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Rafał Kuć10/15/11
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Solr 3.1+: JSON Update Handler

After the release of Solr 3.1 I decided to look into the extended list of formats through which we can update the indexes. Until now we had a choice of three kinds of formats with which we were able to provide data – XML, CSV, and so. called JavaBin....

Lorna Mitchell10/14/11
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PHP Developer at a Python Conference

A few weeks ago, while attending the delightful OggCamp, I was approached by someone asking me to speak at PyConUK. Well ... I'm a PHP developer, but as with most PHP developers, we just like good shiny tech and aren't religious about any particular...

jb j10/14/11
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8 CSS3 techniques you should learn now

CSS3 is taking web development and web design to a higher level. In this article, I have compiled examples of amazing CSS3 techniques that will probably become very popular when CSS3 will be fully supported by most browsers.

Axel Rauschmayer10/14/11
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logo.js – JavaScript has a (semi-)official logo

On Oct 4th, Chris Williams (@voodootikigod) published logo.js on GitHub. In his words:

Veera Sundar10/14/11
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Intercepting onclick event in JavaScript using JQuery

Let’s say you are using some external components in your web page that renders a button as below:<input type="button" value="Delete" onclick="delete();" />The above code will call the delete() method when user clicks on...

Gunnar Peipman10/13/11
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ASP.NET 4.5 Preview: Using model binding to display data

ASP.NET Forms 4.5 Preview introduces us model binding for web forms. Web developers who are familiar with ASP.NET MVC already know what model binding is and how powerful it is. Model binding means framework ability to construct objects of known types using...

Gunnar Peipman10/13/11
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ASP.NET 4.5 Preview: Using model binding to update data

My last posting about ASP.NET 4.5 introduced how to use strongly typed controls to display data. Using strongly typed presentation layer templates is not the only thing that model binding is good for.

Brian Swan10/13/11
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Why is PHP 5.3 on Windows faster than previous PHP versions?

Last week I had the good fortune of hearing Rasmus Lerdorf speak at the Seattle PHP Meetup. His talks was excellent – it was sprinkled with history, personal stories, tips, best practices, and insights into what he’s thinking about for the future. At...

Dawn Cannan10/13/11
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Executable Specifications using FitNesse and Selenium

At STAREast 2010, I presented a session called "Executable Specifications using FitNesse and Selenium". To set up the system I was using, you will need 3 pieces:The sample blog engine as the application under testThe FitNesse files (here, these...

Giorgio Sironi10/13/11
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OAuth in headless applications

OAuth is a wonderful standard: it allows users to give permissions to a third-party service to use theirs accounts on a website; but it works without forcing them to share their password like a phishing website would do.The typical use of OAuth is for...

Krzysztof Kotowicz 10/13/11
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The Sad State of DOM Security (or how we all ruled Mario's challenge)

A few days ago Mario Heiderich posted second installment of his xssme challenges (viewable in Firefox only for now). But it wasn't a usual challenge. The goal was not to execute your Javascript - it was to get access to the DOM object property...

Emil Stenström10/12/11
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HTML includes

One of the first questions beginners ask when starting to learn HTML is how to do includes. They seldom know that includes is what they are asking about, but instead feels bad when having to copy and paste that same menu HTML each time they want a new...

Mitch Pronschinske10/12/11
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Lean Startup Gaining Traction

David J. Bland, author of the Scrumology blog and a freelance counterterrorism software developer, talks to DZone at the Agile 2011 conference about one...

Rafał Andrzejewski10/12/11
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“Car sale application” – solr.ReversedWildcardFilter – let’s optimize wildcard queries (part 8)

“Car sale application” users started to use wildard queries more and more often. This fact forced us to think about wildcard queries optimization. solr.ReversedWildcardFilter comes to rescue us. solr.ReversedWildcardFilter The...

Giorgio Sironi10/12/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Consolidate Duplicate Conditional Fragments

A piece of code is contained in all legs of a conditional: an obvious solution is to move it outside to simplify the branches. It may seem stupid to come up with code that is duplicate in some branches, but often it is a result of a process of transforming...