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Terrence Ryan06/23/11
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CFAIR Resources: Synching Data Between ColdFusion and AIR (for Mobile)

I talked earlier today as part of Adobe Developer Week on synching up data between ColdFusion and AIR (mobile) clients. I referenced a whole bunch of pages in my talk, and wanted to link them all out at once.

Mats Lindh06/23/11
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PHP: Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context

Just a quick post to help anyone struggling with this error message, as this issue gets raised from time to time on support forums. The reason for the error is usually that you’re attempting to use empty or isset on a function instead of a variable. While...

Bas De Nooijer06/23/11
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New Solarium Website

I’ve made lots of progress since my last post about Solarium 2.0: the first release candidate is out (actually for several weeks already!)

Simon Gladman06/23/11
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Aligning the Label in a Tree Control

If you've ever rendered images in a tree control, you may have noticed both the image and the label are effectively top, left justified. There's no CSS solution to changing this, the answer is to extend Flex's TreeItemRenderer and move the renderer's label...

Giorgio Sironi06/23/11
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I don't know how to test this

There is a maxim said by Misko Hevery which I share (and probably misquote) here:The only acceptable excuse for lack of tests is that you don't know how to test: testing is an ability that has to be learnt.

Venkatt Guhesan06/23/11
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How-To: Turn off Firefox browser cache during development

Sometimes (when your are developing) you may want to force fetching all content fresh all the time including images, resources such as style sheet etc. To facilitate this you can do the following: Open a new window or tab in Firefox.Type about:config in the...

Axel Rauschmayer06/23/11
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What’s up with the 'constructor' property in JavaScript?

All objects produced by built-in constructor functions in JavaScript have a property called constructor. This post explains what that property is all about.

Ant Kutschera06/23/11
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Tomcat, WebSockets, HTML5, jWebSockets, JSR-340, JSON and more

On my recent excursion into non-blocking servers I came across Comet, server push technologies and then Web Sockets. I was late arriving at the Comet party, but I think I have arrived at the Web Sockets party just in time. The final standard is still...

Gil Fink06/22/11
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Making a Reverse Geocoding to Find an Address

I had a request from a colleague of mine to help him with a geocoding problem. The colleague needed to find an address by a given latitude and longitude which were supplied by a smartphone consumer. The example in this post will show you how you can use...

Giorgio Sironi06/22/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Temp with Query

Here's a scenario: you're using a local variable to save the result of an expression, such as a comparison, an arithmetic operation, or a concatenation of strings.In many cases, you can extract this code and put it into a new method without harming...

Rob Allen06/22/11
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Zend_Config_Ini and a string

One thing that is different between Zend_Config_Xml and Zend_Config_Ini is that with Zend_Config_Xml you can pass in an XML string as the first parameter of the constructor and it will work. This doesn't work with Zend_Config_Ini as we use parse_ini_file()...

Vladimir Carrer06/22/11
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Multiple object extend pattern in JavaScript

I was doing some research about JavaScript Inheritance patterns realizing there are many different approaches and divided opinions which pattern or method is better. There is no widely accepted bulletproof pattern that will cover every possible scenario,...

Giorgio Sironi06/21/11
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Monitoring on Unix from scratch

Linux, and in general many Unix-like systems, bundle lots of useful command line tools for monitoring the resources of a machine for performance's sake, with tracked parameters such as occupied memory, CPU utilization, or disk requests.This list of commands,...

Brian Swartzfager06/21/11
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An Overview of buzztouch, A Mobile App CMS for Non-Programmers

The other day I stumbled on a Make Use Of article about buzztouch, a "iPhone, iPad, Android app builder and content management system."  Since we're researching options for creating cross-platform mobile applications, and the article indictated...

Dong Nguyen06/21/11
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15 Amazing Free HTML5 Templates

HTML5 is now supported by all major browsers in some form. HTML5 brings us easy ways to add videos, audio, graphics, etc.  HTML5 website templates are easy to use and can be modified according to your requirements, giving your website a professional look....