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Gil Fink11/01/11
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Adding Video Element on the Fly and Drawing it to a Canvas Element

One of the requirements in a project that I work on lately is to create on the fly video elements and to show them inside a canvas element. This post will show you how you can do it.

John Esposito11/01/11
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Video: In-Browser Audio: History, HTML5 Spec, and How to Use It Right Now

Streaming audio occupies huge swaths of Internet bandwidth, but native browser support -- the <audio> element in HTML5 -- has been a long time coming....

John Esposito11/01/11
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Updating the Duct Tape for HTML5: Websockets in Perl (Mojolicious)

Perl was easy to use, wildly popular, and lots of fun. The Camel Book introduced many coders to a powerful new language (and the whimsically-covered O'Reilly series), and offered access to web programming via CGI.

John Esposito11/01/11
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Improve Your CSS Kung-Fu: Chris Coyier's Best Practices for HTML and CSS

Lots of us 'know' CSS but don't use it to the max. More perniciously, despite demos like the famous zen garden, it's easy to forget about some of the more powerful -- but more abstract --  applications of CSS.Keeping in mind that old programming habits die...

John Esposito11/01/11
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Fallout from the End of < time >

Yesterday we saw quite a few negative responses to Ian Hickson's decision to remove the <time> element from HTML5.Ben Ward's tweet summarizes the backlash acerbically: Oh for fucks sake. We may as well just "consider replacing all HTML tags with...

Axel Rauschmayer11/01/11
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A quick overview of JavaScript

tags: dev, javascript, jsguide A quick overview of JavaScript This post gives an overview of JavaScript that is as short as possible, but explains every major feature. 1. Preliminaries You should start a JavaScript command line so that you can try out...

Giorgio Sironi11/01/11
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PHP on a Java application server

Let's say we want to run PHP but we have only an available hosting for Java. An example provided from Resin documentation would be to have an easy way to improve performance, or to gain distributed sessions support for PHP.A very realistic example would be...

John Esposito11/01/11
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Poll: Has Git won the version control wars?

Your clicks tell us that Git is gittin' popular here at DZone. Grab our FREE Git Cheat Sheet! Get FREE PDF Okay, the learning curve is a bit steep -- Think Like (a) Git led our link charts lately, and our Git...

John Esposito10/31/11
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HTML5 < time > element: gone!

The <time> element is now gone from HTML5.After a four-month discussion, W3C decided on Saturday to drop <time> because timestamps can be entered under <data>, a generic HTML5 tag designed to mark machine-readable information.Ian 'Hixie'...

David Rousset10/31/11
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Introduction to the HTML5 Web Workers: the JavaScript multithreading approach

JavaScript historically suffers from an important limitation: all its execution process remains inside a unique thread. We’re going to see that HTML5 offers to the web a way to better handle these new marvelous processors to help you embrace a new generation of web applications.

Mitch Pronschinske10/31/11
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Django Deployments Need a Firm Hand

With two years of deploying Django apps to production, Randall Degges shares some of his experiences and tips this week on his blog.  After nearly 2 weeks of trying to keep his Django app's PostgreSQL database from dying, he discovers a tool that is well...

John Esposito10/31/11
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Node.js and PHP together: DNode in PHP

PHP is great because everybody uses it (and it's fast, and easy to learn, etc.). Node.js is great for lots of reasons, unless it isn't (and if controversy excites you, also see 1,2). Henri Bergius doesn't want to choose between PHP and Node.js:

John Esposito10/31/11
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Ask DZ: What Book Do You Think Every Programmer Should Read?

Do you ever think about all the great books for programmers, and then form your opinion on the one book that every programmer should read?  Maybe a traditionalist will pick Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming. Or maybe Fred Brooks' The Mythical...

Moshe Kaplan10/31/11
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Adding One More MySQL Slave to Cloud Based System (Amazon AWS)

MySQL Replication tends to be complex. Creating a new slave to support your system expansion is not easier: coping large data files over the LAN, recovering replication, etc. Fortunately, virtualization and SAN help us do it easier and faster. Lucky us,...

Gil Fink10/31/11
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Build Modern Web Applications with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Session Slide Deck and Demos

Today I delivered a MSDN session at Microsoft HQ about “Build Modern Web Ap