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Reupholster Gives Your CouchApp Development A Makeover

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Looking for a easy way to develop CouchApps for CouchDB? We've come across a tool called "Reupholster", a CouchApp generation tool on Google Code that can get you building apps in no time.

Reupholster allows those who may not be familiar with CouchDB to approach building apps like a simple web project. You have a selection of frameworks to choose from for your application- jQuery, Microjs, SproutCore, JavaScriptMVC, and plain ol' JavaScript are all at your disposal. 

Some basic things Reupholster does:

  • You choose a working directory
  • You choose a couchdb instance (host, port, dbname)
  • You get an example project created in the working directory with html and tests folders
  • As you edit the html files in realtime, the changes are automatically sent to couch
  • Click on the couch icon in the tray, and select Run Tests to run the tests in the 'tests' directory

Your only requirements to get started are:

  1. A Java runtime environment
  2. An installed CouchDB 
  3. Firefox (if you use the browser in the test suite)

Reupholster also contains a few special features, which focus on placing documents, testing, and hosting.

Click here to download Reupholster and get started on building your CouchApp!


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