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Axel Rauschmayer11/16/11
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Web audio APIs and the low-level approach

“HTML5 Audio APIs - How Low can we Go?” (by Mark Boas for The Worm Hole) explains that there are currently two competing web APIs for audio. One is supported by Firefox, the other by Chrome and Safari. The former takes a low-level approach, the latter is...

Mitch Pronschinske11/16/11
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IE9 for Desktop and Windows Phone: The Differences Developers Need to Know

The MSDN Internet Explorer 9 Guide for Developers is great for learning the technical details behind the features for both the destop and mobile versions of the browser, however, I'm going to draw your attention to a couple of differences that Microsoft...

John Esposito11/16/11
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The PHP Development Process: Critique and Reply

Back in August, in a thoughtful and much-discussed critique, Court Ewing thundered: 'How PHP is Broken and How It Can Be Fixed'. Not the language -- the development process. He clarified his objection from the start:All things considered, I like PHP, and I...

Kevin Rutherford11/16/11
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Faster Rails Controller Specs

One of the Rails apps I work on has this: $ rspec spec #... Finished in 61.82 seconds 475 examples, 0 failures 61 seconds!  (And on top of that I have to wait another 15 seconds for Rails load; that’s a whole other story, and I hope to come back to that...

John Esposito11/16/11
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Are Vendor Prefixes Harmful?

Standardization is good, but rigid standardization is bad: no standards body knows every use case, and browsermakers need to respond flexibly to user needs.The result is the chicken-and-egg of adoption. But there are solutions. One is the vendor prefixing...

Daniel Gottlieb11/16/11
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Developing (a.k.a. Testing) in Python - Part 3: Monkey Patching

* This is part 3 of a series on Python test cases.  If you need to catch up, check out part 1 and part 2 before continuing. *  At Fiesta we run our own custom mailserver. Since we handle a lot of incoming mail, we have to be confident our updates don’t...

John Esposito11/16/11
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Video: Adobe and HTML5

Last week Adobe announced that it would no longer develop Flash for mobile browsers.In this video, Adobe's Paul Gubbay demonstrates how to use a number of Adobe tools (including PhoneGap, which Adobe acquired last month) to create HTML-based, cross-device...

Lorna Mitchell11/16/11
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Handling SQL Errors in PDO

I love PHP's PDO (PHP Data Objects) extension; it gives a consistent, object-oriented interface to handling all kinds of relational database backends. One thing that annoys me is that the MySQL driver for PDO defaults to a silent error mode which can ...

Giorgio Sironi11/16/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Parameterize Method

In the scenario of today, multiple methods executs mostly the same logic: you can see a strong duplication of code between them, or identical delegation steps.These methods however, are slightly different, so much that the duplication is not obvious. In the...

Jorge Ramon11/16/11
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Building a jQuery Mobile Application, Part 1

This is the first part of a series of articles about how to create a mobile app using jQuery Mobile. As in my Sencha Touch tutorials, what we will do in this series is create a mobile web application that allows its users to take notes and save them in the...

Mitch Pronschinske11/16/11
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NoSQL Zone - The Sequel to SQL

Isn't it about time you had a place where you could go to get fresh news and articles focused solely on NoSQL technology everyday?Other sites may cover just one facet, or write one post every 3 weeks, but DZone's new NoSQL Zone has its hand on the pulse of...

David Pell11/15/11
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Working with HTML5's Additions to the JavaScript History API

HTML5 has given developers greater control over browser history by expanding the JavaScript History API.  Until now, functionality included checking the length of the user's history by reading the length property, moving backward and forward through that...

Giorgio Sironi11/15/11
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Selenium 2 from PHP code

Selenium 2, the new iteration of the end-to-end web application testing tool, contains some fancy innovations over its 1.x version: it controls browser directly via the OS, instead of generating JS commands. It's also more reliable than the 1.x as it features...

John Esposito11/15/11
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HTML5 Full Screen: Now in Firefox

Nothing looks good surrounded by junk. Or even if the junk looks nice, it can easily distract from what it surrounds.Painters know this; many won't let anyone else else frame their paintings. App designers know this too -- but web designers are a little out...

John Esposito11/15/11
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Video: CSS3 Secrets: 10 things you might not know about CSS3

A number of prominent front-end developers delivered helpful talks at this year's Fronteers 2011 conference in Amsterdam.In this video, Lea Verou examines some less-famous CSS3 features, and explores creative uses of more-famous but underutilized CSS3 code...