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HTML5 Jobs Up, Flash Down

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A report by shows some interesting web development job trends for Q3 2011:

HTML5 projects are up whopping 38% (to 1125 projects), while Flash declined 10% (to 2794 jobs). At this rate, HTML5 will overtake Flash projects in 6 months. Adobe is planning for a post-Flash future, with the company recently launched Edge, which enables professionals to design animated Web content using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, rather than Flash. press release

Anybody think this is bad news for Flash?  I think they'll still maintain some use cases where they can beat HTML5, but it certainly could be moving out of the mainstream with numbers like this and announcements like the one we heard at Microsoft's BUILD conference.  It's possible that the removal of plugins from the browser in Windows 8 "Metro" could have effected these numbers as well.  Take a look at the full 'Fast 50' below.  You'll notice that HTML5 is (funny coincidence) number 5.  Flash is down to 41:


darryl west replied on Wed, 2011/10/19 - 1:14am

the numbers from freelancer certainly reflect what our company has experienced over the past year. we were, after finally taking Flex/ActionScript serious since beta version 4.0 (when unit testing was finally integrated) were on a track to implement several browser projects based on flash. but now, after a solid eight months of re-tooling to create a production level javascript framework, we are fully on board with HTML5, more specifically, ECMA5 projects. and with the latest buggy releases from Adobe (the IDE, not the SDK), we don't even consider using Flex/Flash unless it's serving streaming video on the desktop. with animation, effects, and low level drawing, plus local, session and database storage there is little reason to depend on the bloated, buggy flash player--at least at this point in time. next year, who knows? my unrealistic hope would be that Adobe re-engineers the flash player to correct it's short comings enough so the apple/iphone/ipad team would accept it into their platform. maybe take a clue from Sun (prior to Oracle) and release the player as open source to give experienced engineers a second shot at the runner.

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