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Axel Rauschmayer12/20/11
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What is the difference between a shim and a polyfill?

In the JavaScript world, one frequently hears the words shim and polyfill. What are those things and what is the difference between them? Shim. A shim is a library that brings a new API to an older environment, using only the means of that...

Giorgio Sironi12/20/11
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The Spark micro framework

Web programming is the science of coming up with increasingly complicated ways of concatenating strings. -- Greg BrockmanIn the description of its authors, Spark is a Sinatra inspired micro web framework for quickly creating web applications in Java with...

John Esposito12/20/11
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Video Series: Google Rich Snippets

Back in 2009 (wow, that's almost two full years ago now), Google gave the semantic web a search-engine bump with Rich Snippets, their own implementation of a collection of semantic standards (RDFa, microformats, microdata).

Stoimen Popov12/20/11
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Algorithm of the Week: Jump Search

In my previous article I discussed how the sequential (linear) search can be used on an ordered lists, but then we were limited by the specific features of the given task. Obviously the sequential search on an ordered list is ineffective, because we...

Imran Baloch12/19/11
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Solving Duplicate Content with Distinct URLs Issue in ASP.NET MVC

Introduction: When developing a web application, it is very important to optimize your application for search engines because a huge amount of traffic to website comes from search engines. ASP.NET MVC 3 support some Search Engine Optimization(SEO)...

Andrey Prikaznov12/19/11
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How to Create a Pure CSS3 Slideshow

Today we will develop a cool CSS3 slideshow (without any JavaScript). The slideshow will contain left and right navigation buttons, images, and a tracker bar. We'll use left/right buttons or the extra tracker bar to navigate through the images. Here is...

John Esposito12/19/11
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Firefox Aurora: Running Up the HTML5 Video and Audio Score

Lately Firefox has been piling on HTML5 support like nobody's business, and the upgrades keep rolling in.Firefox's rapid release schedule has stretched the release pipeline into four distinct stages, from most-bleeding-edge to least:

Niels Matthijs12/19/11
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Abstract Content Categories: Deconstructing a Web Page

One of the main challenges of a html guy is coming up with proper ways to name different components. How you plan to do this is beyond the scope of this article (using your own class names, microdata or microformats are all valid options), but the actual...

John Esposito12/19/11
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How HTML5 Grew in 2011: In Developers' and Users' Eyes

As 2011 winds down, and HTML5 inches closer to official 'completion' (though plenty of HTML5 standards have made their way into browsers already), now is a great time to look back at the last twelve months of web technology development.Two reviews of HTML5 in...

Giorgio Sironi12/19/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Error Code with Exception

Error codes are mostly a relic of procedural programming: the object-oriented paradigm has introduced exceptions as a first-class mechanism to separate error handling from. This refactoring targets special error values returned by methods and transform them...

Patrick Debois12/19/11
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Puppet unit testing like a pro

A big thanks to Atlassian for allowing me to post this series!! In our previous blogpost on Puppet Versioning, we described the most basic check to see if a puppet manifest was valid. We used the parseonly function to see if it would compile.

Gonzalo Ayuso12/19/11
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Using CouchDb as a filesystem with PHP

One of the problems I need to solve in my clustered PHP applications is where to store files. When I say files I’m not speaking about source code. I’m speaking about additional data files, such as download-able pdfs, logs, etc. Those files must be on...

Stoimen Popov12/18/11
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How to Check if a Date is More or Less Than a Month Ago with PHP

Let’s say we have the following problem: we have to check whether a date is more than a month ago or less than a month ago. Many developers go in the wrong direction by calculating the current month and then subtracting the number of months from it. Of...

Niels Matthijs12/17/11
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Graceful Degradation and How It Tricks You

When Firefox finally bloomed to challenge the reign of IE6, it provided the first spark for the current browser wars. To rise to the challenge of properly displaying our websites in the emerging range of browser, two new concepts were born: progressive...

Gareth Rushgrove12/17/11
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Javascript In Your Ruby: Mongoid Map Reduce

We’re pretty fond of Mongodb at work and I’ve been getting an opportunity to kick some of the more interesting tyres recently. I thought I’d document something I found myself doing here, half hoping it might be useful for anyone else with a similar...