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Testing Flex Apps with FlexMonkey Reloaded

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Whether or not you use a tool to test your Flex apps, you are repeatedly testing your application. Doing this by hand is a pain: start the app, click through some stuff, verify the result is what you expected, makes some changes to your code and then do it all again. The open source FlexMonkey tool automates that process so you don’t have to keep doing those steps manually. FlexMonkey works with Flex applications that run in the browser (Flash Player) as well as on the desktop (Adobe AIR). Jon Rose has just finished a complete overhaul of FlexMonkey that makes automating your Flex testing process uber-simple and much more robust than the previous version.

Jon and I have created some resources to help get you started using FlexMonkey. Start by reading the Introduction to Flex and AIR Testing with FlexMonkey. Then check out a short screencast I did that walks through the FlexMonkey basics:

To continue learning check out a series of videos from Jon that will give you a more in-depth look at each piece of FlexMonkey:

Now enjoy being more productive as you automate the testing process you do hundreds of times a day, leaving more time for Angry Birds! Let me know what you think.

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Shumona Kapil replied on Sun, 2012/02/19 - 10:27am


Great Work. But how to go about automating custom components. We are in the process of automating our app, but we are not able to automate few actions, and most of them are custom components. As far as i know, we have to override some functions in order to support automation on custom components. It would be really great if you could provide us some light on this or may be some link to examples or tutorials.

Surendhar Natarajan replied on Thu, 2014/04/10 - 5:53am

 Hi James,

  I have gone through video FlexMonkey Reloaded: Getting Setup. Here, i don't have an idea how to add flex monkey properties file and their configuration to adobe air project.

I have followed the link is, which is given instruction to follow the basic setup.But i am struggling to create sample adobe air project for automation testing. Can you please suggest how to make very basic sample adobe air project with integrate of flex monkey.

Thanks in advance.


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