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Matthew Turland06/29/11
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Gotcha on Scraping .NET Applications with PHP and cURL

Obligatory pitch: Many other useful tidbits like this can be yours by purchasing my book, php|architect’s Guide to Web Scraping with PHP.

Terrence Ryan06/29/11
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Delay Closing Mobile Apps on Exit

When a user switches to another application on a mobile device AIR on mobile applications keep running. It continues to hold on to resources, fire off events, and has the potential to use power draining resources like network calls, or geolocation if your...

Vladimir Carrer06/29/11
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Foxy - CSS Framework

One of the coolest new things in CSS3 is the calc function. Calc() is a dream come true for the people who like to mix various units like(px, em, %) with the goal to have more flexible layout system. With calc you can have something like width: calc(280px...

Giorgio Sironi06/28/11
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A week without Flash

Last weekend I had an idea: buying an ARM laptop instead of a x86/x64 one, which would be wonderful for battery life; I do not need much computing power, and I prefer lower weight and price. The idea naufragated due to the lack of such a laptop with a VGA...

Nick Baker06/28/11
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Leave the Past Behind: Switch to CSS3

After years of saying ‘what-if,’ 'some-day,’ and 'boy wouldn't that be nice,' Pentaho has adopted CSS3 in its Java Web application. It took a major release (Pentaho BI 4) with a commitment to refresh our UI to adopt a more modern look. What the Pentaho...

Dong Nguyen06/28/11
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18 Useful Photoshop Website Header Tutorials

There are some useful Photoshop Header Tutorials which will teach you how to create amazing headers for any website.1.Learn To Create A Ribbon Style Header In today's quick and easy tutorial I’ll be showing you how easy it is to create a simple ribbon...

Chris Callendar06/28/11
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Flash Builder 4.5 Mobile Application for Acer Iconia A500 Tablet

This blog post will discuss making a simple mobile application using Flash Builder 4.5. I will be targeting the Acer Iconia A500 Tablet because it is currently the only mobile device that I have access to, but it should be relevant to other mobile devices...

Mike Bernat06/28/11
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PHP Data Types - Octal Notation

I just ran into an interesting question while studying for the Zend certification exam, and I thought I would share because I was very confused. Q: What is the output of the following:<?php $a = 010; $b = 0xA; $c = 2; print $a + $b + $c; ?> Scroll...

Jorge Ramon06/28/11
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Writing a Sencha Touch Application, Part 4

This is the last of a four-part series on how to write a Sencha Touch application. If you’re new to the series, here are the links to the previous installments:

Axel Rauschmayer06/28/11
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A brief history of ECMAScript versions (including Harmony/ES.next)

Two questions: What is the difference between JavaScript and ECMAScript? What is the difference between ECMAScript Harmony and ECMAScript.next? Both are almost trick questions, because in each case, the two terms mean basically the same. This...

Giorgio Sironi06/27/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Introduce Explaining Variable

The scenario of today: you have a complex expressions, longer than 80-100 characters and hard to understand. Here we can apply the classic maxim divide et impera: break down the logic in smaller, digestible chunks.This time we don't extract a method (at least...

Ayende Rahien06/27/11
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RavenDB Aggressive Caching Mode

RavenDB has the notion of HTTP caching out of the box, what this means is that by default, without you having to take any action, RavenDB will cache as much as possible for you. It can get away with doing this because it is utilizing the notion of the 304...

Sasha Goldshtein06/27/11
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SELA Developer Days 2011 - .NET Debugging

As I wrote about a month ago, this week is a very busy one for us – we’re hosting the SELA Developer Days conference at SELA’s headquarters. The conference registration was truly overwhelming – there are close to 600 participants scheduled to attend...

Rafael Dohms06/27/11
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Using the Facebook PHP-SDK to run FQL

As of Facebook’s migration to the new Graph API and its OAuth 2.0 protocols, I can say that their Developer documentation has become a confusing, misleading and generally unstrung pile of semi-deprecated articles, and I’m being optimistic in doing so....

Terrence Ryan06/27/11
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Flex Mobile - Getting Rid of the Action Bar

The viewNavigatorApplication framework in Flex 4.5 is awesome. The ability to manage the various screens of your application is really useful and powerful. But one part of it doesn't make sense in all applications.