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Nathan Smith09/17/11
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"Drupal 7 First Look" Review

I recently finished reading Drupal 7 First Look – written by Mark Noble of Drupal by Example, and published by Packt Publishing. I have to admit what while I was interested in learning more about Drupal 7, I was a bit skeptical about a book entitled...

Mitch Pronschinske09/16/11
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Check Out the New Apache Solr 3.4 Programmer’s Guide!

A new programmer's guide to Solr, The Programmer’s Guide to Open Source Search Search: What’s New in Apache Solr / Lucene 3.4, is now available courtesy of Lucid Imagination!

Lorna Mitchell09/16/11
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ArrayAccess vs ArrayObject

I help people qualify for Zend Certification and in the last few months I've had questions about both ArrayAccess and ArrayObject. This post is an attempt to illuminate both. In very simple terms, ArrayAccess is an interface, which you can implement in...

Alex Curylo09/16/11
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Building a Native-Looking Web App for iPhone/iPad

So, as perhaps you noted on an earlier post available briefly before the client decided that we were sharing too much so down the memory hole it went, Apple is starting to crack down on enforcing App Store Review Guidelines section  2.13: Apps that...

Loiane Groner09/16/11
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ExtJS 4: Grid Printer Plugin

Ed Spencer created a plugin that is capable of creating a print version of an ExtJS grid. This plugin was originally created for ExtJS 3.x. I ported it to ExtJS 4, in case someone need it. The plugin can be downloaded on the following...

Mitch Pronschinske09/15/11
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Big News Coming Out of BUILD - Wayne Citrin Comments

"Flash is dead" is what some in the web developer community are saying after Microsoft's announcement that the all-web-standard "Metro" version of Windows 8 would not include plugins in its IE10 browser, which means no Flash.  What they...

Mitch Pronschinske09/15/11
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Free Book Chapter: Creating a User Account in Rails

Manning has provided a free chapter (Chapter 14) of Rails 3 in Action.  This book was written by Ruby community leader Yehuda Katz and Ryan A. Bigg.  This chapter shows you part of the process of deploying a Rails application to a new Ubuntu...

Rafał Kuć09/15/11
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Lucene and Solr 3.4

Today, we can enjoy another version of Lucene and Solr – release numbered 3.4. In the newest version there are a few functionalities worth looking at. Changes:

Matthew Turland09/15/11
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Renaming a DOMNode in PHP

A recent work assignment had me using PHP to pull HTML data into a DOMDocument instance and renaming some elements, such as b to strong or i to em. As it turns out, renaming elements using the DOM extension is rather tedious.

Giorgio Sironi09/15/11
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Web typography in 2011

Remember the days in which you had to store a portion of text in an image because your graphic designer wanted to use a very rare font? Yes, even in the late 2000s, you could only target text in CSS with a font which was present on the user's machine. This...

Bill Bejeck09/14/11
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Binary Search Tree – Programming Praxis solution

Earlier this year I was influenced by two things that got me to re-think what I work on in my free time. The first was this podcast from Software Engineering Radio with “Uncle Bob” Bob Martin on software craftsmanship. The second was a blog on the...

Giorgio Sironi09/14/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Encapsulate Collection

In the scenario of today, a method returns an array (or a collection object) kept as a field on the object, or allows it to be set with a brand new instance.This refactoring, Encapsulate Collection, favors encapsulation over exposing a primitive type: it...

Axel Rauschmayer09/14/11
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Google’s Alex Russell on JavaScript versus Dart

Its good to see that not everyone at Google thinks that JavaScript “not viable in the long term” [1]. Quoting the highlights of a blog post by Alex Russell [via @MunichJS]: There’s very little public information yet about Dart (nee, Dash), and as...

Den D.09/13/11
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Microsoft BUILD - Keynote summary

Today Microsoft officially started the BUILD conference, where they presented what's coming next in the Windows ecosystem with the upcoming release of Windows 8. The keynote was presented by Steven Sinofsky, who not only focused on the software improvements...

Mitch Pronschinske09/13/11
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Douglas Crockford Answers DZone's Questions on JavaScript

CoffeeScript, node.js, ECMAScript, and even Google's new Dart usurper language were topics of discussion last week when I had the unique opportunity to meet one of the major luminaries in the world of JavaScript while he was speaking at North Carolina State...