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Advanced Debugging Tips and Tricks

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Most developers define debugging as an 'after the fact' solution for finding bugs after they've already caused problems.  Bilal Soylu's definition includes early bug detection and bug avoidance when writing the software.  Avoidance, or error prevention is the best debugging practice, he says.  Soylu says that debugging starts before you write the first line of code.

Bilal Soylu is the CTO at Verian Technologies.  In his presentation at CF in NC, "Advanced Debugging Techniques,"  Soylu takes us from simple output, to step-by-step debugging and everything in between.  In six steps he'll show you how to set up interactive debugging in ColdFusion Eclipse.  You're also going to learn how to use Adobe extensions and Firebug for interactive debugging.

 Bilal Soylu's first presentation "Beginning ColdFusion Debugging" can be found here.

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