are cheap these days. And the more cheaper they become, cloud companies are coming with more exciting deals for you. Some of them are offered in “Freemium” model, some of them are free forever and some of them are like trial plans...

Gonzalo Ayuso10/25/11
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Node.js and WebSockets

Last friday I spoke about node.js and Websockets with the people of The Mêlée. The talk was an introduction to node.js and focused in the new HTML5 feature: the WebSockets.

Ola Bini10/25/11
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JavaScript in the small

My most recent project was on a fairly typical Java Web project where we had a component that should be written in JavaScript. Nothing fancy, and nothing big. It does seem like people are still not taking JavaScript seriously in these kind of environments....

Vladimir Carrer10/24/11
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CSS3 Action Framework

It all started when I wanted to do Google CSS3 redesign. The propose of that redesign was to use as much as possible CSS3. I wanted to maintain Google minimalistic style with little Apple flavor and Bing background style. Also to use only pure CSS...

Mitch Pronschinske10/24/11
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Debate - How to Interface the PHP World

The PHP community was reacting to Lukas Smith's "Interfacing the PHP world" for most of last weekend.  Here was his introduction to the problem:

David Catuhe10/24/11
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Magic: The Gathering in JavaScript and HTML5

As a user interface fan, I could not miss the development with HTML 5. So the goal of this post is to walk through a graphic application that uses JavaScript and HTML 5. We will see through examples one way (among others) to develop this kind of project.

John Esposito10/24/11
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What's hot in scripting languages

Scripting languages are becoming more serious. Higher levels of abstraction mean more little languages, better-adapted to specific purposes. Dismissing scripting languages as 'unserious', which some developers still do, is like criticizing mammals for...

John Esposito10/24/11
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HTML5 for Web designers: free intro book online

Jeremy Keith's HTML5 for Web Designers is up for free web perusal.The book is quick and clear -- a high-level overview, much punchier and more readable than the full spec.I'm a bit of a web fogey, and found Keith's book spot-on what I needed to catch up.

Mike Bernat10/24/11
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How to Create a Simple PHP Text Counter

After learning the basics of PHP's basic file system functions, the first thing you'll want to do is put it to use. One of the easiest and flashiest things you can create is a page counting script. I'll show you how to create a page hit script that is easy...

Grant Ingersoll10/24/11
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From Barcelona to Vancouver with Lucene and Solr

With another Lucene Eurocon successfully behind us (thanks Barcelona, you’ve been awesome!), it’s time to say hello to Vancouver for ApacheCon.  I’ll leave it to others to fill in the blanks on the Barcelona conference other than to say that I am...

Axel Rauschmayer10/24/11
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Enums for JavaScript

This post describes a JavaScript implementation of enums, enumerations of symbols. The idea originally comes from Allen Wirfs-Brock, via a thread on the es-discuss mailing list.

Giorgio Sironi10/24/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Conditional with Polymorphism

In the scenario of today, an if chooses to execute different behavior depending on the type of an object. We should define "type" very looosely; for example, it may be:

Axel Rauschmayer10/24/11
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Printing JSON data on Node.js

Problem: If a data structure is too deeply nested, Node.js stops showing the details. This post presents two solutions. Display a value as JSON data Node.js stops displaying a data structure after two levels of nesting: > [[[ "test" ]]] ...

Mitch Pronschinske10/23/11
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How to Clone Wikipedia and Index it with Solr

It took 6 weeks, but Fred Zimmerman, a blogger for Nimblebooks.com just completed a very cool use case scenario for Solr indexing.  He cloned all of Wikipedia and then indexed it with Solr:1.  "Hardware. I found out the hard way that 32-bit Ubuntu...

Kelvin Tan10/23/11
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Painless CRUD in PHP via AjaxCrud

I recently discovered an Ajax CRUD library which makes CRUD operations positively painless: AjaxCRUD