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John Esposito11/23/11
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Writing a Compiler -- in PHP?

Coders don't always write compilers. But even when they don't, they do often like to learn about compilers, and maybe even play with bits of one.

Axel Rauschmayer11/23/11
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Keyword parameters in JavaScript and ECMAScript.next

This post explains what keyword parameters are, how they can be simulated in JavaScript, and what improvements ECMAScript.next will bring. Obviously, what is said about methods here applies to functions, as well. Positional parameters and keyword...

John Esposito11/23/11
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Google's WebP Image Format: Now with Lossless Compression

Last year Google introduced WebP, a new image format designed to replace JPEG. WebP compresses better than JPEG, according to Google's own research -- pulling half of JPEG's foundation from under its feet.JPEG's other half is, of course, ubiquity. Every...

John Esposito11/23/11
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Video: All About HTML5 Offline Storage

HTML5 offers lots of offline storage capabilities (AppCache, WebSQL, IndexedDB, FileSystem API, etc.), each of which is optimized for a different...

John Esposito11/23/11
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Video: The Reasons Behind HTML5 Semantics

A number of prominent front-end developers delivered helpful talks at this year's Fronteers 2011 conference in Amsterdam.In this video, Bruce Lawson flexes his linguistic muscles (he also has a degree in English literature) to uncover the deeper reasoning...

Matt Raible11/22/11
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My HTML5 with Play Scala, CoffeeScript and Jade Presentation from Devoxx 2011

This week, I had the pleasure of traveling to one of my favorite places in the world: Antwerp, Belgium. Like last year, I traveled with the lovely Trish McGinity and spoke at Devoxx 2011. This year, my talk was on developing a web/mobile app with HTML5, Play,...

Eric Berg11/22/11
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Last Week in the Cloud: Salesforce Acquisitions and Global Cloud Growth

In the past couple of months, cloud computing has come to be lauded as a driver for U.S. jobs and economic growth. This past week, however, put the momentum of cloud adoption into a new, broader scale. In the news this week cloud service leaders like...

Giorgio Sironi11/22/11
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Setting up a LAMP box with Puppet

In the last weeks, we saw how VirtualBox can build empty virtual machines, provided at the hardware level. We also configured a Linux virtual server with Vagrant, which is able to quickly build a virtual machine from a template (called box).

Axel Rauschmayer11/22/11
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Bridging the module gap between Node.js and browsers

This post examines four solutions for writing a module that works on both browsers and Node.js.

John Esposito11/22/11
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Video: Two Years of NoSQL

Earlier this year, at the NoSQL Now! 2011 Conference in San Jose, California, Benjamin Anderson of Meteor Solutions told the long and fascinating story of...

John Esposito11/22/11
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PHP Yaf (Yet Another Framework) Is Very Fast

Why care about another PHP framework? especially one that's actually called Yet Another Framework?Because Yaf isn't just a framework. It's a PHP extension (listed on PECL), so it's written in C -- so it's very, very fast.How fast?Here's a benchmark...

John Esposito11/22/11
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User Experience: The Only Thing?

Most (widely-used) pre-HTML5 web standards really did think of the web as 'stuff marked up'. The whole concept, and even the name, of XML shows this. But even the W3C/WHATWG switch from XHTML2.0 to HTML5 suggests that markup, even awesome markup, doesn't...

John Esposito11/22/11
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Video: Accessibility for the Modern Web

A number of prominent front-end developers delivered helpful talks at this year's Fronteers 2011 conference in Amsterdam.In this video, Derek Featherstone shows how recent developments in web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, ARIA, and JavaScript, are...

John Esposito11/22/11
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Embracing All Media for Your Message with CSS3 Media Queries

Some media, of course, the developer doesn't need to worry about -- you don't need to track (AM)OLED technology, for example, in order to develop for mobile.But at some level media do matter, and for these the developer has often been forced to make some...

Giorgio Sironi11/21/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Parameter with Explicit Methods

The refactoring of today breaks up a method into multiple ones: it chops the method in pieces according to the code that is executed in response to one of the parameters. This parameter can only assume several values, or several equivalent class of values;...