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John Walter11/26/14
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The Best of DZone: Nov. 18 - Nov. 25

If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! This week's best include a look at the Java 9 features, the most important skill for software architects, why automation matters, and why iOS developers should still know Objective-C.

Jim Bird11/26/14
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Different Ways of Scaling Agile

The major advantage of Agile at scale isn't the ability to react to continuous changes or even to deliver faster or cheaper. It's knowing sooner whether you should keep going, or if you need to keep going, or if you should stop and do something else instead.

Johanna Rothman11/26/14
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Three Alternatives for Making Smaller Stories

You want to deliver value in your projects. Short stories allow you to do this. Long stories stop your momentum. The longer your project, and the more teams (if you work on a program), the more you need to keep your stories short. Try these alternatives.

Paul Underwood11/26/14
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Login To WordPress With Email Address

By default WordPress will assign unique usernames to all users registered on the website. If they don't remember their username then it can be hard for them to login in, the following code snippet will make it so your users can login using their email assigned to the user account.

Alec Noller11/26/14
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Mobile & IoT Devs: Take This Survey and Win Prizes

What's going on in mobile and IoT development? VisionMobile has a pretty good idea - they've got a research report on the topic coming in February - but they can't know what developers are thinking unless developers tell them. So, they're running a survey!

Jerry Nixon11/26/14
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Reading and Writing Base64 in the Windows Runtime

Sometimes it’s super-valuable to take an image and convert it to text, or "encode." This text is base64 and it’s a well-established standard. It can be inserted into JSON, XAML, and even in CSS. Conversely, it’s important to decode and turn it back into an image. And, developers can do it all in the Windows Runtime.

Lauren Clapper11/25/14
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LinkNYC: Free WiFi, Digital Inequality, and the State of Net Neutrality

New York announced plans for city-wide free "gigabit speed" WiFi in an effort to bridge the divide of Internet inequality. However, sources reveal that WiFi speeds will be much slower in poorer communities, particularly those with white demographics in the minority. What does this mean for the case of WiFi as a utility?

Gil Zilberfeld11/25/14
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How To Make The Best Decisions

We can get better at it, by making more of them. Learning from mistakes and successes. We can also learn from observing how decisions are made in our different circles, and try to learn how to push a decision through or derail one.

Mike Cottmeyer11/25/14
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The Napoleon Corporal

In my previous post, Replacing Backlog Grooming, I wrote about leveraging a Product Owner (PO) Team instead of the “Scrum” team in Progression Workshops (backlog grooming). It doesn’t matter if you’re doing textbook Scrum or something at scale. Your people still need a shared understanding. If not, you’re going to start seeing a lot of delays and a lot of rework.

Kon Soulianidis11/25/14
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Working with D3.js

D3.js is a JavaScript library that is used to generate visualisations, usually based on sets of data. I have been using it on a dashboard project for the past month, and wanted to share some of my thoughts and impressions as a new user.

Boris Dus11/25/14
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How We Made Application Framework Using AngularJS and Django

In the spring we had an idea to do a simple service for cloud backup servers. For the backend-side was chosen Django, and the implementation of the client is often assumed as a SPA based AngularJS. The idea: to make the product with minimal functionality, and then gradually add new features.

Raymond Camden11/25/14
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Status of Disqus Updates, and a Tool for URL Migration

Having trouble with your Disqus? I've had good luck with Disqus pretty much everywhere I've used it, but my attempts to migrate my 50K+ comments over have been met with a great amount of difficulty. I submitted the issue to Disqus, but I also wrote a ColdFusion script to let me do this.

Paul Underwood11/25/14
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Migrating WordPress Database To A New Server

WordPress is a commonly used open source site editors out there. In a previous article we discussed about how you can change your wp-config.php file to handle multiple environments and change the database settings of the content. Here, I'll show you how to export it all.

Gergo Bogdan11/24/14
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OOP in Python - Part 1

Object Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm which creates “objects” during the phase of programming, by this trying to model the entities from the problem which is need to be solved.

Maneesh Joshi11/24/14
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Top 5 Mobile APM Myths: Myths 3-5

Typically, mobile app developers accept some things they feel they can’t change — ratings, end-to-end visibility, user experience, and so on. However, these can all be avoided and under your control with the right mAPM solution to give you the proper insights to give your users a seamless experience.