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Ellen Rubin 04/01/11
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Now Everybody Wants a Cloud Gateway

In our discussions with industry insiders, we’re hearing more and more about the need for a cloud gateway — technology that provides a bridge between an organization’s internal environment and one or more public clouds. It’s a message we’re also...

Chris Callendar03/31/11
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YouTube Videos in Flex

Here is an example of how to get YouTube videos to be shown inside your Flex Application. The first thing to do is add an SWFLoader to your mxml file. The source property of the SWFLoader gets set to the url of the video that you want to show inside Flex. ...

Sagar H Ganatra03/31/11
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Server sent events with HTML5 and ColdFusion

There are several ways to interact with the server apart from the traditional request\response and refresh all protocol. They are polling, long polling, Ajax and Websockets (pusherapp). Of all these Ajax and Websockets have been very popular. There is...

Terrence Ryan03/31/11
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ColdFusion from a Console

I've been working on a little proof of concept idea and wanted to see if other people liked it and perhaps wanted to see it go further. I've heard a couple of calls for command line ColdFusion. I wanted to see if it could be done. My first experiment was ...

Mitch Pronschinske03/31/11
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Drupal Hackathon for the Solr Search Integration Module: Help Out!

The Drupal experts over at Acquia are planning a 5-day virtual code sprint for next weekend (Friday April 8 through Wednesday April 13) to bring the Apache Solr Search Integration module to a full-featured, stable release for Drupal 7, which was released...

Mitch Pronschinske03/31/11
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Video: What Makes Solr Tick? Go Deep.

A lot of Drupal developers, along with the broader PHP community, are really interested in learning Solr on a deeper level.  They hate to only hear “there’s a module for that.”  Well here's a great tutorial video by Erik Hatcher that may be a little...

Robert Nyman03/31/11
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HTML5 hurdles: what is missing and web browser update rate problems

Yesterday I attended the Stockholm Web Monkeys’ spring 2011 meetup in Stockholm, and I gave a short presentation and led a discussion about HTML5 – What’s good, what’s missing, web browser implementation takes. My introduction To begin with, I...

Giorgio Sironi03/31/11
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The PHP frameworks poll results

A disclaimer: creating this poll was a bit of a catch-22, as I could not include all PHP frameworks (would have been a very long list) and had to make a selection based on popularity; of course that meant a guess by using Twitter and google results, but the...

Brian Swartzfager03/30/11
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HTML 5 Geolocation Functions and Mobile Web Browsers: Show the User Where They Are (Sort Of)

Every April, the University of Maryland holds a huge open-house event called Maryland Day that draws 60,000+ visitors to the campus to view exhibits highlighting the research conducted at the university and participate in various events and activities. All...

Kin Lane03/30/11
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Host Your Entire Website at Amazon S3

Amazon made some more tweaks to Amazon S3 that make it even easier to host your entire static web site at Amazon S3. In addition to hosting images, video at Amazon S3, you can store all your static site files like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML on the cloud...

Giorgio Sironi03/30/11
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What Firefox 4 means to web developers?

For starters, I personally think I'm switching back from Chrome, as Firefox 4 is again a really fast browser. Chrome has its main advantage in speed (and it still retains the supremacy), but Firefox is the most extensible browser and now it has an acceptable...

Den D.03/30/11
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Microsoft DreamSpark - now with a free Microsoft Certification Exam

As DreamSpark is growing, it starts to offer more opportunities for the verified students. Recently, Microsoft added the possibility to take a free Microsoft Certification Exam (with a 072 prefix - Academic). All you have to do is log in with your DreamSpark...

Julian Bucknall03/30/11
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JavaScript for C# developers: callbacks (part I)

As I’ve said pretty much from the very start of this series: functions are objects. You can pass them around in variables, pass them into functions as parameters, return them from functions, the whole nine yards. When you pass a function into another...

Max Katz03/29/11
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Tiggr Interactive HTML prototypes - What's Coming Up

We are working hard on getting the next major release of Tiggr out and have planned a number of major and user requested features: actions and events, templates and annotations (notes). Here is a quick preview of what's coming up!  Expanded actions...

Gonzalo Ayuso03/29/11
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Performance analysis fetching data with PDO and PHP

Fetching data from databases is a common operation in our work as developers. There are many drivers (normally I use PDO), but the usage of all of them are similar and switch from one to another is not difficult (they almost share the same interface). In...