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Maarten Balliauw06/13/11
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Lightweight PHP application deployment to Windows Azure

Those of you who are deploying PHP applications to Windows Azure, are probably using the Windows Azure tooling for Eclipse or the fantastic command-line tools available. I will give you a third option that allows for a 100% customized setup and is much more...

Jesse Warden06/13/11
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Integrating Flash Components with Flex Revisited

A reader asks:  …is it possible to integrate a Flash component (like those on http://www.digicrafts.com.hk/ as an example, or any other third party component), with Flash Builder? At a high level, yes. Any ActionScript 3 component can run in Flash...

Mats Lindh06/13/11
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Keeping track of indexes while dragging in jQuery ui.sortable

While you’re handling a drag operation in the jQuery UI Sortable handler, there’s a few small issues that might almost drive you insane. These two solutions are based on information from various places on the net (such as a few discussions on Stack...

Kin Lane06/13/11
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The Battle for Your API Proxy

Every Web API is designed to receive requests from and respond to the outside world. Every day an API can receive thousands or potentially millions of calls. Before the API can process these requests and returns a response, it has to potentially tackle a...

Vladimir Carrer06/13/11
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Object Auto Documentation - JavaScript

One particular thing that I like about backbone.js is how elegant and well organized is the documentation. Other project that caught my attention few days ago was selfDoc.js I liked the idea of self documentation. That trigger me to build simple function...

Michael Chaize06/12/11
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Tips for Flex mobile apps

After having developed several demo applications with Flex hero, I’d like to share with you some tips to improve the behavior of your native apps. Today, Flash Builder Burrito (still in beta) lets you develop native applications for Android devices and...

Eric Hogue06/12/11
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Test Driven Development in PHP

Test driven development (TDD) is at the core of the Agile Methodology and Extreme Programming. This practice has been known for a while and a lot have been written on it. However, I still meet developers that don’t know what it is.

David Kelley06/12/11
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Building an HTML/HTML5... Based Application for Phone 7

So you want to build an HTML based application for phone 7, but wait there is not a way or at least a 'supported' way of doing that for phone 7. Why would you want to? For for starters wouldn't it be cool to have the same app/code base run on android and...

Rafał Andrzejewski06/12/11
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”Car sale” application – WordDelimiterFilter and PatternReplaceFilter, helping to improve search results (part 2)

In the first part of our ”Car sale” application related posts we created some standard index structure by properly configuring schema.xml configuration file. It didn’t take long to hear the first complains from the website users with this kind of...

Holly Schinsky06/11/11
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Flash Builder 4 Shortcuts and Tips

Update: These shortcuts also apply to the newly released Flash Builder 4.5!I’ve been collecting a summary of Flash Builder 4 tips I find useful to help me be more productive as a developer and thought I would share them here. I’m including the shortcut...

Rob Allen06/11/11
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Unit testing controller actions with Zend_Test_PHPUnit_ControllerTestCase

Testing controllers has traditionally been a hassle due to the requirements of setting up the bootstrap, the front controller and initiating the dispatch cycle. In June, Matthew addressed this with the release of Zend_Test_PHPUnit_ControllerTestCase way...

Brian Swartzfager06/11/11
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For CFSelenium Users: An Ant Script to Transcribe Your Tests For Multiple Browsers

The easiest way to create a CFSelenium test case is to use the Selenium IDE plugin for Firefox to compose the test, then export the test using the export formatter Bob Silverberg included in the CFSelenium project.  You end up with a test that can be run...

John Whish06/10/11
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Bug in SerializeJSON

I've spent the last few hours trying to track down an intermittent bug and it seems to be caused by SerializeJSON on CF9.01 patched with the Cumulative Hotfix 1 (CHF1) for ColdFusion 9.0.1. Here's a quick example:

Tyler Wright06/10/11
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AS3 Button Behavior Made Easy

I posted a rant on “releaseOutside” earlier this month – finally, here is the example and the code for making anything a Button in ActionScript 3. I’ve also added some really nice features since then. I realized after venting about dragOver,...

Axel Rauschmayer06/10/11
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Tip: use JavaScript as a calculator in Firefox and Chrome

The following tip allows you to quickly perform calculations via JavaScript in Firefox and Chrome. Basic idea: If you enter a javascript: URL in Firefox, the result of the expression is shown in the window. For example, try the following URL: