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Tom Howlett04/04/14
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A Creative System of Work

Let those people creating the software, create the system of creation too.

Hirvesh Munogee04/04/14
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Topcoat: An HTML5 Framework For Clean & Fast Mobile Web Apps

Topcoat is an HTML5 mobile framework by Adobe for developing applications quickly and easily. It aims for a clean design and fast performance of the mobile web applications.

Raymond Camden04/04/14
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Adding an Absolutely Positioned Header to Reveal.js

The author is a big fan of reveal.js. It is a lightweight HTML-based presentation framework that just works well for him. Every now and then, though, he runs into an issue that is a bit hard to handle with it.

Gil Fink04/04/14
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DevWeek Introduction to HTML5 Slide Deck and Demos

In this short article, the author provides links to the slides and demonstrations he used to give a talk at DevWeek.

George Dinwiddie04/03/14
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Setting Expectations

What if we were able to set expectations beyond a simple number? What if we could say what we know and what we don’t know? What if we could give our best estimate now, and give a better one next week when we know more? Would that help?

Chris Odell04/03/14
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The Perils Of A Polished Prototype

Protoypes are good. Well I think so. They give you a better idea of how an application should hang together, where the abstractions are, where there are opportunities for refactoring and re-use. But are there downsides? The classic one is that a prototype sometimes becomes the production code.

Scott Westfall04/03/14
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Are You Hiring for the Right Abilities?

What I’m saying is that for candidates with similar extrinsic abilities, their intrinsic abilities will make a much bigger difference in their performance. Don’t overlook a possible standout performer because their extrinsic abilities aren’t a great match.

Raymond Camden04/03/14
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AngularJS Tip - Avoid Multiple Variables in ng-src

In this article, Raymond Camden provides Angular.js users with a succinct and easy way to avoid multiple variables in ng-src.

Hirvesh Munogee04/03/14
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Chance.js – A Utility Library To Generate Anything Random For JavaScript

Chance.js is a JavaScript library for generating random data, be it numbers, strings, boolean, etc. The library was written to alleviate the monotony of automated testing, which needed randomness. However, you can use Chance.js for all your other random needs.

Alec Noller04/02/14
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Dev of the Week: Nicolas Frankel

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Nicolas Frankel, IT consultant with 10 years experience in Java and JEE environments.

Ariya Hidayat04/02/14
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Nashorn: The New Rhino on the Block

The most recent Java 8 release came with lots of new features, one of them is the brand-new JavaScript engine to replace the aging Rhino. This new engine, called Nashorn, is high-performant and specification compliant. It is definitely useful whenever you want to mix-and-match your Java and JavaScript code.

Mike Hadlow04/02/14
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Docker: Bulk Remove Images and Containers

I’ve been playing around creating new images and containers and debugging my Dockerfile, and I’ve wound up with lots of temporary containers and images. It’s really tedious repeatedly running ‘docker rm’ and ‘docker rmi’, so I’ve knocked up a couple of bash commands to bulk delete images and containers.

Kon Soulianidis04/02/14
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Introducing Frankenstein.js: Backbone + Angular + React

It turns out that the modern JS frameworks work perfectly well together. Want to put an Angular controller inside a React component? No problem! An Angular directive inside your Backbone view? Sure!

Evert Pot04/02/14
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PHP 5.5.10 Timezone Handling Changes

PHP 5.5.10 got released a few weeks ago, and among other things, it added some new functionality related to timezone handling. The sabre/vobject project is a heavy user of timezone-related features, and unfortunately this introduced a few subtle bugs.

Jim Highsmith04/01/14
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Don't "Control" Agile Projects

One common complaint about agile methods is that management doesn’t have the same degree of “control” over projects. We need to stop worrying about this complaint as a vice and start thinking of it as a virtue.