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jb j10/22/11
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10 PHP code snippets for working with strings

Strings are a very important kind of data, and you have to deal with them daily with web development tasks. In this article, I have compiled 10 extremely useful functions and code snippets to make your php developer life easier.

Mitch Pronschinske10/22/11
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Opera Adds HTML5 Webcam Input: getUserMedia

The latest builds of Opera now support the 'getUserMedia' HTML5 API.  This allows you to set up an HTML5 <video> as the input for a webcam recording.   Here's a simple code snippet showing how this works:

Mitch Pronschinske10/22/11
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OpenStreetMap API framework for PHP

OpenStreetMap is a global project with an aim of collaboratively collecting map data, and today Ken Guest has submitted his PHP package for communitcating with the OSM API to the public and the PEAR PEPr review process:

Mitch Pronschinske10/21/11
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PHP 5.4 Will Have a Built-in Web Server

Yet another new feature to look forward to in PHP 5.4.0 - the CLI SAPI will now provide a built-in web server which is geared toward developmental purposes.  It shouldn't be used in production right now.  According to the page on this feature, which was...

Mitch Pronschinske10/21/11
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HTML5 and Flash Use Cases: Agree or Disagree?

I thought about doing an article about this a while back but a few weeks after Adobe MAX, there is already a codification article on when to use HTML5 and when you should still use Flash.  The article also recommends when you should write native platform...

Mitch Pronschinske10/21/11
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Walking Developer Animation in Pure CSS3

It's really astonishing the things that web developers can do today working with nothing but CSS3.  Andrew Hoyer took it to a whole 'nother level today with a CSS animation of himself walking (and fun signs in the background).  You can see a pic I took...

John Esposito10/21/11
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Kindle Format 8: with HTML5 and CSS3

Amazon announced Kindle Format 8 today, replacing Mobi 7.Kindle Format 8 will support HTML5 and CSS3 -- good news for readers, who can now read far richer content on their Kindles, and developers, who already write HTML5 and CSS3.   KF8 is...

Matt Raible10/21/11
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Developing with HTML5, CoffeeScript and Twitter's Bootstrap

Matt Raible builds the front-end of a workout app using CoffeeScript and Twitter's Bootstrap UI kit.

Matthew Turland10/21/11
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Database Testing with PHPUnit and MySQL

I recently made a contribution to the PHPUnit project that I thought I’d take a blog post to discuss. One of the extensions bundled with PHPUnit adds support for database testing.

Brian Swan10/20/11
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Using SQL Azure to Store PHP Session Data

In my last post, I looked at the session handling functionality that is built into the Windows Azure SDK for PHP, which uses Azure Tables or Azure Blobs for storing session data.

John Esposito10/20/11
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Zend's phpcloud.com: just write PHP for the cloud, don't worry about anything else

PHP is popular, easy to write, and fast -- but writing PHP for the cloud can be annoying, especially if switching cloud environments and having to port the code is a possibility.

John Esposito10/20/11
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Earth with no plugins: WebGL cities

Google released MapsGL using WebGL last week, but now Nokia Maps is offering its own WebGL world -- with 3d terrain and textured buildings, and full zoom, pan, and tilt:Pretty cool for straight-up browser 3D. Select cities are navigable at...

Mitch Pronschinske10/20/11
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Animate.css: Plug and Play CSS Animations

Who needs Flash for simple web animations these days?  In fact, who needs jQuery?  Animate.css is a recently unveiled bundle of CSS animations that you can use just by adding the class to the element, or by calling the in your CSS file. Classes and the...

Maximiliano Firtman10/20/11
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Overview of HTML5 Support in the Android 4.0 Browser

Android 4.0 was announced and the SDK was released. So, I’ve washed my hands, I’ve opened the emulator and I’ve started to dive into the new browser and see what’s in there and what’s not. Unfortunately it’s still Android Browser and not...

Swizec Teller10/20/11
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Firefox’s “funny” CSS3 Image Scaling Quirk

Last night as I was rewriting the CSS for postme.me from scratch and I was cursing and shouting obscenities under my breath and trying to find a way to punch all of Mozilla in the face over the internet … I discovered something silly.