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Matthew Turland10/02/11
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New SPL Features in PHP 5.3

Note: I’ve written on this topic before, but thought the subject warranted further more detailed discussion and a more comprehensive and up-to-date set of benchmarks. Hence, this post and this presentation. Enjoy.

Jalpesh Vadgama10/01/11
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First Review of Visual Studio11 Developer Preview

Recently at the Build Conference on September 14, 2011 Microsoft announced the release of “Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview. You can download it here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/hh127353 I have downloaded the .NET Framework 4.5 and...

Mike Bernat10/01/11
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Optimization - PHP Benchmarks

A lot of the gripes about PHP as a language come down to the fact that there are a million ways to accomplish the same task, but only a couple are truely 'correct' - as in significantly better for one reason or another. Out of all those reasons script...

Mats Lindh09/30/11
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Fixing Issue With PHPs SoapClient Overwriting Duplicate Attribute and Tag Names

The setting: An SOAP request contains an Id attribute – and an element with the exact name in the response (directly beneath the element containing the attribute – an immediate child):

Andrey Prikaznov09/30/11
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Creating a Multilevel CSS3 Metal Navigation with icons

In our new tutorial we’ll create a beautiful CSS3 menu with icons in metal style. This is a pretty standard UL-LI multilevel menu.Here are final result (what we will creating):Here are samples and downloadable package:

Krishna Kumar09/30/11
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Time Off, Vacations and Sabbaticals for Programmers

Joel Spolsky asked a question on Google+: Programmers: would you work for 75% of your current salary if you got 3 months vacation in the summer? There were many interesting responses. But let me highlight a few, ignoring the “no” comments.

Jim Moscater09/29/11
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Meet Up With DZone @ JavaOne 2011 and Oracle Open World In San Francisco!!

Interested in being a major player in one of the largest developer communities on the web? Do you have a knack for finding and sharing awesome developer content? Do you want to be a recognized name in your space and a major driver of discussions and knowledge...

Giorgio Sironi09/29/11
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Pretotyping: a complete example

Pretotyping is a technique for testing user reception to a new product, before even building a functional prototype; what is put under questioning in pretotyping is business viability, not technical feasibility.After reading the Pretotype It book in one sit,...

Jason Hull09/29/11
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Netflix, Qwikster, and the Potential Failure of Search UX

Yesterday, Netflix announced the separation of its DVD-by-mail division into a new entity called Qwikster. The new company will have a separate website and focus entirely on mail delivery of DVD and video game rentals. It also will, in a few weeks, have a...

Simon Jackson09/29/11
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Review: Windows 8 in a Week

So pretty much from Day 1 of the Developer preview of Windows 8 being released i set myself the same challenge I always do and see if I can actually work in the new world, thankfully this was made much easier this time round with Windows 7’s way of...

Axel Rauschmayer09/29/11
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Intel replaces its MeeGo mobile OS with the HTML5-based Tizen

The Linux foundation just announced the “Tizen” project, whose (open) development will be lead by Intel and Samsung. It will give Intel a replacement for its MeeGo platform which has not made enough progress. Quotes from the Tizen web site:

Giorgio Sironi09/28/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Type Code with State or Strategy

This article is the third and last part of the refactoring from type codes miniseries.

Axel Rauschmayer09/28/11
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Firefox 7: new features for developers

This post summarizes the highlights of “What’s new for Web Developers in Firefox 7” by Christopher Blizzard for Mozilla Hacks:

Axel Rauschmayer09/28/11
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Internet Explorer 10 Preview – a first look by Sencha

Sencha has recently published a first look at the Internet Explorer 10 preview [via Sacha Storz]. This post summarizes the main points.

Giorgio Sironi09/27/11
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Cross-Site Request Forgery explained

A Cross-site Request Forgery, aka CSRF or one-click attack, is a diffused security issue issue where unathorized commands are sent from the user's browser to a web site or a web application. CSRF is different from Cross-Site Scripting in the sense that it...