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What's Coming in Solr 3.1 and Lucene 3.1?

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In case you didn't hear about the Apache Lucene/Solr version alignment, we'll take a look at the big change once again with Grant Ingersoll, a Apache Lucene and Solr committer and co-founder of Lucid Imagination.  In this interview, Ingersoll gives us a deep look into the new features coming in Lucene 3.1 and Solr 3.1.  He'll discuss enhancements around geospatial search, function queries, and much more!

Today we also released the "Understanding Lucene" Refcard!  Get a copy now.


Lester Burnham replied on Mon, 2011/03/28 - 1:22pm

I don't recall ever watching an interview where the interviewer seemed to have less of a clue about what the interviewee was talking about than this one.

Dmitri Bichko replied on Mon, 2011/03/28 - 6:07pm

My god that's painful.  Why exactly is this sort of thing better served by being a video instead of an article?

Mark Unknown replied on Tue, 2011/03/29 - 9:42am in response to: Lester Burnham

I watched and i think you are confusing interview skills with knowledge. His job is to ask leading questions not explain it all for the interviewee just to say.. yup that is what it does.

County Line Nissan replied on Mon, 2011/08/01 - 11:27am

A particular focus was moving all Solr's extensive analysis support over to the Lucene's improved TokenStream API. The result is that Solr users now have access to the latest of Lucene's powerful features, performance improvements and extensive test suite. -County Line Nissan

Rick Siskey replied on Thu, 2011/10/27 - 1:17am

This interview is very hilarious. All the resource person is doing is concurring with the statements of the interviewee. It should be the other way around. - Rick Siskey

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