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Senthil Kumar08/06/11
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Metro Skin for ASP.NET AJAX is now available

Telerik has released a early preview of the new Metro UI Skin for Rad Controls for ASP.NET . The Metro UI Skin as per the Telerik’s site will be officially joining the ASP.NET AJAX Suite in the Q3 of 2011 .

Robert Nyman08/05/11
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HTML5 History API and improving end user experience

When the AJAX wave came in 2005 when Jesse James Garrett coined the term and then everyone wanted it, one of the major shortcomings was that dynamic updates of only portions of a web page lead to inconsistent history handling and back/forward navigation...

Mats Lindh08/04/11
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Getting Dots to Work in PHP and GET / POST / COOKIE Variable Names

One of the oldest and ugliest relics of the register_globals era of PHP are the fact that all dots in request variable names gets replaced with “_”. If your variable was named “foo.bar”, PHP will serve it to you as “foo_bar”. You cannot turn...

Giorgio Sironi08/04/11
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Assetic: JavaScript and CSS files management

Assetic is a PHP library for managing the deployment of your assets: JavaScript, CSS and other resources which will be requested by the browser. The library has been created by Kris Wallsmith from OpenSky, an e-shop where many of the active members of the PHP...

Lorna Mitchell08/03/11
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PHP Static Analysis Tool Usage

Last week I tweeted a poll with the question "Which PHP static analysis tools do you regularly use?". These are the results:

Giorgio Sironi08/03/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Introduce Foreign Method

A new method is needed, as we are factoring out some lines of code. It would be nice to have it available on a class which already has all the fields to execute it, but unfortunately we cannot modify original code (because it's part of a library, or it's...

Axel Rauschmayer08/03/11
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JavaScript performance: Array.prototype versus []

Array.prototype contains many generic methods that can be applied to array-like objects. [] is a popular shortcut for accessing these methods. This post examines the pros and cons of using that shortcut. Update: Inspired by a comment from Kevin Roberts,...

Maarten Balliauw08/02/11
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A hidden gem in the Windows Azure SDK for PHP: command line parsing

It’s always fun to dive into frameworks: often you’ll find little hidden gems that can be of great use in your own projects. A dive into the Windows Azure SDK for PHP learned me that there’s a nifty command line parsing tool in there which makes...

Giorgio Sironi08/02/11
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PHP 5.4 features poll: the results

After two weeks, we have closed the poll among the PHP community of Web Builder Zone to establish which are the most wanted features, which will influence development of applications on PHP 5.4. Hopefully this poll would also shape our focus in tutorials in...

Julian Bucknall08/02/11
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JavaScript: handy hint for jQuery document ready handlers

Like 99% of all jQuery users, I write the code I want executed when the document is ready like this: $(function () { // code using $ for the jQuery function }); Except… What happens if someone calls $.noConflict() and $ is no longer valid? Do I have to...

Michael Chaize08/01/11
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Welcome to Adobe Edge

This morning, Adobe released a preview of Adobe Edge, the first Adobe tool dedicated to HTML5 and CSS3 animations. As the web standards are evolving to enable interactive animations, Adobe Edge lets you choreograph graphical assets on the screen. Motion...

Giorgio Sironi08/01/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Remove Middle Man

Last week we talk about Hide Delegate as a tool for conforming to the Law of Demeter, and avoiding continuously scavenging the object graph in all directions. Another way for following this law does not consist in delegation, but in reorganizing the field...

Pranay Rana07/31/11
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Generate thousands of request

Lastly I was working on the project where I have to designed web page which is exposing some set of the functions and which is get consume by some external application like java and flex. It's worked fine and providing the output I want.

Satish Talim07/31/11
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Why don’t you use and review these useful Ruby Gems?

Why don’t you try out some of the Ruby Gems mentioned below, built by developers like you and me, and review them? Maybe there are some real ‘hidden’ gems out there, wanting to be exposed!

Mats Lindh07/30/11
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Avoid Escaping Spaces in the Query String in a Solr Query

Following up on the previous post about escaping values in a Solr query string, it’s important to note that you should not escape spaces in the query itself. The reason for this is that if you escape spaces in the query “foo bar”, the search will be...