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Nathan Smith11/04/11
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Drupal 7 Module Development - Book Review

While I consider myself well-versed at the front-end theme aspects of Drupal, I had been wanting to delve a little deeper into its underpinnings, if only to understand how modules work. Deconstructed, Drupal is essentially a series of modules working...

Sagar H Ganatra11/04/11
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Using HTML5's Navigation Timing API to measure Page Load speed

To measure the time taken for a page to load one can use the Date object in the head section and calculate the time taken for the page to load in window.onload function. However, it calculates the time taken for the page to load after the first bit of...

Mitch Pronschinske11/03/11
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Some Nifty Tools for "Measuring All The Things" and Graphing Them

Some operations teams are taking advantage of Etsy's recently open sourced node.js utility, StatsD.  Apparently it can "measure all the things".  So Nathan Milford tried to set up graphs for the business and development teams but the task was time...

John Esposito11/03/11
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EA and Zynga Gurus on HTML5 Gaming

Keynoting the HTML5-centered New Game Conference in San Francisco this week were two wizards of the gaming world: Richard Hilleman, Creative Director at Electronic Arts, and Paul Bakaus, CTO of Zynga Germany.The pair are perfectly (mis)matched -- Hilleman,...

John Esposito11/03/11
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Make Every Webpage Beautiful: Two CSS Typography Tutorials for Developers and Designers

The developer vs. designer debate will rage as long as the corpus callosum connects the cerebral hemispheres imperfectly.Well, the 'D' in 'DZone' definitely stands for 'developer' -- but we do realize that design and development work best when both brains are...

John Esposito11/03/11
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Rapid SVG Development: Inkscape's Presentation at SVG Open 2011

In some ways, SVG is simple: paths, shapes, gradients, etc. can be described by anyone with the slightest grasp of the Cartesian coordinate system, programmer or no. Just send minimal markup to the browser, and the browser will take care of the rest.

Giorgio Sironi11/03/11
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Using a virtual machine to play with multiple versions of PHP

This is an occasion to learn about a virtualization tool which I'm not familiar with, VirtualBox. The goal is to install PHP 5.4, which is not yet a stable release, to play around with new features such as traits without ruining the setup on my primary...

Henri Bergius11/03/11
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Composer solves the PHP code-sharing problem

Easy for usersEasy for developersWhere are we now? In PHP we've had

Niels Matthijs11/03/11
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HTML5 'article' tag: On syndication and content types

Ever since the article tag was introduced in html5 I've been struggling with a way to wrap my head around its practical implications. I've written about the difference between section and article before, but this time I'll keep a more rigid focus on the...

Mike Bernat11/03/11
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MVC - Fat Models and Skinny Controllers

I've been doing a lot of work with CakePHP lately and it has been amazingly satisfying developing in a framework that encourages great coding practices. More on CakePHP, specifically, later. Right now, I'd like to present some things I've learned about the...

Axel Rauschmayer11/03/11
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Uncurrying 'this' in JavaScript

This post explains applications of uncurrying and currying this in JavaScript. It has been triggered by a tweet of Brendan Eich’s. To understand what uncurrying this is and why it is useful, we first need to look at generic methods.

Den D.11/02/11
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Pandora - hidden endpoints

Pandora lives up to its name. It’s a great service if you are in the United States, but not a lot of people know that it offers additional endpoints (that are not public, by the way), that allow querying the service for some metadata. Here is a short...

John Esposito11/02/11
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HTML5 and haXe: A Series of Instructive Experiments

Sometimes diving straight into a huge project is the best way to learn a new technology. (That's how I learned Visual Basic, ages ago.)Sometimes a full, guided course is better, perhaps built around a textbook or tutorial -- especially if you're learning a...

John Esposito11/02/11
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HowTo: Administer Your System with PHP

Many web developers would love to do everything in PHP -- maybe because it was their first web programming language, or because plenty of pre-written code is available online; or maybe just because PHP is actually quite fast.When the PHP engine is being...

John Esposito11/02/11
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Lea Verou on CSS3 and Where It's Going

Sometimes CSS3 is cool, sometimes practical -- best when it's both.Actually, that 'practical' link is pretty cool too -- and no surprise, since its author is Lea Verou, famous guru and evangelist of CSS awesome.