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Simon Sarris11/14/11
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HTML5 Canvas drawText considered harmful

I have in my possession sufficient evidence for the conviction of Canvas’ drawText(). The charge? Performance murder.

Giorgio Sironi11/14/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Separate Query from Modifier

In the (recurring) scenario of today, a method modifies the state of an object and returns something at the same time. In this case, the method is an hybrid between:

John Esposito11/14/11
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Minecraft + Physics + WebGL 3D = Amazing

Minecraft is addicting. This is a truism, and roughly synonymous with 'making things is fun.'Minecraft does not look beautiful, however. And its physics are hilarious, and..well, if you're criticizing it on these grounds, you're not really that interested in...

Den D.11/13/11
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Hosting a WCF service on GoDaddy

For one of my projects, I need to use a WCF service to perform some data manipulations. It is targeting .NET Framework 3.5. It is all good when I try to test the service locally – either in the context of the ASP.NET development server or in the context...

Greg Duncan11/13/11
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Want to Metro a web site? Check out the [mostly]free Metro Dynamis Web framework

Metro Dynamis Web. Is the core framework, needed for your Metro Style Web Application. Is intended for web applications, used through a web browser. Intended use: Web Applications for Desktop and Tablets

Eric Berg11/12/11
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Millions of Gamers Have Their Data Stolen… Again: The Steam Breach

It’s happened – again. A major gaming network has been hacked, compromising millions of users’ information.

Giuseppe Vettigli11/12/11
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Beginning with OpenCV in Python

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library of programming functions for real time computer vision [Ref]. In this post we will see how to use some of the basic functions of OpenCV in Python. The following code opens an image from the disk, prints some...

Mitch Pronschinske11/11/11
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How to Install Solr 3 on Drupal 7

If you ran into the same problem installing Apache Solr 3.x on Drupal 7.x as one user on Drupal's forum, you're in luck.  That same user figured it out and posted a comment that is organized here as a tutorial. The instructions are for Unix or Mac OS X...

John Esposito11/11/11
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Developer's Log: Building a WebGL Game

There's no shortage of WebGL tutorials out there.But sometimes tutorials can feel like [SUBJECT]101: a teacher tossing off oversimplified half-truths designed to make the beginner get a basic feel for something very complex. (Like Newtonian physics. (Okay,...

John Esposito11/11/11
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Easy Microdata in WordPress

HTML5 is making huge strides toward the semantic web -- and the semantic standards defined by the Google/Bing/Yahoo-backed schema.org are probably prudent standards to follow.But if we're talking prudence, practicality, and semantics, then we're probably...

Mark Needham11/11/11
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Chef, Fedora and ‘ArgumentError: Attribute domain is not defined!’

I’ve been playing around with Chef Solo on Fedora and executing the following:

Dong Nguyen11/11/11
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50 Best HTML5 Tutorials 2011

Today we present a collection of best CSS3 and HTML5 tutorials for 2011. 1. HTML5 File Uploads with jQuery

Gonzalo Ayuso11/11/11
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Working with Request objects in PHP (II). Back to the past

In one of my last post “Working with request objects in PHP”, I wrote a simple library to handle request objects. According that post let’s do a bit of history of PHP. In the early years of PHP (PHP3 – PHP4) one of the cool features of PHP was the...

Gunnar Peipman11/11/11
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ASP.NET MVC: Converting business objects to select list items

Some of our business classes are used to fill dropdown boxes or select lists. And often you have some base class for all your business classes. In this posting I will show you how to use base business class to write extension method that converts...

John Esposito11/11/11
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Video: Selenium and Drupal, Part 4

Maximize your CMS's time-saving potential with Selenium, the browser-automation framework for testing whole sites. This video (part 4 of a five-part series) explains Selenium variables and how to use them for easier site testing.