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Papervision3D and Beyond - 3D Graphics With Just a Few Lines of AS3 or XML

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In recent months we have seen 3D come into play more and more. With more movies being created in 3D and even 3D televisions being introduced it is starting to become the norm. When popularity increases, expectations increase and more and more people are going to expect it in your Flex applications. With papervision3D you can easily create 3 dimensional graphics with different shading and surfaces in only a few lines of code. In this presentation we will look at the basics of papervision3D, how to create some simple shapes and even how to create 3D graphics that need those really awesome 3d glasses!

Simon is an Adobe Community Expert, an Adobe Certified Instructor, and a Senior Web Developer for Working on several high profile projects ranging from a start-up athlete skin care shopping cart application to a full blown CMS requiring multiple workflows for publishing and editing several types of content, Simon has used many different technologies including ColdFusion, Flex, InDesign, AIR, and Blaze DS. Constantly learning, Simon is always looking for new challenges and reports his findings to user groups and on his website.