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Gonzalo Ayuso04/27/11
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Using a stream wrapper to access CouchDb attachments with PHP

I’m still working in my filesystem with CouchDb. After creating a library to enable working with PHP and CouchDB (see the post here), and after using Monkey Patching to override standard PHP’s filesystem functions. I’ve created another solution now.

James Ward04/27/11
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Introducing Mixing Loom – Runtime ActionScript Bytecode Modification

At this year’s 360|Flex conference in Denver, Mike Labriola and I unveiled a new project we’ve been working on called Mixing Loom. Our presentation was called “Planet of the AOPs” because Mixing Loom lays the foundation for true Aspect Oriented...

Mitch Pronschinske04/26/11
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Migration from a Commercial Search Platform (specifically FAST ESP) to Lucene/Solr

"There are many reasons that an IT department with a large scale search installation would want to move from a proprietary platform to Lucene Solr. In the case of FAST Search, the company’s purchase by Microsoft and discontinuation of the Linux...

Sachin Khosla04/26/11
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Check if PHP is running in safe mode or not

Lately, I have been playing around with PHP configuration. And I realized that the runtime configurations do not change using ini_set function, if you are running PHP in the safe mode.  A simple check in PHP can tell you this. Notice the code block below...

Axel Rauschmayer04/26/11
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ECMAScript 5 spec: LexicalEnvironment versus VariableEnvironment

This post examines some of the details of how environments are handled in the ECMAScript 5 (ES5) specification [1]. In particular, there isn’t a single “current environment” in ES5, but two: the LexicalEnvironment and the VariableEnvironment. A piece...

Jeremy Mitchell04/25/11
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Creating Custom Context Menu Components in Flex

More Flex posts by Jeremy Mitchell can be found on blog.flexdevelopers.com Providing the ability to right-click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) a list item and initiate an action, the context menu is a nice built-in feature of a List control.

Ricardo Fiel04/25/11
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Creating Umbraco Websites Using WebMatrix

Not long ago, Microsoft released WebMatrix, a new development tool that aims to make web development easy. At first, I wasn’t very convinced with it, and...

Giorgio Sironi04/25/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Testcase Superclass

Oh my God, here's a duplication in test code. What do we do?If you answered nothing, go back to square 1. Test code is like production code: I like to say that we should give him the same dignity.A common refactoring that we already saw and comes to mind here...

Mitch Pronschinske04/25/11
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Screencast: How to Install Apache, PHP, and MySQL in Windows the Easy Way

This succinct tutorial by Jeremy Morgan shows you the easy way to install Apache, PHP, and MySQL on your Windows machine. Perfect for desktop development, so...

Lorna Mitchell04/24/11
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PHP Script for Database Patching at Deploy Time

I've written before about a simple way of patching database versions and there's a much more comprehensive article from Harrie on TechPortal as well. I often find though that projects with patching strategies are missing the scripts to apply these...

Juan Grande04/24/11
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Solr Index Size Analysis

In this post I’m going to talk about a set of benchmarks that I’ve done with Solr. The goal behind it is to see how each parameter defined in the schema affects the size of the index and the performance of the system.

Gerard Gallant04/23/11
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JSON Overview

When you have two components that need to talk to each other (over the internet for example) you need some way to pass data back and forth. Up until recently XML was the solution that was often chosen as the data transmission format. Often times, the...

Brian Swan04/23/11
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How to Use the Storage Emulator with the Windows Azure SDK for PHP

This is a short post to address this question: How do I use the local Storage Emulator (formerly known as Development Storage) when using the Windows Azure SDK for PHP?

Senthil Kumar04/22/11
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WordPress for Android 1.4 is Now Available

WordPress for Android version 1.4 was released few days back which is available in the Android Market place . This version of the WordPress for Android will enable the users to schedule posts / pages on a specific date or time and also helps to manage the...