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Ryan Sukale08/27/11
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Dissecting CSS3 gradients - Part 2

This post is a continuation of my previous article on CSS 3 gradients. If you are completely new to CSS 3 gradients, you might want to take a look at it.

Chris Keene08/27/11
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Cloud Foundry is the LAMP Stack of Cloud Computing

Just as the LAMP stack provided a core foundation next gen for web applications, Cloud Foundry is providing a core foundation for next gen cloud platforms.

Lorna Mitchell08/27/11
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Declaring Static Methods in PHP

I was confused recently to realise that I had accidentally called a static method in PHP dynamically from another part of my code; I expected PHP to output warnings when this is done. On closer inspection I discovered that: Static functions can be called...

Ryan Sukale08/26/11
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Dissecting CSS3 gradients - Part 1

One of the features in CSS 3 that I find to be the most intriguing is the application of gradients via simple css rules. The reason why I find it so awesome is because while designing pages, I have usually had to insert dummy placeholder images in the...

Mitch Pronschinske08/25/11
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Apple Won't Change Overnight, But it Will Eventually Change

While Apple's stock dropped 7% overnight with the announcement of Steve Jobs' departure from the CEO position, Apple's corporate culture and direction certainly won't change overnight.  In fact, you may have noticed that Tim Cook has been in the CEO position...

Gonzalo Ayuso08/25/11
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Building a small microframework with PHP

Nowadays microframewors are very popular. Since Blake Mizerany created Sinatra (Ruby), we have a lot of Sinatra clones in PHP world. Probably the most famous (and a really good one) is Silex. But we also have several ones, such as Limonade, GluePHP and Slim....

Giorgio Sironi08/25/11
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Raphaël: cross-browser drawings

Raphaël is an abstraction for web-based vector graphics, which lets you draw shapes and build drawings in a browser via JavaScript code; it's an abstraction that works cross-browser back to Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 6. The logo itself was drawn with...

Giorgio Sironi08/24/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Array with Object

This refactoring is a specialization of Replace Data Value with Object: its goal is to replace a scalar or primitive structure (in this case, an ever-present array) with an object where we can host methods that act on those data.We have already seen a...

Vladimir Carrer08/24/11
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o - JS Library for Object Manipulation

o - is simple lightweight JavaScript library for basic object manipulation. Compressed and gzipped weights around 0,5 kb. It should work on IE 5.5 and latter. Also there is lite version that doesn't make hasOwnProperty check that will run faster and with less...

Simone Chiaretta08/23/11
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Tips I got from the Umbraco community

I’m not a Umbraco expert, actually I never did a real website in Umbraco till now. So being a developer that tries to adopt agile methodologies and tries to remove as much “friction” as possible I was a bit disappointed by the development and...

Krzysztof Kotowicz 08/23/11
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Hardening PHP: magic_quotes_gpc - False sense of security

Writing secure applications from the ground up requires a programmer to fully understand all the features he uses to protect his code from vulnerabilities. Today's languages provide many ways to ease coders with hardening their code. You can rely on...

Vladimir Carrer08/23/11
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Bulletproof CSS3 media queries

If you are part of the CSS community you probably know that CSS3 media queries will change the way how we write CSS.Why is that?

Giorgio Sironi08/23/11
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Edge Side Includes with Varnish in 10 minutes

Varnish is a tool built to be an intermediate server in the HTTP chain, not an origin one like Apache or IIS. You can outsource caching, logging, zipping and other filters to Varnish, since they are not the main feature of an HTTP server like Apache.

Giorgio Sironi08/22/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Change Reference to Value

This refactoring targets simplification: it is the opposite of Change Value to Reference. An object whose lifecycle is tracked and which must have a single instance for each different identity is replaced by a Value Object, of which multiple copies can be...

Jalpesh Vadgama08/21/11
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Setting default value for @Html.EditorFor in ASP.NET MVC

Yesterday one of my friend asked me to set default value for @HTML.EditorFor. So I decided to write this blog post. In this blog post I am going to Explain How we create Default values for model Entities. So Let’s start this via taking a simple example...