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Giorgio Sironi03/10/11
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Eliminating duplication

The title of this article is Eliminating duplication, and when you read that I think you will have guessed I would be talking about code. Of course I will dedicate some space to code-related issues, but not only: duplication is a monster with many heads, that...

Mitch Pronschinske03/10/11
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Going Beyond the Basics With Open Source Search

Useful search technology is more than just an entry bar and a list of results.  These days, companies like LinkedIn, Amazon, and others are showing us just...
Giorgio Sironi03/09/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test Spy

The concept of behavior verification consists in verifying not only the output of the System Under Test, but the calls to other components. These method calls are an output normally not visible to a caller like the test; unless he injects, instead of the real...

Ayende Rahien03/08/11
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Support dynamic fields with NHibernate and .NET 4.0

A common theme in many application is the need to support custom / dynamic fields. In other words, the system admin may decide that the Customer needs to have a few additional fields that aren’t part of the mainline development. In general, there are a...

Giorgio Sironi03/08/11
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GitHub is a web application, Twitter is not (yet)

Yesterday, in a lecture on web technologies, we consider Flash application and what is their position in the web.Is a Flash application a web application? The answer was yes and no. It is in some sense, since it is delivered over HTTP. However, it is not...

Max Katz03/07/11
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Tiggr interactive HTML prototypes upgrades to use jQuery Mobile version 1.0 Alpha 3.

The state of Mobile Web development today is probably what was traditional Web back in 1996. Many companies is racing to create mobile presence, be it in the form of a native applications or mobile Web applications. To set the native vs Web debate a side for...

Tom Jensen03/07/11
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Pro ASP.NET 4 in VB 2010, Third Edition

When I got this tome in the mail I felt overwhelmed. I've never read a programming book that was nearly 1700 pages long. There is a reason for the size, though, and it isn't just stuffed with a...

Axel Rauschmayer03/07/11
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Lightweight JavaScript inheritance APIs

Creating objects via constructor functions is fairly straightforward in JavaScript. But as soon as you want to do inheritance, things become complicated. This post examines how inheritance works in traditional JavaScript. It then presents four APIs that...

Brian Swan03/07/11
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SQL Server Driver for PHP Connection Options: Failover_Partner

One of the best things about writing this series on connection options for the SQL Server Driver for PHP is that I get to learn about lots of interesting SQL Server features.

Giorgio Sironi03/07/11
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Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test Stub

The problem of testing in isolation is verifying only logic contained in the System Under Test, and not also of the various composed objects at the same time. For example, we may want to verify that our view helper prints a nice form, without having to really...

Hajan Selmani03/07/11
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BING Search using ASP.NET and jQuery Ajax

The BING API provides extremely simple way to make search queries using BING. It provides nice way to get the search results as XML or JSON. In this blog post I will show one simple example on how to query BING and get the results as JSON in an ASP.NET...

Valdemar Júnior03/07/11
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Functional Tests with Selenium 2.0 and cargo-maven-plugin

The Selenium and Webdriver projects are merged to create a powerful, open source framework for functional tests based in Javascript for testing web applications and sites.

Ant Kutschera03/07/11
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Node JS and Server side Java Script

Let's start right at the beginning. Bear with me, it might get long... The following snippet of Java code could be used to create a server which receives TCP/IP requests:

Jorge Ramon03/04/11
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User Interface for Microsoft Ajax Minifier 4.0

Here’s another release of AjaxminGui, a tool that allows you to run the Microsoft Ajax Minifier without using the command line or Visual Studio. This version is compatible with Microsoft Ajax Minifier 4.0.