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Kelvin Tan10/07/11
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PHP function to send an email with file attachment

Found this snippet on the final websites forum: http://www.finalwebsites.com/forums/topic/php-e-mail-attachment-script

Loiane Groner10/07/11
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ExtJS 4: How to add Tooltip to Grid Header

This tutorial will walk through out how to add a tooltip to a Grid Header. This feature is not natively supported by Ext JS 4 API. Fortunately,  there is a third-party plugin we can use to do it. To get started, I created a JavaScript project on...

Alex Curylo10/07/11
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“Do you create anything?”

You’re all reading this because of Steve Jobs. Our entire adult life has been spent gilding the lilies that Steve Jobs created. No bigger influence on our lives other than the parents … and even that’s somewhat debatable. How does — how can —...

Sagar H Ganatra10/06/11
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An odd behavior with localStorage events in HTML5

Today I was looking into web storage (localStorage) feature introduced in HTML5. Most of the modern browsers provide means through which key/value pairs can be securely stored and retrieved for later use. Browser cookies can indeed be used for the storage...

Brian Swan10/06/11
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An Auto-Scaling Module for PHP Applications in Windows Azure

One of the core value propositions of Windows Azure is the ability to have automatic, elastic scalability for your applications (i.e. automatically increase or decrease the number of instances on which your application is running based on some criteria)....

Christopher Bennage10/06/11
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Node.js on Windows (or JavaScript for the backend)

What is Node? The simplest answer, albeit a simplistic answer, is that Node (or Node.js) is JavaScript on the server. Actually, it’s a more than just that, but you can read about the more in other places. This is a good enough answer for us n00bs.

James Sugrue10/06/11
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RIP Steve Jobs: Thank You For Thinking Differently

There are few people in this industry that cause the level of emotion that Steve Jobs does. In his passing at home with his family this Wednesday, there a huge outpouring of tributes to the person that I consider to be the most inspirational and most...

Giorgio Sironi10/06/11
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Temporal correlation in Git repositories

Michael Feathers presented his recurring idea of finding out which elements of design change together: his goal is to discover which classes or methods are really coupled by analyzing empirical data instead of static analysis. Since he didn't publish code,...

Christopher Bennage10/06/11
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Restarting Node.js When Your Source Changes

I’m lazy. I remember reading somewhere that that was a desirable trait to have in a developer. I’m not sure where though, and honestly it’s just too much effort to bingle it. This laziness came to the forefront recently as I was playing with Node.

Giorgio Sironi10/05/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Decompose Conditional

The terminology we will use in these articles on conditionals will be the following:a conditional is a whole if/else or switch statement and its content. It is composed by a condition and various blocks that are alternatively executed.the various blocks are...

Mitch Pronschinske10/05/11
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HTML5 Zone - A Dojo for Web Ninjas

The Web as a platform is changing faster every day—blink, and you're behind.  Just look at the version numbers of browsers lately.  This year we started with IE9, Chrome 8, and Firefox 4.  Next year, we could see IE11, Chrome 20, and Firefox 12.  The...

Patrick Dengler10/05/11
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How to Choose Between Canvas and SVG

Canvas and SVG are two exciting graphics features introduced in Internet Explorer 9 and are hardware accelerated. These technologies can be used to address a range of graphic scenarios on the modern Web. With a lot of excitement around Canvas, there has...

Ayende Rahien10/05/11
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Is Node.cs a cure for cancer?

This is mainly a tongue in cheek post, in reply to this guy. I decided to take his scenario and try it using my Node.cs “framework”. Here is the code:

Axel Rauschmayer10/05/11
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Displaying a square root with HTML

This post shows two ways of displaying a square root with HTML. Pure HTML for older browsers. The following HTML source

Jason Hull10/04/11
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Analyzing Your Search-Driven Traffic

Unless you have a very well-known brand where people type your URL to visit your site, then chances are that most of your traffic comes from an external search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. A quick analysis can tell you that, relative to the total...