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Giorgio Sironi10/12/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Consolidate Duplicate Conditional Fragments

A piece of code is contained in all legs of a conditional: an obvious solution is to move it outside to simplify the branches. It may seem stupid to come up with code that is duplicate in some branches, but often it is a result of a process of transforming...

Paul Stack10/11/11
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Automated W3C Validation with TeamCity

This past week, I started experimenting with letting TeamCity create reports of CSS and XHTML Validation from the W3C website. In order to do this validation I was able to use their web URL and pass a URL to the web address. In order to do this I used...

Giorgio Sironi10/11/11
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What I have learned at DDD Day

DDD Day is an Italian event totally dedicated to Domain-Driven Design, an approach for software development in complex domains such as banking, insurance, transportation systems and so on. DDD Day is organized and attended mostly by a .NET audience, which...

Brandon Satrom10/11/11
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Building Apps with HTML5: What You Need to Know

HTML5 is here, and the Web will never be the same. You’ve no doubt heard that before, or something like it. I’d guess that when you did, you got excited, rolled your eyes, or mouthed the word “why?” and furrowed your brow a bit. Perhaps your...

Gonzalo Ayuso10/11/11
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Display errors on screen even with display errors = off with PHP

Last month I was in a coding kata session playing with StingCalculator, and between iteration and iteration we were taking about the problems of shared hostings. Shared hosting are cheap, but normally they don’t allow us the use some kind of features. For...

Axel Rauschmayer10/10/11
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Google's "Dart" Revealed

Today, it has finally happened: At the GOTO conference, Google has officially presented its new programming language, Dart. This post gives an overview of Dart and provides a few comments on how it fits into the current programming language landscape.  

jb j10/10/11
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10 super useful PHP snippets

Having the right code snippet at the right time can definitely be a life saver for web developers. Today, I’ve compiled 10 really awesome PHP code snippets that will, I hope, be very helpful in your forthcomming developments. Super simple page...

Maximiliano Firtman10/10/11
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Presenting Mobile HTML5 compatibility tables

September 2011 was a busy month for the mobile web space. While we are still waiting for iOS5, Android Ice cream sandwich, new mobile browsers appeared in the ecosystem: Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Phone 7.5, Firefox 7 for Android and the upcoming...

Giorgio Sironi10/10/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Consolidate Conditional Expression

In this new article we continue to tackle conditional expressions, and their evolution towards polymorphism.In the scenario of today, multiple conditions lead to the same result: returning a value, or executing some code. If only some of the conditions lead...

Bradley Holt10/10/11
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ZendCon Tips

2008 was my first ZendCon experience and I'm happy to say that I've been going ever since. Here are some tips based on my experience at previous conferences. These tips are meant for newcomers, but may be useful to alumni as well.

Jalpesh Vadgama10/09/11
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ASP.NET MVC 4.0 Mobile Template

Microsoft has released the much awaited ASP.NET MVC 4.0 developer preview and there are lots of features bundled with it. One of the greatest features is the ability to build mobile websites. So let’s create a simple application and let’s see how it...

Max Katz10/08/11
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Using Tiggr and PhoneGap to Build Native Apps

If you don't know what Tiggr is, Tiggr is a cloud-based mobile apps builder or a mobile RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool. It enables developers to build mobile Web and native apps very quickly. Tiggr comes with a visual editor and jQuery Mobile...

Brian Swan10/08/11
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Support for Worker Roles in the Windows Azure SDK for PHP

Since the release of version 4.0 of the Windows Azure SDK for PHP, one of the missing pieces has been the ability to package Worker roles as part of a deployment. As of this past weekend, that is no longer the case.

Gerard Gallant10/07/11
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HTML 5 - Web Storage

To avoid any confusion, HTML 5 Web Storage is not the Index Database API or the Web SQL Database which are also HTML 5 related features that some browsers have started to support.HTML 5 Web Storage is a form of browser storage that is similar to cookies...