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Andrzej Krzywda09/27/11
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Rails is not MVC

There is a terminology problem in the Rails community. Everyone promotes Rails as a MVC framework. I did that as well. However, the truth is that Rails represents the Model2 architecture. It's not MVC. 

Giorgio Sironi09/26/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Type Code with Subclasses

This is the second part in the refactoring from type codes miniseries: type codes are scalar fields that can assume a finite number of values.

Ashod Nakashian09/26/11
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SQLite with Built-in Online Compression

This an experimental mod of Sqlite with built-in online compression support. Design and implementation are discussed, limitation and benchmarks provided and source code as well as prebuilt DLL are included.

Andrzej Krzywda09/26/11
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3 steps to MVC in JavaScript

Read this article MVC Architecture for JavaScript Applications by Peter Michaux. It's a must-read and it nicely explains how the observer pattern works in the classic MVC.

Axel Rauschmayer09/26/11
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ECMAScript.next: new details, reacting to Dart complaints

On September 18, 2011, Brendan Eich held a talk at CapitolJS. In it, he covered more details on what will be in ECMAScript.next; how to react to the complaints voiced by Dart’s creators; and RiverTrail, a JavaScript extensions for parallel programming....

Steven Lott09/25/11
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"Strict" Unit Testing -- Everything In Isolation Is Too Much Work

Folks like to claim that unit testing absolutely requires each class be tested in isolation using mocks for all dependencies.  This is a noble aspiration, but doesn't work out perfectly well in Python. First, "unit" is intentionally vague....

Mark Needham09/24/11
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Learning node.js: Step

I’ve been playing around with node.js to generate some graphs from our git repository which effectively meant chaining together a bunch of shell commands to give me the repository data in the format I wanted. I was able to do this by making use of...

Krishna Kumar09/23/11
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Making Time for Hobby Programming

I noticed a couple of comments on DZone about programmers with family not having the time to do hobby projects. As I wrote about my own experiences having a child, I really empathize with such concerns. It is not easy. It is really hard to do a fair job...

Jesse Warden09/23/11
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Flash Player 11 Links

If you’re in a hurry, just read Ryan’s blog entry: http://blog.digitalbackcountry.com/2011/09/flash-player-11-air-3-and-flexflash-builder-4-6/ ————————- Flex 4.6...

Lorna Mitchell09/23/11
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Invalid Protected Resource URL in Pecl_Oauth

I had a funny (funny weird, not funny haha) problem the other day when working with pecl_oauth in PHP to talk to a service. I'd gone through all the handshaking steps, got the acces token and was ready to start talking to the service itself. However when...

Giorgio Sironi09/22/11
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Phar: PHP libraries included with a single file

Phar is a php extensions that provides the means for distributing code as a single archive, that does not have to be extracted to a folder before usage.The concept is similar to JVM Jars: each archive becomes a virtual directory where files can be accessed....

Mitch Pronschinske09/21/11
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In the Wake of Win8 Bombshell, Adobe Boasts Flash 11's Graphics are 1000x Faster

In a quick move to assure the public of Flash's continuing relevance in web and desktop development, Adobe revealed the coming features in their next version of Flash Player and AIR.  Hoping to 'wow' their loyal Flash-game developers, Adobe has been revving...

Mitch Pronschinske09/21/11
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WebMatrix 2 Beta Adds PHP IntelliSense

WebMatrix has made a name for itself by massively simplifying and accelerating the construction of a relatively complex web site—specifically the CMS, widgets, web server, and back-end stack.  

Alan Skorkin09/21/11
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When Developers Go To Great Length To Save Typing 4 Letters

Heroku is a great platform. Long before I joined and when I say long, I mean in startup terms (i.e. a few weeks before I joined :)) – the decision was made that CrowdHired would be hosted on Heroku. Shortly after I came on board, Heroku released their new...

Itamar Syn-hershko09/21/11
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Whenever you start doing real-world stuff with Lucene you find yourself hacking and extending. That's the beauty of Lucene - it has so many extension points, and you can write almost every part of it from scratch to match your requirements.