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Rob Galanakis04/01/14
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What if Carl Sagan were a hack?

Neil deGrasse Tyson talked some about how stellar of a scientist Carl Sagan was and what an impact Carl had on Neil personally. What a reminder for those of us that have moved into managing and left behind creating. Should our dues, once paid, last forever?

Tim Millwood04/01/14
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Deploying Drupal to heroku

Although not advised, it's actually possible to get Drupal up and running on Heroku.

Mike Driscoll04/01/14
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Python 201: Decorators

Python decorators are really cool, but they can be a little hard to understand at first. A decorator in Python is a function that accepts another function as an argument. The decorator will usually modify or enhance the function it accepted and return the modified function.

Hirvesh Munogee04/01/14
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SUIT CSS – CSS For Building Self-Contained, Composable, Configurable UI Components

SUIT aims to loosely couple document semantics, presentation, and behavior so as to be able to modify any one of them with minimal impact on the others.

Gil Zilberfeld03/31/14
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Good vs. Evil

Agile was a developer thing, and now it’s out there in the hands of the uninitiated.

Itamar Syn-hershko03/31/14
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The Ultimate Web-Frameworks Rundown - Part 1 - Introduction

This post is the first in a series of posts in which I will look at web frameworks in the .NET and Java space (probably with more focus on .NET), both in practical terms and also to discuss the ideas behind them.

Lorna Mitchell03/31/14
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Quick Switch Between Git Branches

Today's little-known git feature (or maybe everyone knows but me? I only found this a few months ago) is for quickly switching between branches. Usually I would switch branches with: git checkout [branchname]

Sarah Ervin03/30/14
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The Best of the Week (Mar. 21): HTML5 Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the HTML5 Zone (Mar. 21 to Mar. 27). This week's topics include a discussion about "black magic" in Angular.js, testing API's with Node.js, using JavaScript with ADF to create navigation timing API, and adding images to a GitHub wiki.

George Dinwiddie03/28/14
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Definition of Ready

Many time, in the middle of developing a user story, the programmer discovers a question about how it’s intended to work. Or the tester, when looking at the functionality that’s been developed, questions if it’s really supposed to work that way.

Matt Farina03/28/14
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Converting Markdown to PDF with PHP

While some will argue that PDFs are dead, many of us still need to produce PDFs for one reason or another. Despite the quirks, the author was able to write a conversion script that handled dozens of documents quickly.

Eli Bendersky03/28/14
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Rewriting the lexer benchmark in Go

Last year I was toying with a simple lexer, implementing it using multiple approaches in both Python and Javascript. Redoing the same task using multiple approaches and using more than one language is a very interesting code kata and a great way to learn. Hopefully the code would be useful/interesting to someone.

Jim Bird03/28/14
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Secure DevOps: Seems Simple

The DevOps security story is deceptively simple. It’s based on a few fundamental, straight forward ideas and practices:

Mike Hadlow03/27/14
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How To Add Images To A GitHub Wiki

Every GitHub repository comes with its own wiki. This is a great place to put the documentation for your project. What isn’t clear from the wiki documentation is how to add images to your wiki. Here’s my step-by-step guide.

Chen Harel03/27/14
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The Dark Side Of Lambda Expressions in Java 8

Java 8’s two biggest features in terms of the language are Lambda expressions and the new Nashorn engine. But these features also have a dark side to them

Alec Noller03/26/14
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Tell DZ: The Highs & Lows of Your Journey to Continuous Delivery

Moving toward Continuous Delivery can be a big change. Ideally, releases speed up and smaller, iterative changes allow for quick fixes and less risk. But any team undergoing changes will experience growing pains. Let us know with a comment: What has your experience with Continuous Delivery been like?