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John Esposito12/05/11
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See the Tree Move Smoothly: Dynamic Graphs Using Web Workers and jQuery

The purpose of the emerging Web Workers standard is to help JavaScript programs run smoothly and predictably in the client's browser -- in other words, to open multiple JavaScript threads.

Justin Garrett12/05/11
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Thinking Outside the Browser Box with Social Games

hi5 is a social gaming and entertainment destination site that provides millions of users worldwide with engaging content designed to ignite social play. Their focus is on delivering a fun, interactive, and immersive social entertainment experience...

Simone Chiaretta12/05/11
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Lucene.net 2.9.4 is out, now with NuGet

Last week  Lucene.Net 2.9.4 was released on the official site. Lucene.net 2.9.4 There is no official news feed for the project, so I’m just copying here the announcement from their homepage: We finally got it out the door, it took a lot longer than...

Nuno Job12/04/11
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CouchDB in the Browser vs. Indexed Database API

There's something fundamentally wrong with the way we do browser apps in javascript which can be described in a single sentence: You can't use a local database. Or a local search engine. Even if you try to build your own abstractions you will never be...

Andrey Prikaznov12/04/11
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Cold Outside? Warm Up With This Animated HTML5 Fireplace

Here's a new interesting HTML5 tutorial – I will tell you how you can create an attractive html5 canvas fireplace. The main problem is – to draw a live fire on a canvas. Here are our demo and downloadable package:

John Esposito12/03/11
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How Should We Think About Linked Data?

The semantic web tries to put the multidimensionality of human-type knowledge back into the web's flat mass of data. RDF tries to make this possible in a rather abstract way -- by means of triples, the subject-predicate-object group mapped roughly from...

John Esposito12/03/11
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PHP Debugging in WebMatrix

If you use WebMatrix, you're probably trying to make your apps run as well as possible, with as little work from you as possible.If you're writing PHP, you may already be familiar with Xdebug -- a popular PHP extension for debugging and profiling. (If you...

Wille Faler12/03/11
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TextMinr Progress Update

Since I announced TextMinr, the Text mining as a service platform last week - the interest has been overwhelming: it got to the top 3 of Hackernews, it got retweeted by Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly media and many other influential people in the tech scene.

John Esposito12/02/11
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Where JavaScript Syntax is Going: Two Discussions

David Herman has a lot to say about ECMAScript.next: his Mozilla blog is full of thoughtful updates, and he's been trickling steady updates of his talk on the future of JavaScript to various conferences for months now.

John Esposito12/02/11
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How To Contribute to HTML5

If you're reading this article, you're already interested in emerging web standards, and probably have some ideas to contribute.You may already know a little about how W3C and WHATWG sculpt these standards, from crude brainstorming to refined implementation....

John Esposito12/02/11
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Codeigniter 2.1.0 Released

Codeigniter recently announced the release of version 2.1.0, an incremental but significant upgrade from 2.0.x.Codeigniter releases are coming faster than ever before, thanks to their recent move to GitHub -- an impressive testament not only to GitHub's...

Daniel Doubrovkine12/02/11
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Mongoid_fulltext: full-text n-gram search for your MongoDB models

Today I wanted to let you know about a very handy library: mongoid_fulltext, an open-source full-text search implementation for your MongoId models in Ruby.  https://github.com/aaw/mongoid_fulltext

Maarten Balliauw12/02/11
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Techniques for real-time client-server communication on the web

When building web applications, you often face the fact that HTTP, the foundation of the web, is a request/response protocol. A client issues a request, a server handles this request and sends back a response. All the time, with no relation between the...

John Esposito12/01/11
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Five Ways to Connect to the Zend Developer Cloud

Yesterday Zend Technology Evangelist Kevin Schroeder posted the latest in a series of articles explaining how to connect to the Zend Developer Cloud in numerous ways.

Mitch Pronschinske12/01/11
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Designing Mobile Search

About 15% of searches in 2011 have been performed on mobile devices, with an estimated rise to one in every four by next year. And people aren't just searching Google: restaurants, cars, electronics, and even enterprise content are all being searched by...