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PhoneGap 1.3 Arrives with Full API Support for Windows Phone

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Big news for mobile hybrid and web app developers!  PhoneGap 1.3 is out, and the biggest new feature is PhoneGap's full API support for Windows Phone 7. 

While iOS, Android, and Blackberry support recieved various bug fixes, WP7 recieved these new features:

Windows Phone

  • Added Full PhoneGap API support
  • Bug-fixes for XMLHttpRequest calls to local file system, especially important for jQuery Mobile apps
  • Updates to the Visual Studio templates, now you can create a quick app that references the PhoneGap library via a dll. Or you can start with a bare-bones project and only add the functionality you need
  • [Upcoming] wiki docs on how the App Hub static analyzer sees your code, and determines required permissions
  • [Upcoming] getting started screen-casts
  • GapView is a usercontrol, so you can use it in your existing Windows Phone app, you don’t have to start over to use PhoneGap
  • Addressed issues with File API persistence + local storage
  • Getting started guides, documentation updates, wiki updates
  • Improvements for plugin architecture, plugins can come from any assembly
  • New plugins!
    • FaceBook connect – supports the full graph API available to your phonegap app, consistent with the Android+iOS versions of the plugin
    • ChildBrowser – display external web content without leaving your app
    • PGSocialShare – share status updates and links to LinkedIn, Twitter, Windows Live + Facebook, all at the same time, and via accounts managed on the phone
    • PGMapLauncher – get directions to or from a location, or search near a location using BingMaps. Locations can be specified as lat/lon as well as text like “Steam Clock”, or the users current location
    • LiveTiles – update your app tile on the Metro home screen with relevant info and pictures
-- PhoneGap Blog

Appcelerator and other cross platform mobile tools will need to watch their back now that Adobe is the engine pushing PhoneGap forward.

PhoneGap now has full API support for what many are now calling the three main mobile platforms (Sorry Blackberry)

Here are some other blogs you should check out around the announcement and WP7/PhoneGap development




Schlacter Adam replied on Sat, 2012/04/14 - 1:50am

Hi , there is an issue with the phone gap android application what i have developed. It will display a black blank screen for few sec before navigating to another page.

If any one knows the solution, kindly reply

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