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Video: Using Ant to Deploy ColdFusion Applications

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Ant is a popular tool in the Java world but it can also be harnessed by ColdFusion developers.  It handles a lot of the tedious steps when manually deploying CF applications.  In this presentation, Hughes gives an overview of Ant's capabilities and limitations.  He'll also use CFAnt, an open source, extensible suit of Ant tasks that implement all of the features of the ColdFusion admin API.

Doug Hughes is a veteran programmer and founder of Alagad.  His company focuses on helping organizations improve operational efficiency and performance.  Hughes also contributes to several well-known open source projects, and his articles have been featured in many technical publications.

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Stephane Vantroyen replied on Tue, 2012/06/05 - 9:40am


 is there a way to get the video? because it doesn't show up in the browser?

Thanks in advance 


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