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John Esposito11/07/11
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Tutorial Series: Using PHP's MySQLi API

MySQL and PHP work wonders together, but sometimes getting them to talk can be a little less than obvious.The official documentation of MySQLi, the improved MySQL API for PHP 5.0 and MySQL 4.1, can be a little terse. (Sometimes user comments are needed to...

Todd Merritt11/07/11
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Breaking The Promise of Web Service Interoperability

The promise of web service interoperability is achievable if certain technical and non-technical issues are dealt with properly. As the world gets smaller and smaller thanks to our growing global economy the need for security is increasing. The use of...

Niels Matthijs11/07/11
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Switching to HTML5, One Step at a Time

The last redesign of my blog dates back to 2010, which in web terminology is somewhere between the birth of Christ and the Middle-Ages. For those of you who remember, I experimented with live iterative design, taking on pages and components one by one...

John Esposito11/07/11
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Simplify Common PDO Tasks Without ORM: A Small Wrapper

PHP frameworks are great. For data access, though, Vic Cherubini doesn't think so.

John Esposito11/07/11
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SVG Tutorial: Rotating Wheel Interface (with Clipping Paths and Scalable 2D Motion Graphics)

Seems like SVG is starting to sizzle.Recently the New York Times published an interactive SVG overview of the Euro crisis, lending the weight of her gray head to the hip (if birthed long ago) technology.

John Esposito11/07/11
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JSConf EU: Highlights (of Brendan Eich's Highlights)

Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript and Mozilla CTO, recently posted a great roundup of some important talks at October's JSConf EU. Apparently the whole conference was pretty awesome (see full set of talks), but for highlights Brendan seems like a good...

Simon Sarris11/07/11
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Selectable Shapes Part 2: Resizable, Movable Shapes on HTML5 Canvas

In the first tutorial I showed how to create a basic data structure for shapes on an HTML5 canvas and how to make them selectable, draggable, and movable. In this second part we’ll be reorganizing the code a little bit and adding selection handles so we...

Rafał Kuć11/07/11
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Lucene Eurocon 2011: Day One

As we wrote a few days ago we are back from this years Lucene Eurocon, which took place in Barcelona. Despite the fact that the videos will be available shortly, we decided to write something about those presentations we attended.

Giorgio Sironi11/07/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Add Parameter

In the scenario of today, a method is missing some information to accomplish its responsibility. Usually, it is forced to look up these data into some form of global state (like a singleton) or it just avoids to support some use case because of the missing...

John Esposito11/06/11
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Easier IndexedDB with IDBWrapper

If you're excited about IndexedDB but don't want to learn all its intricacies on your own, and don't want to wait for tutorials to walk you through every step slowly, then you might enjoy this wrapper for IndexedDB, just released by Jens Arps.IDBWrapper has...

Sasha Goldshtein11/06/11
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Tracking Engagement Time Using 302-Moved Temporarily Redirects

Suppose you are sending mass emails (legitimately, no doubt) and want to know which % of recipients actually viewed the email. The standard trick here is to embed a 1x1 image into your email’s HTML source, with the <img src= pointing to a location on...

Antonio Santiago11/05/11
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Building an IndexedDB Web App - SimplyWrite

SimplyWrite is a free web distraction writing tool. It is based on the IndexedDB HTML5 spec so you need a browser compliant with that. With IndexedDB all the content is stored locally on your machine, no data is transferred or stored in a remote server.

John Esposito11/05/11
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Use XOR in PHP

Back in logic 101 you probably learned that English 'or' means, sadly, two different things: inclusive ('spinach or romaine is okay') and exclusive ('to be or not to be').In circuits 101 (or cs 101, or whatever), you might have been impressed by how easy it...

John Esposito11/04/11
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Yahoo's New JavaScript Framework: Will Cocktails Change Your Life?

Yahoo caught some eyes recently with Livestand, their new lifestyle app for iPad.

John Esposito11/04/11
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How to Write a Standard: An Inside View of the CSS Working Group at W3C

Suffering a little whiplash after the rapid-fire removal and return of HTML5's <time> element, I became curious about how the working groups at W3C actually, well, work.In particular, I noticed something about the wording of Steve Faulkner's original...