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Alec Noller03/26/14
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Dev of the Week: Troy Hunt

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Troy Hunt, Software Architect and Microsoft MVP for Developer Security.

Dave Fecak03/26/14
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Why Hire Older Engineers

As someone who has been around programmers (and ran a Java Users Group) for about 15 years, I often guide senior technologists in marketing their skills. I generally advise my clients on employing some senior level engineers who are strong coders but will also serve a secondary purpose of attracting other less experienced hires.

Scott Westfall03/26/14
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Whatever Happened to Reuse?

If we’re doing things correctly, almost everything we write should make the next release or next project easier. Effective reuse taps into the passion developers feel for great code, leading to greater creativity and productivity. Besides, how many Foobulators does one company need, anyway?

Yashwant Golecha03/26/14
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Using JavaScript with ADF to Capture Page Load Time : Navigation Timing API

Performance Improvement is an integral part of any application and all of us need to do that at some point of time. Before improving performance, we need to find the possible causes of performance bottlenecks.

Dustin Marx03/26/14
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Video Review: jQuery UI Development

The video course provides a high level overview of jQuery UI along with enough details to present a representative sample of the types of things one can do with jQuery UI and the basic patterns used to apply jQuery UI.

Raymond Camden03/26/14
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ColdFusion, Random Numbers, and Time

As a long time computer programmer, I have a vague idea of the intricacies of random number generation. Apparently it involves quantum states, time travel, and zombie kittens.

Dave Rooney03/25/14
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Gourmet Crow, or Wearing a Different Hat

We use the phrase "eating crow" to describe a situation when you must admit that you were wrong after taking a rather strong position about something. While this isn't exactly that case, hence the second title, it does illustrate a lesson in perspective.

Mike Bushong03/25/14
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DevOps, automation, and mid-market companies

I have been a huge fan of automation in general and DevOps in particular for many years now. But, as an industry, are we leaving people behind unintentionally?

Niels Matthijs03/25/14
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Component Complexity Part2: html variants

The problem with these structural html changes is that they impact the way css and javascript work and they might even carry some design impact too (in case of the different link options).

Hirvesh Munogee03/25/14
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Chart.js – A JavaScript Library For Easy Graphs For Designers & Developers

Chart.js can display your data in form of line charts, bar charts, radar charts, pie charts, polar area charts, and donut charts. The library uses HTML5 Canvas to display the graphs and has polyfills for IE7/8.

Sarah Ervin03/24/14
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The Unstable Future of Angular.js

Google's overwhelmingly successful dynamic HTML enhancement, Angular.js, has a flaw that could limit the platform's longevity.

Johannes Brodwall03/24/14
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The Economics of Reuse

If you need the same functionality in two projects, you should reuse code between them, right? Or should you? For as long as there has been a profession of software engineering, we have tried to achieve more reuse. But reuse has both a benefit and a cost. Too often, the cost is forgotten. In this article, I examine the economics of reuse.

Paul Jenson03/24/14
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Dev vs. Ops and DevOps

The buzz about DevOps still seems to be dominated by conversations describing what it is. So here is my description in a simple visual format.

Alexander Beletsky03/24/14
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Testable API's with Node.js

I think dynamic languages such as JavaScript are great for testing API’s. Having no types eliminates “model-per-response” classes, request.js is great for making HTTP calls and mocha makes specifications output looks nice. Node.js makes test-first API development a nice and pleasant thing.

Nikos Printezis03/24/14
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AJAX with JQuery

Now that Visual Studio 2010 has JQuery embeded, the author thinks it is time to have a look at how we can use Ajax with JQuery.