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Tyler Wright06/10/11
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AS3 Button Behavior Made Easy

I posted a rant on “releaseOutside” earlier this month – finally, here is the example and the code for making anything a Button in ActionScript 3. I’ve also added some really nice features since then. I realized after venting about dragOver,...

Axel Rauschmayer06/10/11
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Tip: use JavaScript as a calculator in Firefox and Chrome

The following tip allows you to quickly perform calculations via JavaScript in Firefox and Chrome. Basic idea: If you enter a javascript: URL in Firefox, the result of the expression is shown in the window. For example, try the following URL:

Giorgio Sironi06/09/11
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The Victorian Internet, and the Victorian social networks

[...] a new communications technology was developed that allowed people to communicate almost instantly across great distances, in effect shrinking the world faster and further than ever before. A worldwide communications network whose cables spanned...

Rafał Andrzejewski06/09/11
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“Car sale application” – schema.xml designing to gain what we really need (part 1)

One of the fundamental pieces of solr’s configuration file is the schema.xml file. It is a kind of connector between what we need and what solr understands. If we want to have a search engine, that gives us search results we really expect, then it is...

Brian Swan06/09/11
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Performance Tuning PHP Apps on Windows/IIS with Output Caching

In this article, I’ll show you how to improve the performance of PHP applications on Windows/IIS by covering the What, When, and How of using the IIS Output Caching module. As background reading (or for the condensed version of my post), I suggest...

Michael Chaize06/09/11
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Dynamic Flex UI patterns for Android and iOS

Thanks to Flex 4.5, you can rapidly build and deploy mobile applications on Android. In June, we’ll update both the framework and Flash Builder to deploy your applications on iOS. The ViewNavigator architecture is valid on both platforms: you navigate...

Remy Sharp06/09/11
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link elements block DOM parsing too

Today we're pretty well versed with how JavaScript works. We know that script elements block rendering (well, actually blocks the parsing, which thus delays the rendering), and we know why8. Sure, so we put the script elements at the end of the document....

Axel Rauschmayer06/09/11
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Implementing bookmarklets in JavaScript

Bookmarklets are little plugins for your browsers: JavaScript programs packed into javascript: URLs that you add to your bookmarks and start by clicking on them. They perform an operation on the currently open web page such as submitting it to Twitter....

Robert Diana06/09/11
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Musings On The Cloud, Platforms And Developers

The other day Apple made a bunch of announcements and the technology blogs were in a frenzy. There were some interesting bits of information, though much of the announcements talked about things to be released in the fall. I wanted to focus specifically...

Dong Nguyen06/08/11
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50 Useful jQuery Slider Plugins and Tutorials

jQuery is very popular. almost every website has implemented at least one jQuery plugin. jQuery image sliders and galleries are useful for any other type of site for displaying images and photos. Implementing jQuery slider in your site will definitely count...

Rafał Kuć06/08/11
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Lucene and Solr 3.2

On 03 June 2011 Lucene and Solr commiters published a new, stable version of Lucene library and Solr search engine – both numbered 3.2. You should not expect revolution in terms of new functionalities, but there are few changes worth the look. Changes:

Peter Cole06/08/11
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Adobe Flash feud with Apple is over

While I agree with much of this decision, and understand the issues surrounding it, I’m rather bummed to hear Adobe sound like they are “conceding” in this manner. All this talk just continues to blur the really story: (1) Flash does not run well on...

Giorgio Sironi06/08/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Dummy Object

A Dummy Object is the simplest specialization of the Test Double pattern. As always, if you want to avoid constructing the real collaborator of the System Under Test, use a Test Double: you'll get a shorter and simpler test, with the plus of isolation from...

Axel Rauschmayer06/08/11
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Google will stop supporting older browsers

Quoting the article “Google to abandon older browsers” [via @annavester]: As a result, from 1 August, Google will only support what it calls "modern browsers". By this it means the latest versions and major prior releases of Chrome, Firefox,...

Matt Raible06/08/11
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Java Web Application Security - Part IV: Programmatic Login APIs

Over the last month, I've posted a number of articles on implementing authentication with Java EE 6, Spring Security and Apache Shiro. One of the things I demonstrated in my live demos (at Utah's JUG Meetings) was programmatic authentication.