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John Esposito12/12/11
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Responsive Web Design with CSS3

You've probably heard of responsive web design, maybe even read the term-coining article or seen some working examples. JavaScript can detect and respond to browser and platform features and limitations -- but the rise of mobile/tablet devices has meant that...

John Esposito12/12/11
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WebSockets and Web Storage Go into Candidate Recommendation

Last Thursday the W3C WebSocket and Web Storage specs reached the 'Candidate Recommendation' status -- which means that the W3C working group believes the standard is ready for implementation.The Candidate Recommendation status also represents an official...

Terrence Ryan12/11/11
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jQuery Mobile and Semantics

I've been fooling around with jQuery Mobile, and I really like what it's capable of accomplishing. However I've had one nagging gripe with it. The amount of <div>s you end up creating. Most of the sample code looks like this:

Terrence Ryan12/10/11
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One Click PhoneGap Build to Android Device Script

I've been fooling around with PhoneGap Build, and I really love it. I love that I don't need to fire up Eclipse or XCode to start fooling around with an app. All I need is a text editor and a browser. What I especially love is the ability to integrate a...

Mitch Pronschinske12/10/11
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DevOps for Django - The Best Deployment Strategy

Deploying Django is hard according to blogger Randall Degges.  His initial post about Django deployment got a lot of attention from some big time developers in the Django community.  What he decided to do as a result was to start documenting the best...

Henri Bergius12/10/11
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Flow-based programming for PHP

You may have seen my earlier post about NoFlo, the flow-based programming tool I've written for Node.js. It allows you to do quite cool stuff, like a visually controlled web server:

Alex Staveley12/10/11
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HTML5 has been generating a lot of excitement in the web community as of late.

John Esposito12/09/11
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More PHP Awesome from Facebook: The HipHop Virtual Machine

Nobody can fault Facebook for performance, and they have already done several wonders with PHP performance in the past.Their HipHop PHP to C++ translator shrank the cycles from the upper end, squeezing out the pre-C++ fat. But even the C++ to x64 translation...

John Esposito12/09/11
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Solve Common Sizing Problems with CSS3's New rem Unit

CSS promised to keep layouts well-proportioned, ensuring consistent measurement by including its own units.Besides pixels, the most commonly used CSS unit is probably the em, which is simply the computed font-size of the current element. Using this...

Jesse Warden12/09/11
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Papaya Mobile’s Social Splash: HTML5 & Flash Game Integration

Hard to get specifics on this, but here’s what I think I’ve found out. Papaya Mobile, a social game & distribution network, has released a beta of “Social Splash”. What

Terrence Ryan12/09/11
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Semantic HTML Has Other Benefits

Recently finished reading Our Pointless Pursuit Of Semantic Value at Smashing Magazine. It's a good read, and clearly spells out a true point: There is not a lot of value in wrestling over how semantic your code is for semantic's sake. I totally agree with...

John Esposito12/09/11
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Will PHP Become a Niche Language?

If any language isn't a niche language, PHP isn't. Every version builds more functionality into the core, and its applications seem endless.Its ubiquity, combined with its haphazard history, have encouraged an interesting attitude among developers -- positive...

Swizec Teller12/09/11
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Fun javascript feature

Not only was my nondeterministic turing machine implementationway too long at 20 lines, it was also wrong. Shortly after @dionyziz reported a bug and it took me until last night to get around to fixing it.

James Sugrue12/09/11
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Christmas Gift Ideas For Software Developers

Not everything is free, or open source, in a developer's life. If you're looking for inspiration about what to get for that special programmer in your life this Christmas, here are some ideas that would make excellent gifts.  

Itamar Haber12/08/11
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The End of the World? It’s Not Even 2012 Yet!

Well, not quite, but there’s definitely a stormy front hitting the cloudosphere with the recent reports (originally here) of Amazon’s pending EC2 instances’ reboots. Although the exact details are yet to be known, it looks like a good number of...