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Gil Fink04/29/11
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Working with Client-Side Storage Using datajs Store API

One of the interesting features that datajs library includes is a store API which abstract the use of client-side storage mechanisms. You can use the store API in order to have a storage layer in your client-side and therefore reduce the calls for the...

Giorgio Sironi04/29/11
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All you want to know about Web Storage

The wave of new functionalities known as HTML 5 offers you an in-browser storage medium to supplant many cookies' use cases. The Web Storage specification has been separated by the main HTML 5 one, and it is being supported in large part since Firefox 2 and...

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz04/29/11
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Amazon’s EC2 & EBS outage

Unless you are living under a rock, you’ve probably heard, if not felt Amazon’s outage (you can read more about it all over the web, e.g.

Steve Lydford04/29/11
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Fun With WebMatrix Helpers in ASP.NET MVC 3

It’s nearly the weekend, and it’s been long week, so let’s have a bit of fun… So I take it you’ve all had a chance to look at WebMatrix? If you haven’t then you should really make the effort to have a play around with it. I will admit that I was...

Adam Presley04/29/11
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Groovy Script to Generate JSON from CFSCRIPT

Today I was working on a bit of code that had a big SWITCH statement in CFSCRIPT in ColdFusion that for each case would go through the motions of registering some input parameters, then getting a reference to a controller, or handler, for the specified...

Axel Rauschmayer04/29/11
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Modules and namespaces in JavaScript

JavaScript does not come with support for modules. This blog post examines patterns and APIs that provide such support. It is split into the following parts:

Sagar H Ganatra04/28/11
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HTML5 XmlHttpRequest 2 - Cross origin request

HTML5 specification has introduced a few enhancements for XmlHttpRequest object and one of them is the ability to make cross-origin request. That is, a host can send a XmlHttpRequest request to another host and receive a response in return. On the...

Mark Mooibroek04/28/11
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Tutorial: How to make a simple PHP webservice

Is this post ill shed some light on how to make a simple PHP webservice. This tutorial is the first in a serie that will show how to get data from your webserver to your Android application. This script will learn you the following:

David Kelley04/28/11
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Windows Phone 7 Socket Support...

or not...if you have a dev account and or otherwise unlock your phone you can run unmanaged code... again Jeremiah does a wonderful hack with source using sockets on phone 7... don't worry this is another hack that won't get through the phone 7 market...

Giorgio Sironi04/28/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test Helper

Duplicated test code should be factored out in a single place, like a Test Utility Method, to avoid rotting and difficulties in its maintenance. Yet sharing methods between Testcase Classes is not trivial.

Ryan Sukale04/28/11
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OMG, IE gave me a surprise!

I have been trying to determine the best possible way to create an auto expanding text area for the past couple of hours now. I have been using my best friends aka firefox and firebug and jquery to test the feasibility of the various proposed solutions...

Jorge Ramon04/28/11
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The Art of Gracefully Handling Session Timeouts with ExtJS

A very common solution to gracefully handling session timeouts consists of notifying your user that her session is about to time out, and asking her to take an action in order to prolong the session. In this article I will walk you through one...

Brian Swartzfager04/27/11
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CFSelenium Now Compatible With ColdFusion 7 and 8

Bob Silverberg recently released his latest open-source project, CFSelenium.  For those who don't know about the project, a little background:  Selenium is a tool suite for testing web pages.  The most well-known member of the Selenium product family is...

Gonzalo Ayuso04/27/11
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Using a stream wrapper to access CouchDb attachments with PHP

I’m still working in my filesystem with CouchDb. After creating a library to enable working with PHP and CouchDB (see the post here), and after using Monkey Patching to override standard PHP’s filesystem functions. I’ve created another solution now.

James Ward04/27/11
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Introducing Mixing Loom – Runtime ActionScript Bytecode Modification

At this year’s 360|Flex conference in Denver, Mike Labriola and I unveiled a new project we’ve been working on called Mixing Loom. Our presentation was called “Planet of the AOPs” because Mixing Loom lays the foundation for true Aspect Oriented...