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Giorgio Sironi08/02/11
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PHP 5.4 features poll: the results

After two weeks, we have closed the poll among the PHP community of Web Builder Zone to establish which are the most wanted features, which will influence development of applications on PHP 5.4. Hopefully this poll would also shape our focus in tutorials in...

Julian Bucknall08/02/11
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JavaScript: handy hint for jQuery document ready handlers

Like 99% of all jQuery users, I write the code I want executed when the document is ready like this: $(function () { // code using $ for the jQuery function }); Except… What happens if someone calls $.noConflict() and $ is no longer valid? Do I have to...

Michael Chaize08/01/11
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Welcome to Adobe Edge

This morning, Adobe released a preview of Adobe Edge, the first Adobe tool dedicated to HTML5 and CSS3 animations. As the web standards are evolving to enable interactive animations, Adobe Edge lets you choreograph graphical assets on the screen. Motion...

Giorgio Sironi08/01/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Remove Middle Man

Last week we talk about Hide Delegate as a tool for conforming to the Law of Demeter, and avoiding continuously scavenging the object graph in all directions. Another way for following this law does not consist in delegation, but in reorganizing the field...

Pranay Rana07/31/11
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Generate thousands of request

Lastly I was working on the project where I have to designed web page which is exposing some set of the functions and which is get consume by some external application like java and flex. It's worked fine and providing the output I want.

Satish Talim07/31/11
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Why don’t you use and review these useful Ruby Gems?

Why don’t you try out some of the Ruby Gems mentioned below, built by developers like you and me, and review them? Maybe there are some real ‘hidden’ gems out there, wanting to be exposed!

Mats Lindh07/30/11
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Avoid Escaping Spaces in the Query String in a Solr Query

Following up on the previous post about escaping values in a Solr query string, it’s important to note that you should not escape spaces in the query itself. The reason for this is that if you escape spaces in the query “foo bar”, the search will be...

Ayende Rahien07/29/11
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No, the title is not a typo. There is so much noise around Node.js, I thought it would be fun to make a sample of how it would work in C# using the TPL. Here is how the hello world sample would look like:

Lorna Mitchell07/29/11
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Shortening URLs from PHP with Bit.ly

I've been looking around for a really simple API that would be a nice place to get started using web services from PHP - and I realised that bit.ly actually fits the bill really well. They have straightforward api docs on google code, and...

Rafał Kuć07/28/11
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Hierarchical faceting – Pivot facets in trunk

In a large number of implementations which I took part in, sooner or later, the question arise – what can we do to get faceting as a tree structure. Of course there some tricks for that, however, their use was to modify the data and appropriate...

Daniel Ackerson07/28/11
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Initial Test Points for Getting Your Environment Under Control

Starting a job with a running system and real users is a nice “problem” to have but it presents some unique challenges as well. Especially if server monitoring isn’t robust and there are absolutely zero automated tests. Without these two critical...

Ryan Sukale07/28/11
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Problems setting up Drupal? Maybe this will Help

I sometimes feel that I have an uncanny affinity for problems. Almost nothing that I do, seems to work on the first go. Lets take for instance, Installing and creating Drupal on my local machine. I am using Drupal 7.4.4. I got this cool error when I tried to...

Giorgio Sironi07/28/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Inline Class

Every refactoring technique is potentially bidirectional: their list is a toolbox, and you decide when to use each tool.Inline Class is the inverse of Extract Class: when a class does not justify its existence and it has become a useless indirection, you can...

Axel Rauschmayer07/28/11
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test262 – ensuring that JavaScript implementations comply with the ECMAScript specification

With so many JavaScript implementations out there, how do you guarantee that all of them stay true to ECMA-262 (the ECMAScript language standard)? The answer is test262, a suite of tests to be run by an implementation. Quote from the test262 website:

Giorgio Sironi07/27/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Hide Delegate

The client code is calling a method on a collaborator (delegate) of another object, obtained by getter or another sequence of calls. Hide Delegate is about respecting the Law of Demeter: don't talk to strangers, by avoiding relying objects which are not...