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John Esposito12/15/11
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Video: Joomla Security - Bare essentials to serious measures

 In this thorough (50 minute) presentation, Brendon Hatcher of BrilliantWeb explains every facet of Joomla security, covering general attack and defense...

jb j12/15/11
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7 new techniques every web developer should know

Web developers always have to update their knowledges and learn new technologies if they want to stay tuned with today’s coding. Today, I’m going to show you 7 recent web development techniques that you should definitely learn, or improve if you...

John Esposito12/15/11
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Hallelujah! IE Will Now Upgrade Automatically

Remember when you had to write everything twice because zillions of non-web-savvy users were using old versions of IE? and even though IE9 supported way more web standards than earlier versions, it didn't matter because so many Windows users still hadn't...

John Esposito12/15/11
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Sencha Says: Kindle Fire Handles HTML5 OK

Does Kindle Fire really compete with the iPad? That depends on whether 'compete' means 'has near-identical functionality' (answer: no) or 'will take sales away from the iPad' (answer: probably).

Giorgio Sironi12/15/11
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jQuery plugins with jsTestDriver

In this article we're going to develop an example of jQuery plugin with the aid of jsTestDriver, a little framework for writing automated tests.jQuery pluginsPlugins in jQuery are simply functions added to jQuery.fn, which is the prototype of the objects...

Swizec Teller12/15/11
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Javascript's lack of strftime

You know that one piece of shitty code that always makes you cringe? Something along the lines of months = ['Jan', 'Feb' ....]; dateString = date.day()+’ ‘+months[date.month()];

John Esposito12/15/11
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Web Payments as a Web Standard

Give me fifty loaves of bread for that pair of shoes.Sorry, I don't want any bread. Do you have butter?No butter, sorry. But I still want those shoes.Sorry, I can't use the bread.Result: the shoemaker starves, the breadmaker loses his feet, the shoes rot, the...

Brian Swan12/14/11
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Interview: Maarten Balliauw, Main Contributor to the Windows Azure SDK for PHP

In recent months, I’ve been diving deeply into the how’s and why’s of running PHP applications on the Windows Azure Platform. That has meant becoming intimately familiar with the Windows Azure SDK for PHP, the centerpiece for PHP on Azure. In the...

Michael Crump12/14/11
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Adding Tweet Buttons to a FunnelWeb Post

Introduction I’ve been asked several times how I added the Tweet Button below to all of my FunnelWeb post. Here is a quick blog post detailing how I did it.

Gil Fink12/14/11
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CSS3 Animations

Lately I’m involved in a very interesting HTML5 project which I’ll tell about in the future.

Giorgio Sironi12/14/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Encapsulate Downcast (and Wrapping)

In statically typed languages, each variable must have a minimal type known at compile time. PHP instead, a is dynamic language where variable can contain any object, and the only enforcement of an interface can be performed on method parameters via type...

John Esposito12/14/11
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Mozilla's New HTML5 Apps Developer Community

Make software, or make platforms, or marketplaces (and how are marketplaces related to platforms), or some other kind of hub? All, maybe, like Amazon; or Google, somewhat, though Steve Yegge famously ranted that Google's platform appreciation doesn't run very...

John Esposito12/14/11
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HTML5 Security: Problem or No?

Recently the BBC published a short article with the frightening but vague title 'HTML 5 new target for cybercriminals', claiming that HTML5 opens browsers to new, and renovated old, 'cyber attacks'.The article focused on HTML5 at first, but later addressed...

Stoimen Popov12/14/11
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Thing to Know About PHP Arrays

Consider the following case. We have an array with identical keys.$arr = array(1 => 10, 1 => 11);What happens when the interpreter reaches this line of code? This is not a syntax error and it is completely valid. Very similar, but more interesting...