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Mitch Pronschinske09/17/14
16 replies

The Greatest Programmers Who Ever Lived

I've seen a few of these types of posts that rank the greatest programmers throughout history, and in many of these posts I often see a lot of comments that disagree more vehemently than your average programming post's comments.

Mitch Pronschinske08/27/14
3 replies

Poll: Blogging and Static Site Platforms

Find out which blogging platforms and static site generators are the most popular among the DZone community.

Mitch Pronschinske06/16/14
0 replies

The State of Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid

For native, hybrid, and web applications, this article will serve as a comparison between the three mobile app types. In addition to the comparison information, you’ll also get a snapshot of the industry use cases and current trends around native, web, and hybrid apps.

Mitch Pronschinske05/05/14
0 replies

Infrastructure as Code: When Automation isn’t Enough

The best piece of advice to about using Infrastructure as Code is to stay connected to the vast community of innovative developers. If your systems remain open to the rapid changes in that community, you’ll be able to share and benefit from the cutting-edge ideas that will make your organization successful.

Mitch Pronschinske04/10/14
0 replies

Mobile App Development Platforms: What Features Should We Compare?

We want to know what information you evaluated about Mobile Application Development Platform solutions in order to choose the best one for your use case.

Mitch Pronschinske01/07/14
0 replies

Mastering PHP on AWS

Learn how to use convenience features, like iterators and waiters, as well as high-level abstractions, such as the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) stream wrapper.

Mitch Pronschinske01/06/14
0 replies

Alpaca: Generate Client Libraries for Your API in Ruby, Python, Node.js, and PHP

Another tool for making your API development life easier has emerged on GitHub this week. The new tool is called Alpaca.

Mitch Pronschinske01/01/14
0 replies

The IoC Metaphor in SDN

Lori MacVittie sees some software-defined networking models taking an approach similar to IoC and giving control to the applications on the network, but many models of SDN still keep the network in the driver's seat with SDN controllers using an OpenFlow-based model.

Mitch Pronschinske12/18/13
2 replies

Dev Tech That Will be HOT in 2014

A lot of developer tools and technologies have taken off this year, and some have been around for a while but are now poised for large-scale adoption. This article lists 30+ dev tools and technologies that I think are going to be big in 2014.

Mitch Pronschinske12/13/13
0 replies

DigitalOcean Growth Rate is Higher than AWS

Take a look at DigitalOcean's growth numbers this month. They've outpaced all of Amazon Web Services, which is impressive given the number of services that AWS entails, and the straightforward single service that DigitalOcean provides.

Mitch Pronschinske12/03/13
2 replies

Monocle Open Sourced - Install it on Heroku!

For those who are not aware of, it's a beautiful, mobile-first link sharing webpage design, and now it's open source! Here's how you can give it a no-tears deployment on Heroku.

Mitch Pronschinske11/28/13
0 replies

Hacking a Way to Run Node.js on AWS w/ Grunt

Grunt is the JavaScript task runner for the Yeoman toolchain, which is much-beloved by the Node.js community. There's a great new blog post up this week that takes you through the process of setting up a solid deployment process for Node.js apps on Amazon Web Services.

Mitch Pronschinske11/22/13
0 replies

Docker Packaging For Node.js

A new example Docker package on GitHub called docker-urlarchiver is a perfect template for packaging up Node.js scripts with all of their dependencies, including Node.js itself.

Mitch Pronschinske11/18/13
0 replies

Dart 1.0 and AngularJS 1.2 Released

Two of Google's major web development technologies, AngularJS and Dart, had releases this past week. Dart's maturing process has been a little slower, but AngularJS's rise has been rapid.

Mitch Pronschinske11/11/13
0 replies

Getting Django Onto Heroku; Automating Deploy With Fabric

When it's all said and done, you've got got the same ease of use that a Rails app has in deploying to Heroku. Just type the magic words: $ git push heroku master