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How to send emails from PHP on Windows

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  • Windows OS
  • PHP
  • An account that you can send from (smpt server/user/pass)
  • 5-15 minutes

Download sendmail for Windows from
Copy sendmail.exe and sendmail.ini into C:/usr/lib/

Edit sendmail.ini and enter your mail account credentials.

You might want to configure these 2 fields as well (or sending may not work)
By the way I uncommented debug_logfile so I can see what data is being sent to my SMTP server.

edit c:\php\php.ini

sendmail_from =

; For Unix only.  You may supply arguments as well (default: "sendmail -t -i").
sendmail_path = C:/usr/lib/sendmail.exe -t -i

Restart apache
Start sendmail.exe either from [Start] > Run > C:/usr/lib/sendmail.exe or Go to C:/usr/lib in Windows Explorer and then DoubleClick on the exe file.

... and now the best part - Testing

Here is an example from

Create a file called m.php in htdocs
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Olaf Lederer replied on Wed, 2011/05/11 - 2:01am

Sending e-mail with PHP on windows was always a problem. I hope your solution will help some of the "PHP on windows" users. I think it's much better to use a class like PHPMailer (SMTP mode) or the smtp server from the ISP (people need to add this server entry in their php.ini file)

Carla Brian replied on Sat, 2012/07/07 - 12:52am

Thank you for these steps. I am not familiar with this yet. Good thing I saw this post. This is really helpful in a way. - Mercy Ministries

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